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  1. stickdeath1980

    Will there be a dedicated Australian Server?

    My fix was just move to NA server
  2. stickdeath1980

    How long does Tripiz stay in shop

    Thanks man it worked
  3. stickdeath1980

    How long does Tripiz stay in shop

  4. stickdeath1980

    Frustrated with Wargaming

    Just wait until Russian ships make there opening
  5. stickdeath1980

    How long does Tripiz stay in shop

    I get paid at 9pm if i chuck it in cart will it stay there i really want this had to save 2 weeks of beeing poor student to get this
  6. stickdeath1980

    How long does Tripiz stay in shop

    gutted cannot buy it tonight then
  7. Hello all just wondering when it leaves the shop because i'm going to buy it today
  8. stickdeath1980

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    in [content removed] i could buy this and have change Just saying Wargaming!!! be fair to those with out much money atleast [content removed] does it [content removed] Overt promotion/linking to other games. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  9. stickdeath1980

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    i still just want it by it's self not [content removed] packages deals ffs Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  10. stickdeath1980


  11. stickdeath1980


    Better not Avoid me like the KV 5
  12. stickdeath1980


    better not come with package deal and or buy it as a single ships not with freakn flags or prem because already got a years prem and to many flags
  13. stickdeath1980

    Why is chat in game so silent?

    Because most people cannot speak english
  14. stickdeath1980


    Hello as everyone is saying about this price for the Tirpitz why not sell it by itself. Because paying over $104.93 NZ other crap not really needed!! But for some may want it! Even in WOT price's arent that crazy for a tank!!! even for tier 8!! i make good money but wasting over $100 for a ship and other crap No thank you I hope You Asian server Marketing really have a look at this and make it bit cheaper i would happly pay $50 for the ship even $60 It's like you want people to go and buy other games with the amount of money this ship cost!! As a German Fan boy Please freakn lower the price If you don't should change the Name to WORLD OF WALLET WAARIORS