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  1. JuanTuerca

    WoWs conspiracy thread

    Hey DMW, I wouldn't be paranoid if people would stop following me. And stop putting extra schnitzel on my dinner plate...Now there's a conspiracy!
  2. JuanTuerca

    Wargaming.net @ PAX AUS 2015 Timelapse Video

    Yes I did! Naaaaaah, GoPro mounts ftw. I'm actually the guy on the stage most of the time!
  3. Hi there, fellow captains! Here is a small video I shot while MC'ing the Wargaming.net booth at PAX AUS 2015. We thought it would be fun to shoot a timelapse and watch the ebb and flow of people through the booth as the day went by. If you attended PAX, or were lucky enough to win a prize or come up on stage with me, see if you can spot yourself in the video! Action stations!
  4. JuanTuerca

    PAX Wargaming Booth Feedback - In depth.

    I thought the people who were working on the stage, both the MCs and the volunteers who were playing games and teaching, were excellent. That Nkopers guy is cool. The guy with the shaved head and the trench coat was not very good at ships or tanks though.