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  1. Salty reports

    Play well negative karma from salty enemies Play bad negative karma from salty allies Worst of all is teammates who try and drive your ship for you, barking out orders. They suicide in and die, then negative karma allies who weren't dumb enough to rush A when there's 3 radar botes sitting there in ambush.
  2. I tried the center a while ago and it was terrible, just terrible. I had so many issues and crashes with it, so I removed it and kept on using the old launchers for WoT and WoWS. If it is the only choice we and you force it on us, I'll stop playing. Take a peek at how much $$$ I've spent this year on WoWS or total, and consider if you want income like that to go to your competition instead.
  3. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    Have IQ's dropped sharply in WoWS since the end of the financial year? I've gone from 125 karma to 117, yet never come anything other than top 4. Play Kronstadt, tank 2 Mushashis and troll their shots, shred a Cleveland. Cap A, then move away because the two Mushis still want to kill me and a Des Moines is lighting me up. Team Mate: "Coward Kron, stay and fight for cap - 1" End Game Victory; Me Top 2, the negative nancy, bottom 3. Play in Yamato: Bow in, face a cap and hit the US CL's who try to radar the allied DD. Team Mate on other side of the map: Frantically clicks the square I'm in, calls me a sniping noob, demands I charge in to cap B solo with enemy on A and C caps who have crossfire on B. End Game Victory: 4 kills, 190k dmg came 2nd. Karma: -1 Potatoes are trying to issue me commands, as if they are admiral of the fleet, demanding I play a ship how it's not meant to be played. But then they themselves come in the bottom 1/3 of the team. People need to understand, you drive YOUR ship, not someone else's and you are not the head of the fleet guiding your team. If the team doesn't speak English, Mandarin or chooses to ignore what you say. They are under no obligation to let someone with season rank 20 and 42% W/R to hand out orders and then hurl verbal abuse and -1 when said orders are not followed. Ohh wait...It's school holidays now. There's my answer.
  4. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Too many currencies!
  5. Such a rip off!

    I look at the coal price of the Yubari and I'm like.....I'll give you 10 coal for that.. cuz I sold mine, as it was awful and unfun.
  6. I really wouldn't grind the Indi missions if I was you. A: They give meh rewards, containers included. B: The Indi is very, very meh. I find when I grind stuff and HAVE TO GET KILLS! or HAVE TO GET CITADELS! My fun is around 5% and frustration is a steady 95% * *5% margin of error
  7. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I remember going 3 attempting a day for 3 months with not a single SC. >.> angers up the blood.
  8. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    >.> I could swear you just posted the same pic 3-4 times, but they are all subtly different.
  9. main gun reload booster...

    They're trying new things, I'm fine with that. But if the balance is a no no, then they should bin it.
  10. Potato famine?

    Potatoes thin on the ground? Wish I was in your games. Today a T9 BB didnt know how to turn around. thought he could sail OVER the blue line to turn around.
  11. How to avoid trolls?

    Sorta odd you need to enable replays with a different .exe and it's not just in the standard game selection. I enabled replays after a few trolls traded blows the other day and threw a game just to spite one another. Meanwhile the rest of us paid $$ or used camo/flags we earned and lost them due to baby's fighting.
  12. Like the Black, Flint, etc... all the ships they already get and are exclusive to them. And which players actually pay for the salary of the developers? I don't recall in real life, walking to the counter of Mc Donalds and asking for a Big Mac only to be told I need to go increase my Fast Food Reputation to Rank 10. I'm a whale gamer, I sink tonnes of cash into this game, I devote a large time playing the game; mostly randoms. I'm top 3-5 in the Clan I am in for oil. But the Clan never does Clan battles, and I only play ranked briefly. I swear, working a job, studying and family time is considered a 'part-time hobby' in comparison to the financial and time investment games are beginning to demand from players. Not to mention, I get some flags either purchased or through an achievement, I get some skins, either purchased or through an achievement. Stick'em on a ship, hit play. Get 1 AFK team mate and 2 trolls who argue with each other and then team kill one another, we lose.... money/time spent on flags/skins wasted by the actions of OTHER players.
  13. free flag from Azur Lane

    cool, thanks. Looks cute.
  14. I would much rather radar that doesn't penetrate islands and mountain ranges. The game already knows you cant spot a ship through an island, just make radar go through the same check.
  15. You should have to answer a captcha phrase every time before you can fire your guns. Des Moines, Atlanta and Minotaur players be like "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!"