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  1. Pocket_Fox

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.10.0

    Every match I have seen has played out the same. No one pushes, everyone is passive. I don't even recall a game where a player from one team crossed from one side of the map into the other. The game is now entirely made up of back line sniping. And it takes MORE skill points then before to build an inferior build to what I had previously. It isn't enjoyable, at all.
  2. Pocket_Fox

    Reason to play submarine battles

    Look up 'Seagulls - Bad Lip Reading' on youtube and you can enjoy those lyrics in song.
  3. Pocket_Fox

    Reason to play submarine battles

    Haven't been able to hit a single ship that isn't an AI bot with my subs. Launch torps and by the time I dial in my sonar ping and 'guess' where to aim. the torps have already sailed past the target or are so far away, they'll never hit. Had 1 game where I managed 2 kills, and that was all vs AI bots. Matches with humans, can't do anything. Basically just an underwater DD spotting and with no ability to attack or damage ships. So... thus far. Subs are boring and unfun to play in and make the game really boring too. They're a terrible addition to the game in their current state. Sorta like CV's. I wish I could go back in time and sell my Hakyruru for free xp because I get ZERO! enjoyment from playing it now.
  4. Pocket_Fox

    Royal Navy Containers

    Yup. For me. 26 Premo 140 Regular Still haven't got the T8 mission. I'm surprised the Belgium/Netherlands/EU hasn't jumped onto this as being gambling.
  5. Pocket_Fox

    RN Normal Container OP

    26 Premo 140 Regular Still haven't got the T8 mission.
  6. Same issue for me, and I don't run any mods. The game is 100% vanilla :<
  7. Pocket_Fox

    what happened to WOWs?

    Basically this. Although, you can also add the swathe of T9/T10 premos (all with radar minus Musashi) And the current events Lootboxes - pure predatory behaviour.
  8. Pocket_Fox

    How radar should work IMO

    It should only work with a LoS and Hydro should function the same. Radar and hydro should not be able to penetrate through islands. And if it can, surely my torpedoes can tunnel through a mountain, blast out the other side and kill the thousands of island camping Des Moines scrubs.
  9. Pocket_Fox

    Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    Never crashed all year. 0.7.9... 3 crashes in 48 hours. Also, I had hoped WG would fix the 'penetration for 0 dmg' BS. nope! every 10th Pen I hit the enemy with does 0 dmg.
  10. Pocket_Fox

    RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    If you're a DD and you even hope to contest a cap vs other DD's it's a mandatory skill. Torp the direction for the enemy DD and angle your own ship to avoid theirs. When I had RDF on DD, I never got a death from a surprise torp attack in the cap. I also notice I get around 70-80% torp kills vs enemy DD's when I use RDF and they don't. It's a cheap incredibly cheesy skill and should have never been shoved in the game - but WG was completely out of ideas (how unusual).
  11. Pocket_Fox

    Salty reports

    Play well negative karma from salty enemies Play bad negative karma from salty allies Worst of all is teammates who try and drive your ship for you, barking out orders. They suicide in and die, then negative karma allies who weren't dumb enough to rush A when there's 3 radar botes sitting there in ambush.
  12. I tried the center a while ago and it was terrible, just terrible. I had so many issues and crashes with it, so I removed it and kept on using the old launchers for WoT and WoWS. If it is the only choice we and you force it on us, I'll stop playing. Take a peek at how much $$$ I've spent this year on WoWS or total, and consider if you want income like that to go to your competition instead.
  13. Pocket_Fox

    Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    Have IQ's dropped sharply in WoWS since the end of the financial year? I've gone from 125 karma to 117, yet never come anything other than top 4. Play Kronstadt, tank 2 Mushashis and troll their shots, shred a Cleveland. Cap A, then move away because the two Mushis still want to kill me and a Des Moines is lighting me up. Team Mate: "Coward Kron, stay and fight for cap - 1" End Game Victory; Me Top 2, the negative nancy, bottom 3. Play in Yamato: Bow in, face a cap and hit the US CL's who try to radar the allied DD. Team Mate on other side of the map: Frantically clicks the square I'm in, calls me a sniping noob, demands I charge in to cap B solo with enemy on A and C caps who have crossfire on B. End Game Victory: 4 kills, 190k dmg came 2nd. Karma: -1 Potatoes are trying to issue me commands, as if they are admiral of the fleet, demanding I play a ship how it's not meant to be played. But then they themselves come in the bottom 1/3 of the team. People need to understand, you drive YOUR ship, not someone else's and you are not the head of the fleet guiding your team. If the team doesn't speak English, Mandarin or chooses to ignore what you say. They are under no obligation to let someone with season rank 20 and 42% W/R to hand out orders and then hurl verbal abuse and -1 when said orders are not followed. Ohh wait...It's school holidays now. There's my answer.
  14. Pocket_Fox

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Too many currencies!
  15. Pocket_Fox

    Such a rip off!

    I look at the coal price of the Yubari and I'm like.....I'll give you 10 coal for that.. cuz I sold mine, as it was awful and unfun.