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  1. Griefmaker


    Thanks, it is still working.
  2. Griefmaker

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    I'm not buying something with the tag:
  3. Griefmaker

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    SC from try your luck much better for me than the x100 papa papa I got from the month long daily gifts as I have 300+ of them. But all free so I should not complain.
  4. Griefmaker


    Thanks, still works
  5. Griefmaker

    PSA - re buying the Black Massachusetts

    You would have to be a very “special” type of person to buy the black Mass when you have normal mass already in port. The same type of person that would respond to random emails from Nigeria i suppose.
  6. Griefmaker

    code has to be redeemed now

    Thanks Unfortunately I am at work so have no idea what the code gives :)
  7. Griefmaker

    Gunther Lutjens: Redux

    Who ever that person was must be a really smart cookie ;)
  8. Griefmaker

    Waaaaaaaaait a sec...

    Yes correct manual sec build. On a GK with Capt Lutjens after 100 sec hit's you get -35% sec reload or -30% sec reload with Legendary upgrade.
  9. Griefmaker

    Waaaaaaaaait a sec...

  10. Griefmaker

    Waaaaaaaaait a sec...

    Yip 19pt Sec Lutjens will give you 250 on a bad day and 400+ sec hit's on a good co-op game.
  11. Griefmaker

    Waaaaaaaaait a sec...

    I hope you use Gunther Lutjens as your captain for sec build German BB's as it is glorious. The red tracers on all guns, Iron cross pennant and the -15% sec reload after 100 sec hits, Blitzkrieg!
  12. Griefmaker

    What happened to Hoods AA?

    Lol from the store page:
  13. Griefmaker

    German Containers

    I have to agree the new emblems for collectors sucks balls compared to the old ones.