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  1. you've mentioned your own stats and challenges others repeatedly in this thread- try this out.. i play lay to have fun, I don't care about stats. I also have more games played than you, and probably play different ships than you. looking at stats alone is meaningless.
  2. Osi

    Should WG add the Pocket Battleships?

    Only challenge, is that Battlecruisers have been split between BB and CL/CA lines. Who knows how they'll split these... There will be salty tears no matter how they do it *grabs popcorn*
  3. I usually gauge speed by its relative position to landmarks and other positional data, smoke on the ship itself does little since its just an animation linked to the throttle amount, not speed- but if it works for you- cool ;-)
  4. Osi

    [Poll]KMS Bismarck vs HMS King George V

    ^ pretty much nails it Also need to factor in technology too, and the fact these ships seldom worked alone which implies teamwork and other aspects. I also find the whole comparison of navies rather silly- especially since by the end of the war, the US navy was operating upwards of 6600 ships at once. Compared to the fact that Germany had a really small fraction of that amount- paper analysis is rather dubious value. To use a tank analogy, Germany's tanks were better than everyone else's and enjoyed a 10:1 (or greater) K ratio, however the allies were producing cheap tanks and far greater numbers, one at a time the German tanks were getting killed and couldn't be easily replaced. It seems the Germans took the same attitude with their ships- it didnt work for them there either
  5. Osi

    Australia - World of Lagships

    @ Steeltrap Yeop understood, for an ICMP echo- it depends what they are reporting as to its validity- whether its round trip (2 way), or the time it takes for a packet to get to the server (1way) It should be round trip time, if it isn't then its dubious in value to the point of misleading. Ping of course isn't everything. If they're not looking at packet loss and latency variance then its also rather dubious. Getting a low ping every once in a while doesn't necessarily mean your connection to the server is good, or that its router is working well.
  6. Osi

    Higher tier malarkey

    yeop, and if you have no plan on doing that, the last point I made is irrelevant
  7. While I respect the regulatory requirements that WG must meet (eg. to be able to do business in germany and japan they can't show those flags) I'm glad we can mod the game to put the originals back in. I wish WG would enable them by default in markets where such requirements don't exist. I'll explain why: I'm with the other posters in this forum- I'm for authenticity. I choose not to be offended at their appearance. I guess the conundrum I face is an ethical dilemma. Wargaming makes money on the likeness of these ships, yet these ships were often designed with major design input from Hitler and his cronies, Stalin and Hirohito's military machine. All officers on German ships were members of the Nazi party. They weren't just "following orders" they were "party" men. So on one hand, sure- you can't show certain iconography for legal reasons, but at the same time there should be respect paid where it is due. These big lumbering steel killing machines were designed and made by some really not nice people with the sole intent to rain death on all their enemies- not just the ones you choose to acknowledge. Make no mistake, if Hitler could have gotten away with parking his naval fleet outside of New York and shelled Manhattan island to rubble- he would have- In an instant. My grandparents generation called both Germans and Japanese names I can't repeat on these forums. They think nothing of it- because as nations- they weren't friends, and their generation bled and bled immensely. If feels somewhat rude, to say "lets conceal the flags of these countries that lost the war and did really bad things, because it might offend". I find it more offensive to "retcon" actual history and with the sanitised version then productise it for $$$ all the while trying to stay on the side of political correctness. It makes me feel a bit queasy that people might be playing the game completely unaware of the significance of this (ie. "they're just ships.. they're cool aren't they?" instead of "A bunch of fascists designed this to wipe out their enemies so they could invade their countries and eliminate any subversives they didnt like with bullet, rifle butt or gas chambers.."). I hope the next time you gaze upon an Axis ship in game that perhaps you see it a bit differently... PS. Another way of looking at it- It's also a bit offensive that US flags and UK flags are allowed in the game without being removed as well, considering the US and UK both bombed civilian cities until they were rubble killing millions of people who were innocent and not serving military. Tokyo: Osaka: Dresden: Not unlike Nazi germany spending copious resources to maximise killing dissidents, homosexuals, white russians and bolsheviks and jews, our ancestors optimised and invented new weaponry to be even more efficient at killing civilians: Hiroshima: Nagasaki: To censor another, and ignore what our own ancestors did simply because they won, seems really wrong.
  8. The "ah ha" moment you're having OP, is that upper tier DD play is very different from lower tier. Your torpedos generally always miss because the enemy has plenty of warning that there are torps, you might get 1 hit if fired from range. Staying with friends is good- another extension is to go wide at the start and be near nothing of interest and just reveal the enemy. Planes don't go near you, ships don't go near you, and you just light the enemy up. Eventually you might get caught, then you burn your cooldowns and run and hope the CV doesnt keep fighters over you to illuminate you. Of course, 0% realism- but screw it. That's the game.
  9. Osi

    Higher tier malarkey

    @Retia They don't need to provide a screenshot- this is a very common occurance as far as I'm concerned. My Des Moines costs 252k to repair for full damage, I've had games where I've won (but been sunk) and I've destroyed ships and still ended up in negative credits at the end. You play high tiers at cost. Premiums and low to mid tiers boost your credits supply to counteract this. The one really good thing high tiers do, is on double and triple xp events allow you to bank away upto ~8k xp in a game for conversion later.
  10. Osi


