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  1. I'm in the same boat as you as I have an i7 2600k @4.5GHz which still runs everything fine @1200p but I doubt we are going to get a bios update for something from 2011 :(
  2. gib santa box plox to Griefmaker One box to rule them all please..
  3. You have to get the bios update as well as the Windows update to know by how much your cpu slows down. Getting just the Windows patch does not fix the vulnerability.
  4. Italian BB

    She's short and tight, the perfect lady!
  5. Yeah my ping has been back to normal for a number of days now. Normal being 100-107 for NZ.

    Sadly it looks like you don't know as much as you think you know about WG.

    I want my doubloons back paid 24 hours and i get no targeting recticle for main guns and tab does not work to see players you are against. Not to mention the other problems. Most happens after the first game.
  8. +1 It's crazy! I thought my mouse had shit itself.
  9. Got my first SC, i was hoping for a premium USA BB (LOL) for steven seagal as i have a higher USA BB captain but i am happy with this.
  10. No you need more GFX card memory, my 1060 has a 192bit bus and will have a throughput that takes a dump on your 4 year old 256bit bus. You can have a 6 lane highway but if you only have cars to fill one lane you are no faster than 1 lane highway.
  11. Kes check your PM for some reason copy/paste not working here.
  12. I have a 1060 6GB and I play 60fps locked @ 1920x1200 Ultra with MSAA x8 and FXAA high both on at same time my cards GPU only runs at half speed. Runs at around 940MHz of a possible 2GHz and uses around 2.4GB. The memory runs at 7600 MHz instead of 8000MHz.
  13. Of course using MSAA just like any other game uses GPU processing power. The higher you go from x2, x4, x8 the more GPU processing power you need but the better image you get. I run x8 and the ships look so much better especially all the cables and lines on a ship, no jagged lines anymore.
  14. I'm sorry that makes no sense at all. Depending on your timezone the start of ranked will be from 5pm - 11pm and ending between 10pm - 4am. Most people work during the day it is the late start for Aus/NZ players that is bad as most will be going to bed around that time.
  15. Totally agree New Zealand has been completely shut out of ranked battles as it stands now. If NZ is supposed to be on the Asia server then why are we being shut out of ranked battles.