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  1. The_Pharoah

    WoWS aircraft

    ah ok so the default Langley starts with 2 sqdns then.
  2. The_Pharoah

    WoWS aircraft

    awesome, thanks guys...will give that a go *edit* yep, figured it out now - thanks again for the help. Quick question though...I watched a YT vid of a guy with 3 squadrons on the Langley ie. 2 bomber (torp), 1 fighter but even though I have the upgrades, I only have 2. How do I get the extra fighter squadron?
  3. The_Pharoah

    WoWS aircraft

    ok but what about changing the angle of the approach? when the torpedo bombers are inbound, you get a rough angle with a little bit of leeway..however I've watched videos of the guy being able to choose exactly which angle (around the circle) to choose...how do you do that?
  4. The_Pharoah

    WoWS aircraft

    well if I could find it somewhere obviously I'd read it first. just on that, can someone explain to me how to change the angle of where torpedo bombers approach from. The Help summary says to left click and hold, however when i do that it creates a little box but doesn't change the actual angle. With torpedo bombers I have to use whatever default angle comes from their flight approach...is that how its supposed to work?
  5. The_Pharoah

    WoWS aircraft

    We're pretty much replicating most of the WW2 warships up to late 1945. Why is it then that we have biplanes? fairey swordfish aside (which was a biplane and did very well for the RN), most of the USN/IJN carrier borne a/c were low wing monoplanes such as the Kate, Dauntless, TBF, TBM, etc....why don't we see those ingame? I know its just visual but immersion is a big thing for WoWS (if you read what the latest questionnaire asked)
  6. The_Pharoah


    I understand (and like) the rock/paper/scissors approach to WoWS. I think it works great on a high level...when you drop lower though, there's issues. A good example is, a BB is theoretically > a CL. however ingame, it seems to me that a CL > BB. Why? Greater rate of fire for the CL plus speed plus torps....on the BBs side? you have a broad side that takes 30-40 secs to reload AND when you do fire, your chances of landing a full broadside (even though all your guns are theoretically aiming at the same point) are low so you get maybe 3-4 hits at distance....in the meantime, the enemy CL is pounding you with round after round. I know, because I've done it lots of times with cruisers. Does that sound like rock/paper/scissors to you? Surely a full broadside from a BB (esp the upper tier BBs) should reduce your HP to about 20% or less for a CL?
  7. The_Pharoah

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    I do agree about the smoke screen - once you're in it, you should not be able to see out of it ie. its not an invisibility cloak - you should just be able to seen enough to maneuver within it. Same as looking into it.
  8. The_Pharoah

    Amazing what you learn from games

    its always difficult with such a mixture of warships from diff countries on each side. I wonder if they'd consider having nation modes ie. IJN vs USN vs RN vs SN, etc
  9. The_Pharoah

    Amazing what you learn from games

    ha ha I snorted beer out of my nose when I read that! shows how much I know about ship recognition! atleast I had it in the right category!!
  10. The_Pharoah

    Amazing what you learn from games

    lol yeah I learned a lot about tanks of WW2....and was sorely disappointed every time I saw a war movie with 'authentic tanks' lol...more like american tanks dressed up to look like german ones!! atleast in Fury they got it quite authentic. funny how you play a game and suddenly get a good appreciation about the real deal. You don't really realise how big an actual destroyer is until you see it IRL or in a movie (eg. that 'In harms way' which had a few DDs in it).
  11. Came across 'In Harms Way' (WW2 movie with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas) on Netflix yesterday and decided to watch it...the first setting is in Pearl Harbour on 7 Dec '41. Anyway, one of the shots is of a Cruiser which Wayne is the captain of...as soon as I saw the cruiser, I went 'hang on....2 x 3 guns forward, 1 x 3 guns aft, 5" guns...honey, thats a Cleveland class cruiser...I'm sure of it....you know, great rate of fire, good AAA, horrible armour'....and she's like 'uh huh...so?'. Before WoWS, I really only knew how to differentiate between DDs, CLs and BBs....now..... oh and there's a DD in the intro as well...I haven't fully done the US DD tree as yet.
  12. The_Pharoah


    its not just about sunken ships. from what I can see, if you collide with another ship or run aground, you don't lose any HP.
  13. lol guy asks a question and instead of a simple yes/no/maybe answer, he gets 100 on something else. ANSWER THE FRIGGIN QUESTION!!
  14. The_Pharoah

    The great disappearing trick

    yeah sorry i understand how it works - my issue is why do we have it in the first place? it doesn't happen IRL except for weather induced conditions (which we don't have) and WoWS is trying to replicate RL yet we have this stupid cloaking device. It says 'reduces ship detectability' ie. ability to detect....yet if I'm staring at it, and landing shots on it....ITS BEEN DETECTED!!! it can't just magically disappear. thats my point.
  15. The_Pharoah

    The great disappearing trick

    hang on, is this WoWS or Call of duty? there shouldnt be a perk. if you're spotted, you're spotted.