    I was there on the Friday, ended up going on stage because I was one of the few peeps that had actually played the game. The promotions lady was nice- I talked to her about the 'booth babes' concept- the first year WG was one of the worst offenders, but this year it looks like they were using them sensibly. Was good to see. I won a pair of roccat sunglasses. Gave them to my nephew. I suspect there wasn't a lot of money to go around for marketing this year. Perhaps rent at the expo is getting expensive? Got to meet the server admin for WG, based out of Sydney- was good to chat technical with him about devops.
  11. Osi

    Australia - World of Lagships

    I get packet loss regularly, usually every 20 seconds or so, ping varies between 100 and 250 msecs. I don't disconnected that often, perhaps once a week. It's just the asia server or route to Australia
  12. Osi

    dispersion is just a joke

    @thingol I've gone T10 for IJN DD, T9 US BB, T10 US CA, T8 German CA, T7/8 US and IJN CV, T7 IJN BB I would say I have the most fun playing CA. With DD, I found the play style changes from after T5/6 onwards to 10. Down low (less than T6 its about rushing in firing torps close then dying or running in flames. In higher tiers, its about spotting and suppressive fire. Sometimes you're lucky and can catch the enemy in a choke point and get lots of hits, but most of the time you're pushing back cruisers. At range, your torps generally miss unless you're firing on a BB driver that is completely clueless/unaware as usually they're warned so well in advance that they can go bow on and either avoid completely or take only 1 hit. Suppressive fire example: During the usual map circle jerk where your team goes counter-clockwise, the enemy team does the same and we chase each other's tail. Instead of going with my team, I might go directly into the face of the enemy (clockwise) and use my 15 torps to push them back. If there are 2-3 shimakaze's we'll all do it- if we do it well enough, we hold them and our team flanks them from behind and smashes them at their flag. You can't do that with low tier DD's ;-) The strat above doesn't always work of course, and nobody understands each other on .asia so its pot luck when it happens.
  13. Osi

    dispersion is just a joke

    Agreed, 100% both TheDemonLord666 and Cyanide7662. (I voted in support of your proposal and encourage others in the community to do so too if you agree). To explain where I'm coming from @Moggy, I used to play Navyfield (between 2005 and 2011). I'd still be playing it were it not for SDEnternet and the fact that game engine is so dated (isometric sprite based, runs well on Windows 98 and ok on XP, not so great on win7+). I know I threw a ton of $ their way- so there are people out there willing to pay. The game wasn't without its flaws of course- and it had many many flaws, but it was fun to play and you were rewarded for playing supporting roles. Gearing up an Emden or a Moltke as a dedicated AAA boat was a blast. Shooting down waves of aircraft- choosing whether to shoot long range AAA or withering close range. You could take real pride in being a good AAA gunner, and you were rewarded very favourably for doing it. (it also wasn't easy and required skill as you had to estimate the altitude of the planes, adjust your angles of your guns and fire to light them up, otherwise lots of ammo used- no dead planes, frustrated dead team mates). Doing well though, felt great because you knew you were keeping your big slow friends safe while they pounded the enemy on the line. You also gained a reputation- people saw you and invited you into games, the enemy feared you- they saw you and knew to avoid you and your ships you were protecting- but not permanently due to the fog of war mechanic. There was teamwork too- because you could pick which game you'd join in on and team up with friends. You would work as a group- each playing a role. Some would be AAA, some would be battleships, some would be CV's, cruisers both torp and guns, and DD's. The game reinforced this by providing flexibility- namely through the ability to customise a ship pretty heavily eg. pull off main turret and fit AAA gun there instead, or run a bigger gun but load AAA ammo instead of HE/AP. (keep in mind, the Yamato's 18" guns had AAA ammo, they even used them against enemy planes that were attacking it). To be completely honest- a big part of me was hoping WoWs would be the spirtual successor to navyfield, especially since it has borrowed so many mechanics from NF, just it left behind a lot of the good ones, and brought in stuff from WoT that really doesnt help. I don't mean to be obnoxious- apologies if I have come across that way- just I loved the style of play where there was actual teamwork, and a reward for working as a team that WoWS just doesn't have. Steeltrap and I have been fighting the good fight on these forums about realism. In truth- I don't think it is solely about realism- it is really more about pointlessness and absurdity. There was a thread during the closed beta about "you contribute nothing as an individual to a battle" or words to that effect- the OP was arguing that an individual really doesn't change the battle outcome at all. He did an experiment and found that it didn't really matter what he did in a game, it was sheer luck of the draw whether he won or lost- and that with this realisation the frustration of trying hard, game after game and still losing was explained. I believe this thread and that one are linked in the sense that not only does gameplay not support teamwork, but the individual doesn't matter, even if they know their class and perform well. This is an underlying 'root' issue that I feel still needs to be solved- I think it would make sense for WG to overhaul game mechanics and roles and solve both together.