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  1. 1nfy

    General Questions Thread

    Now you have successfuly hijacked the thread there are a couple of issues with your assertions: IF you are aiming for "plunging fire", (which was a thing about six years ago) you need not over range your target. Your ship's shells will only travel to the maximum indicated range in the battle (marked by your ability to set the target reticle on the intended target). Seeing you love posting in forums, I'll suggest you have a read: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Armor_Penetration#AP_Shell_Damage https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/228215-analysis-on-aiming-vertical-dispersion-using-lwms-dispersion-tests/ (Referencing "Little White Mouse's" plethora of great detail and understanding before WG boned her.) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/216618-how-does-plunging-bb-gun-ap-fire-hit-torpedo-protection/ BTW, it is not the ship that is good at hitting citadels, it is your ability to aim and time shot based on your target ship.
  2. 1nfy

    General Questions Thread

    Why is it that the UI suggests first Camoflage is 200 dubs, but when I click on the sci-fi camo it is 8,000 dubs? Aslo, can anyone explain how this consistent picture of the player queue is working well for the game? Nothing like SPGs did for WoT...
  3. 1nfy

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    Exactly what is a "bundle with contents"? After all these years I am still having trouble understanding WeeGeesh language. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/coupons/filter/7960372
  4. Wow, we need to decorate ships now. Errrm, why? Do the "decorations" hide the ship by reducing detectablity? Do the decorations increase earnings? Do they reduce fire, flood or damage? WG changed it, so it is solved.
  5. 1nfy

    Armada: Tone

    https://fremantlebiz.livejournal.com/2445.html This is not the only listing for the IJN Tone and War crimes. June 18th may seem a long time, but the memories of relatives linger.
  6. Fixed your first sentence based on logic. Players think meta is kiting and set themselves up for this early game. Sometimes they have team dispositions which suit their wants, if they are inflexible this often results in a loss for the other players on the team. This "meta based" battle playstyle will often work for those on the "inside" with access to supertesters, ytubers and CCs. I'm stand with Average Joe's. Underlined your premise based on your assumption, and my 12,000 battles on another server with a 55% WR and 80% solo play...
  7. 1nfy

    0.10.7 bug report

    Select Armory to be blasted with 6-8dB spl increase: lawsuite inbound. AKA Stop trying to make me deaf!!!!!!!
  8. Here we are in the perpetual Beta yet again. Since closed beta WG have released "game updates" that are bugged, failed to address known issues and still doing the same. Pointless asking you lot to improve. Wallet closed again.
  9. Kiting, like Deadeye needs to be addressed. How many people are clicking the "Battle" button and turning their ships away from the enemy and the objectives within the first two minutes of every game? Using the word game rather than battle, because the word battle is disingenuous since the Deadeye perk. This game has become exceedingly campy and the "meta" an overarching doctrine requiring back-off techniques and backline, long ranged gaming as the only option. Stangnant playstyle will only continue when risk has no reward.
  10. The funniest thing about all this being that the Spanish and Australian Navies actually had aircraft carriers.
  11. 1nfy

    Some suggestions on submarines

    Guessing you will enjoy the Developer announcement regarding the Submarine's torpedo speed increases?
  12. Torpedo launch bug confirmed around a month ago, but WG will release next major patch with submarines (with major changes announced <48 hours ago) a plethora of premium ships and a little note from the devs about how WG Inc. missed the torpedo bug this update... While on the subject of bugs, how do you like your Yamato taking Citadel damage through the back of the funnel? RAOFLMAO
  13. Looks like you did not understand the post. It is not their job to form divisions of 2-3 of the same test ship at all.
  14. Why are Supertesters allowed to double and triple div with ships that are in test and unavailable to paying players? Suggestion in title.
  15. Playing for the team's victory is almost entirely forgotten on this server, it's all about damage farming and stat padding divisions. How about giving back to the team players, who take caps or smoke cover friendlies etcetera? What were the Devs thinking? Deadeye must have been aweful to this server and it's sniper kite from the start playstyle. It's really frustrating and I know I'm not alone, when playing the "team game" and getting very poor results. WG have spoken of improving rewards for teamplay for years and still have done nothing, do they not have the wherewithall to formulate some recompense for these kinds of play? Laying smoke for team advances could be applicable when smokescreen blocks LOS/firing blooms... Spotting torpedoes IE "screening" for BaBBies applicable when early warning allowed evasion Using your AA bubble to protect freindlies applicable when downing aircraft on approach to team members Using radar/sonar and direct spotting for team current levels fail to provide incentive Or is it me being cynical, because it feels like the removal of signals for Krakens etc is just downright rude and doesn't show us long time players and care or respect that WG claim?