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  1. Except Gadjah Mada gets the deep water torpedo with slightly faster speed, and 1 extra km range... The ship itself also have 200m shorter detection than Jervis. So she not only is less detectable than Jervis, she gets extra range and speed on top of that for her torpedoes AND her torpedoes are a lot harder to detect than Jervis slower... shorter ranged torpedoes. Single firing torpedoes? great if you get idiots to shoot at... or you know very well where and when to use them and can predict their movement. Terrible otherwise since if your prediction isn't great then you probably will miss with all of them THEN WAIT 2 minutes for it to reload. No seriously, while i have gotten kills with Jervis torpedoes... EVERY SINGLE TIME it was against pretty brain dead BB or CA who never changes their direction and were dumb enough to get into my short range without doing much about it. Devastating? sure.. IF they connect... And that's a big IF considering you only got 7 km range and they are not exactly fast. Meanwhile GM smoke is not as spammable as RN DD smoke like Jervis... But GM one also lasted a LOT LONGER than the 40 seconds on Jervis... Most importantly... GM smoke discharges over much longer period than the 10 seconds on Jervis. With RN DD... their smoke discharges for such short time and lasted so short that it is useful for only 1 thing and 1 thing only... for you yourself to get a chance to get out... THAT'S IT... and if you mistimed it and didn't slow down early enough you will overshoot the smoke (RN DD can accelerate pretty well but decelerating is a different story) so usually you either have to start preparing for it early enough and start decelerating before using it... Or you have to discharge the smoke then turn to put the smoke between you and whoever can spot you. Then you got 40 seconds to either get out of the area or start writing your will.
  2. Acasta and Icarus both have the same problem with their guns as they only have 4 guns, 120mm each that doesn't turn that fast... so while they are at least better than the IJN DD... they are outgunned against anything else. To make things worse... Icarus have the same torpedo as Jervis... 7km range, 59 knots... and BLOODY 120 sec reload you basically either ration your torpedo carefully with single shots... or you fire full salvo and.... then twiddle your thumb for 2 minutes because that's how long you are going to be waiting for the next torpedoes. So you better damn well make those torpedoes count... because you are gonna be waiting for a while before you get another one. And since they are only 7 km torpedo... and your concealment is around 6.2km or so (with CE, without it it's basically the same range as the torpedo)... well... you don't exactly have much leeway with your torpedoes... Their concealment isn't exactly bad... but their torpedoes short range doesn't help them. Jervis at least had decent guns since she has 6 of it... and her rear turret can traverse full 360 which is great... but that's about all she has. Icarus... gets the worst part of Acasta (with only 4 guns) and the worst part of Jervis (her torpedoes).
  3. RN CL have paper tissue for armor... HE of most caliber just wrecks them... and god help you if BB looks at you wrong and BAP you in the face with AP shells because it doesn't matter if you bow in to them... their AP will just skewer you straight through the bow and there goes 3/4 your HP... and since you don't have HE... your only hope of damaging BB with your gun (unless you wanna get close enough to use your short torpedo and risk getting deleted out of existence by one salvo of her) is to shoot super structure usually or the bow and stern from the side for some BB. meanwhile RN DD have relatively rapid firing 120mm gun but it turns pretty slow for a DD, the most annoying part however is that without IFHE you'll get minimal damage done on anything with armor... their gun are decent still though and IT BETTER BE... because the torpedoes are crap. Like seriously... take Jervis... 120sec reload... (terrible loading speed but at least it's partially offset with single fire) 59 knots... (decently fast...) 7km range, yes... 7... ( Jervis concealment with CE ??? 6.5km So RN DD real asset is basically their gun, their torpedo is pretty much a last resort or for target of opportunity dumb enough to get that close without punishing you. I don't know how RN CV will be in game, but historically we know that: A. they were tough as they were among the earlier armored carriers. B. they got smaller plane capacity than the USN counterpart. So you can probably expect small plane reserve but a reasonably tough CV.
  4. Melcyna

    Tashkent aka, Wargaming wants you to buy gold.

    I wish they could... unfortunately, they A. don't fire twice as fast (no where near, 13RPM vs 18RPM, or 12RPM vs 15RPM in the upper mid tier, and the only ship that comes close to twice as fast is Gearing vs everyone else which is right at Tier X) B. still suffer from the slow shell velocity even in short range C. have less gun and something that i learned quickly by watching other Russian DD players, is to use the 130mm's excellent AP rounds (which does a fair amount of damage and apparently much better than the other DD's AP rounds) in close range against other DD when u need to burst his health down quickly i was quite puzzled initially why they were using AP more often than other DD i saw... until i tried it myself with Kiev... and well... yeah it's pretty easy to see why The only thing i am afraid of the US DD in close range fight with my Russian DD like Kiev is not their gun... it's their torpedo, because they can either put more fish in the water than my Russian DD can or their fish will start before mine since they have better range and in tight spread they can make it impossible for me to maneuver ... but that's about it really... i mean Gearring? yeah sure... that one needs to watch it's gun, but that's a Tier X, and for pretty much every other tier... not really... Their stealth advantage in opening salvo is all they got and they have less guns than you do so again with the exception of Gearring, you need to worry of 5 shells at most, 4 in the mid tiers where they lose a gun for the top hull... once they fired, you can see them plain as day to pretty much as far away as u can shoot effectively unless if they stop firing, which would defeat their ROF advantage since you as the Russian DD with more guns have better alpha if they choose to play whack a mole... which also happens to have a lot longer effective range than US DD can fire back at you with their pitifully slow shells.
  5. Melcyna

    Tashkent aka, Wargaming wants you to buy gold.

    their torpedoes are really a last resort short range weapon, not the main weapon... and no DD NOT necessarily need to always close it's range and kill with torps... the USN DD prior to nerf was an example of that... they had guns that was superb and with shell ballistic like what the current russian DD have (instead of the SUPER SLOW and ULTRA HIGH ANGLE ballistic that made their guns less than half as effective as they used to be) and that was exactly what they ended up as... gunboats that were constantly showering HE shells non stop at anything within 13km range that was very difficult to hit with anything less than another US DD or a cruiser... then of course WG nerf it, and in the usual WG fashion of excessive nerf bat they nerfed it so hard every shells US DD fired since then had their legs broken by an NKVD agent and fly at half the speed they used to be at an arc so high you'd think they are shooting at the birds..