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    No Carrier Maps

    I support the OP's opinion on having a tick box for no CV, but only if they have tick boxes for all other ship classes too so that it is fair. This way, whenever I play any class of ships, I can rest easy knowing that my ship will always have an advantage over the opponent's.
  2. FlyingSquirrel

    Ship horns

    they could just make it so that only the user and maybe their division could hear it
  3. FlyingSquirrel

    My Review of WoWS to date (350 games, 55%)

    Option for shared exp for divisions sounds great but only if: It won't work for fail plats and it will not work if one of the member in that division is just afk ( basically one guy power leveling someone else)
  4. FlyingSquirrel

    Blue line cheats

    If touching blue line causes damage to your ship, imo people are going to abuse it like arties drowning in wot. DD coming at your carrier? Stick to the blue line and suicide before he gets to you. The WoWP method or invisible island sounds alot better.
  5. FlyingSquirrel

    Less range on BB tier 7~8

    Umm, I thought Galileo said mass doesn't factor into how fast an object falls.