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  1. Whodahellwasthat

    Screen resolution always be Windowed when restart the game

    Think I worked it out reset a few times & just changed settings to maximized border less which wasn't an option when I looked at first & now seems fine. Great chat all =) Whoda
  2. Whodahellwasthat

    Screen resolution always be Windowed when restart the game

    Just logged in to have a weird aspect ratio setting load, Not changed a thing since i was last in yesterday & have not updated drivers or anything. Running a Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070 card Anyone got any ideas? Cheers in advance Whoda
  3. Whodahellwasthat

    Zaya and Yamato spaceships?

    Just had my 1st few games hard to gauge the depth of field tho I find with the colors & no floor =) Love the over all look tho, worth a few games & a laugh.
  4. So far it seems about right, but some Torps are to weak but that's why you get so many on some ships to make sure you do the job correct.
  5. Whodahellwasthat

    Who do you target first

    If they aren't on my team then ALL above me in this thread Some times I shoot the dolphins if they are going after my Tuna line out the back as well.
  6. Great Idea but as it has been already said make sure the balance is correct. e.g If the torps can be fired off with ease but you cant get the guns down fast enough as the waves cause havoc then there has to be a fine line for pros & cons for each class of ship. maybe the torps don't drive straight (all the time) in bad weather or the only travel 1/2 as far.
  7. Whodahellwasthat

    ExESGO Video's

    Great Job Ex keep it up!!
  8. Whodahellwasthat

    top secret naval round being developed by wargamming

    More bark then its bite though in the shells Plus u can hear em howling over head
  9. Whodahellwasthat

    Alpha is OVER? (RU Portal News)

    Looking forward to the bigger player base to test. See you all in game with a shells showering down on you all = )
  10. Whodahellwasthat

    HMAS Sydney v SMS Emden

    Glad i found this, great read. Thanks Tan
  11. Whodahellwasthat

    Possible mods for WoWs

    Can we get colored smoke (Flairs) to add some visual atmos eg some colors could mean help, assistance needed or just for a bit of fun