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  1. bigrob

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Not for me. Playing DD i dodged a torp whilst capping, i went bang anyway. First world country, third world internet.
  2. bigrob

    Aim Bot cheat

    When you get hit by 2 shells in 1 salvo that take 25k hp or, getting hit by a new mex at 16km when its max range is only 14.9km. Makes me wonder....
  3. Is this ever going to actually get fixed? Getting beyond the joke now.
  4. bigrob

    Need help as BB avoiding torps

    If its a CV manual drop, you just have to take it like a man.
  5. bigrob

    Manual drop

    You are below me. Nah seriously, its the interweb. Chill out dude. The game is far from perfect and i felt like i needed a rant, knowing full well that people like you are here to belittle me. You should be like Harpoon here and give something constructive rather than insult my, 1. skill at the game, 2. my IQ level. You may be great at the game, and you might just well have an IQ of 160, but being a w**ker trumps both skill and smarts. Fair call.
  6. bigrob

    Manual drop

    Ok, ill let you have your manual drops.... for now.
  7. bigrob

    Manual drop

    See, now we're being productive. Lets hug it out.
  8. bigrob

    Manual drop

    Link it, ill have a read.
  9. bigrob

    Manual drop

    And you're talking about people's IQ levels? A crappy game mechanic is "other people"?. Keep twitch streaming champ, you have a bright future ahead of you, lol.
  10. bigrob

    Manual drop

    I sense a guilty conscience. Bullying other people, whether online or in real life, usually hides a deeper psychological problem. Im here if you need me. Anyway, can i still sook about manual drops?
  11. bigrob

    Manual drop

    Make changes to the manual drop. Thats my only gripe. Everything else can stay the same.
  12. bigrob

    Manual drop

    Here come the forum bullies. Obvious manual dropper, exploiting a bad mechanic. Probably blue lines too.
  13. bigrob

    Manual drop

    Remove manual drop or increase the arming distance. Makes me sad. The end.