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  1. Griefmaker

    Is there a way to choose a battle without CVs?

    Only way is to play co-op as at the moment there are no enemy cv’s in that mode.
  2. I've known a couple people that love betting on the ponies. They will always tell you about that big win they had, never ask them to work out how much they have spent over the many years. I purchased x5 got flags and the only CV i wanted.
  3. Griefmaker


    Thanks much appreciated.
  4. Griefmaker


    @OP Just type in 500,000 xp in-game and it will tell you how much dubs you need. Or the other way around, type in the dubs and it will tell you how much free xp you get.
  5. Griefmaker

    Should I play CV from scratch??

    Thanks that explains why if I sell my Lex I also get 5000 dubs as well, I have the Halloween camo for it.
  6. Griefmaker

    Special Cashback Doubloon Offer

    I'll pass on spending anymore real money at the moment because of update 8.0.
  7. Griefmaker

    Flat out lie?

    Assuming you completed the campaigns you ended up with a ton load more than someone getting this email and having not played in atleast the last couple of months. And that's not even counting if the rng gods blessed you when you opened Xmas containers.
  8. Griefmaker

    CV Hotfix

    I wonder if WG will extend the free capt skill reset and module demount to after the hot fix. It would seem like the decent thing to do.
  9. Griefmaker

    Why your AA sucks by Ichase

    That video is disheartening to say the least.
  10. 20xSanta Mega Gifts 6,000 doubloons Alabama Prinz Eugen Kii Kamikaze (i have the R already) The rest camo and flags.
  11. Griefmaker

    STEAM1YEAR - Redeem it fast!

    Thank you :)
  12. Griefmaker

    Graphics Card temps in port

    It still does not explain why when you are in the open sea port load is minimal but if whilst in that port you go to your campaign screen (say the Yamamoto one for example) the load/fans and temp ramp up.
  13. Griefmaker

    Graphics Card temps in port

    This has been an issue from the start. Any port other than the open sea one ramps up the GFX temps/fans much higher than when actually playing a battle. The same thing happens when viewing the "collection" screen in port.
  14. Griefmaker

    what a ripoff

    @OP I purchased the x10 freedom container package and got the tier VI Monaghan dd and also the tier VII Atlanta cruiser