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  1. Yeah! those torpedoing so much, annoying as hell!!!
  2. OneForceX

    Basic Formations and Maneuvers

    Very informative. We could adapt this in our play but instead of having long line (like 6 ships in formation) we could trim it down to 3 ships considering our current maps would't allow us to use more than that (too many islands and not much more open sea area).
  3. OneForceX

    CoOp AI needs adjusting

    Coop is fine for me, i generally like it easy in the beginning
  4. OneForceX

    I guess I didn't make it?

    Imma throw a party if and when that 2nd email arrives
  5. OneForceX

    I guess I didn't make it?

    The waiting is unbearable T_T
  6. OneForceX

    how long does it take

    same here
  7. OneForceX

    It's Happening!

    i'll skip lunch just to see that thing being posted and me the very first one to lick it
  8. OneForceX

    Not can login games.

    Dayme i'm so excited i can hardly breath