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  1. Klaen

    Tier 10 Economy 6.7

    As a casual player I have been slow in my attainment of a Rank 10 Ship. Now that I have one, whilst I already really enjoy my experience playing the ship - I am now penalised financially for taking it out... I recently had a win, where, granted I only managed to score around 60 hits, and a measly 40K damage (it is an American Cruiser) - however I noted that my winnings were under the $170K maintenance costs of the ship! I appreciate this issue has already been discussed in other WG forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/65788-tier-10-economy-or-lack-there-of/ Whilst I appreciate both sides of the argument portrayed in the above thread - my real point is this: I am a premium account player - surely any premium account player who is not an AFK/Bot player (i.e. moves at least 8-10Km in a match and earns at least 30 ribbons as a minimum) should at least break even and in a better performing game make a profit on their Tier X ship? The whole point of end-game in any MMO is to reward time and hard work for working your way to an end-state, NOT to penalise you through further grinding lower tier ships to fund your top tier ship. Games where end-game grind offers no rewards (and having enough $$$ to afford camo and those tasty upgrades) soon end up in the annals of forgotten gaming titles... and without subscribers... who pay money... which pays developers wages... Perhaps it is early days and I need to obtain some more Tier X games under my belt to see what the average earnings are on better performing games, but I strongly disagree that Premium Account holders (and premium ship buyers as well) should experience any kind of financial penalty for playing these ships - as long as they are clearly not AFK or Bot playing their ship. Thoughts?
  2. Klaen

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Ok seems like their server is down - I was concerned it was isolated to me and my account... We will await an announcement no doubt. Fingers crossed it is fixed soon!
  3. Klaen

    Server down? 3/5/17

    Anyone else experiencing server access issues? Wednesday 3rd May 2017 @ 20:58 AEST Finished a match and got booted - I now am unable to log in again
  4. I have just spent 10 mins surfing the net looking for a server status page but can't find one - does anyone know if there is a page which lists server status? Are the servers down at the moment or is a client problem my side?