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  1. Griefmaker

    German Containers

    I have to agree the new emblems for collectors sucks balls compared to the old ones.
  2. Griefmaker

    Very UGLY graphics after 0.9.6 updating

    I noticed this yesterday too. I run on max with 8xAA and after the patch the ships have a blur to them now. It almost looks like FXAA is turned on but it is not. I really hope WG fixes this issue in a timely manner.
  3. Griefmaker

    german container code( expired)

    Bugger i was late and the code no longer works.
  4. Griefmaker

    CODES - Naval Legends: Cinemarathon

    Thanks so much they all still work.
  5. Griefmaker

    Final thoughts on the Xmas events

    With the way the santa crates worked this xmas for ship drops it was actually an advantage for me. I had a lot of premium's so my chances increased for getting the hard to get ships. I got a few other ships and other stuff but my main task of getting the hard ships succeeded. Missouri, Exeter, Mikhail Kutuzov and Imperator Nikolai are now in my port.
  6. Griefmaker

    Free XP Boat

    I can answer part of that question, no way it will print credits like Missouri. No other ship in the game prints credits like Missouri and that is the reason the only way to get it is through a santa crate.
  7. Griefmaker

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts and Gifting!

    To be fair to OP WG just re-posted old information with today's date on it. Adding the button to get three signals (for new year) but with no date to say the signals part has been edited into that portal page. I can see how confusing this could be.
  8. Griefmaker

    Santa Containers Thread

    If you had looked at this thread before posting you would know the answer to your question. Hell the answer is even on this page.
  9. Griefmaker

    Santa Containers Thread

    The only one that matters, from a Big crate:
  10. Griefmaker

    If you made a pointless post...

    You should know the answer to your own question seeing as you often do that. I thought you went to na server.
  11. Griefmaker

    4k monitor graphics settings strats?

    Glad that worked for you. It’s so dumb that the game default enables both. You only ever use FXAA if your PC cannot handle even the most basic MSAA setting. To others that have an nvidia card and use geforce experience to set optimum gfx settings that too will enable both FXAA and MSAA. This is one of the main reasons i would never use it. It is so counter productive to be running MSAA with FXAA enabled as well just blurring up the sharp image that MSAA created. Another way to make the game look even better if your gfx card is good enough is to go into nvidia control panel and supersample wows. I have a 2080 and run MSAAx8 and force supersample x8 through control panel. I run at 1200p locked at 60fps and my fps never drops and the image is stunning.
  12. Griefmaker

    4k monitor graphics settings strats?

    When you run it at max when in 1080 with 8xAA make sure you have FXAA off. If you just select the highest default gfx settings for some dumb reason both MSAA and FXAA are turned on. FXAA just blurs the image.
  13. OP you straight up legend! Thanks it still works.