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  1. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    34" ultrawide ftw, hands down beat the 30" Yamakasi I had on the desk for the last 4 years. The ability of the 30" Dell/Yamakasis is that they will let you set custom resolutions to check FoV with 16:9 and 21:9, which I eventually settled for as vertical FoV has a lesser priority for me over Horizontal. I do find it quite necessary to mod parts the HUD to bring certain things closer to centre given the 34" has a horizontal of 800mm at ~950 from eye...
  2. GDavid

    The hunt for Bismarck

    Looks like good advice, thanks for posting it... Like someone said, all you need is a >=T5 boat.
  3. GDavid

    Update 0.6.5 Feedback

    How OP is the Kaga?
  4. Wondering why there are no posts here since it IS in the shop.
  5. GDavid

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Kuma such a good trainer 92K dmg 4 kills Confed and HC 1569 base
  6. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    Build it yourself, or buy 2nd hand. Notebooks are nearly always hobbled in comparison to full sized components. The other advantage is that upgrading is so much more available to you in a "box", you can also connect to a "TV" if you can't afford that 21:9 1440p monitor and it's 144Hz refresh rate or that whizbang $3-5K "notebook".
  7. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    Get a desktop.
  8. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    Yep, but it's not for tight fisted Captains like the ones who don't buy camo for DDs and premium consumables for tier tens...
  9. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    Not unless you are running an SSD externally through a dedicated USB 3.0 to Sata connection (versus a 5400 rpm disc) I wouldn't have thought. Depends on many things like processor, RAM, dedicated graphics, room on the storage drives you are using, access and seek times, not to mention background processes (yet). Like others have suggested, you may want to try limiting the background processes you have running. Notebook manufacturers are renowned for their "bloatware" and usually load inordinate amounts of crapware at startup. Whenever I buy a notebook it is reformat and install from scratch, nor have I had a computer that boots from a mechanical HDD since 2009.
  10. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    Read back a couple of posts Whack one into your current notebook for the best upgrade you can make, IF you feel like you might be lacking storage capacity and you have a tray loading optical drive buy one of the optical drivebay SSD caddys so you can have SSD boot and rust in the old optical drive bay. Fleabay has 2nd HDD caddys for under 10 AUD and you could grab a USB 2 adaptor cable for $5.30 (or just single USB if you have a USB 3 machine) or even an external caddy for you ODD for less than 15...
  11. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    PS, I'm a Gigabyte Fanboy and have had 3 MBs with Realtek Audio. Only had minor issues from a re-install once. Like I said above, you'll need to provide some more detailed info such as what you have plugged in to where and with what type of cables? Video and Audio. I'm waiting impatiently for this little goodie to turn up, so that I can patch my oldschool Sony DSP/Amp with it's nice ES series electronics....
  12. GDavid

    Upgrading to SSD

    AIO (all in one) water coolers are pretty good, question if you actually need one though as opposed to wanting one. With Z270 options, it's probably only of benefit if you are using a K series chip. (i5-7500 is not an unlocked multiplier and OC options are quite limited) Settings>Type sound into search bar>Right Click devices within the Playback tab>Click Test to check function (no sound=problem).... Also check you default playback devices from these tabs. ​ Because you mention your monitors support speaker systems, you will need to be more specific here: Speakers are working when connected to the computer monitor? HDMI is Video+Audio+Network capable and may be your current default Audio output. Check and change any defaults as needed Could also be your drivers, Realtek can be painful now and then with certain motherboards...
  13. GDavid

    terms and slangs v2

    ESL thread W.A.D. even if I do love slang, nicknames and jargonese...
  14. GDavid

    Not so premium...

    Just a minute or two of your time, came across this purely by chance...
  15. Thanks for the reply Stingray'. I run a tech tree mod ingame which shows doubloon prices for all ships even Gremmy and Nikolai so my question swas a little more specifically oriented. I get the premium shop part but was wondering about a listing as they started varying the ships through a rotation system a while back.