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  1. LonerPrime

    Submarines already in World of Warships

    Nuuu you silly Maxy. That's just normal diving tactics of Queen Elizabeth class Fog Battleship. She's going underwater to shoot the submarine attached to your Sharny.
  2. LonerPrime

    You know WG, the memes just write themselves.

    I'm sorry but, I have to ask: Are you confused by your own logic somehow here? Yes we were all patient, no one pushed WG to hold a sale. We saw a Steam sale and wondered if we would get something similar. Granting it or not was WG's prerogative and they did; albeit they chose to do it in this messed up form. They could have said no but instead they decided to go EA way. Where did the players screw up here? You mean standing up to unfair premium practices and questioning power creep is no longer considered valid? So we must just sit and catch whatever a company throws our way so we can all remain "cool"? I'm sorry, I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out exactly what those people, that quit, did to not qualify as a valuable player base. And no, I do not expect to be treated as a princess. All I expect is fairness. Is that too much to ask these days? Do I not have the right to like tanks or ships cause I have been playing this game for too long and criticize bad moves? 4 years. Four years it took for them to realize what people had been screaming long before I quit. Good on WoT but that's four years of my patronage they lost. I guess one player meant nothing to them but as the saying goes, "Every drop makes any ocean.". Agreed there except for one small point. Gimme the money back instead of the doubloons. Unless WG decides to put every kind of ship ingame then sure I'll make do with doubloons too. Otherwise create a premium shop currency so you can actually buy whats in the shop. In short, doubloons have lost their value in years. It's no longer what it used to be. There is no point having it in large quantities anymore because everything important is directly sold through website. Well I'm sorry I wasted your time then. Curious though, why did you waste more of it replying here if it was clearly not something you agreed with? I'm all for freedom of expression but you can't really add more alphabets when you have clearly hit all of them from A to Z. I mean, what else did you expect to find here? There is a similar thread that opened just 3 hours after mine where the OP rued getting screwed over for 60$ only to get things he didn't want. Clearly he is at fault for gambling but doesn't change the fact that this direction of WG is no longer of a straight forward sale but playing with the weaker nature of some players. If you still feel that any voice against such predatory moves is baseless and WG has done nothing wrong, by all means scroll past this thread and ignore it. No one is forcing your hand on the keyboard here.
  3. LonerPrime

    The 5, the star, the hand & . . .

    Very much to the yes.
  4. LonerPrime

    The 5, the star, the hand & . . .

    Don't lewd the lolibote pls. I still use her as my voice choice. Iona-chan prottecc
  5. LonerPrime

    You know WG, the memes just write themselves.

    Ever heard of Domino Effect? I don't think you were there when WOT started going south. Well I maybe over-exaggerating but I was there 4-5 years ago. When EU server was considered the cash cow of all WOT servers. Every unfair package was sold there because people would buy it no matter what. Then came the gold shells for credit move. Then came the overturning of the "premium tanks will be weaker than ingame tanks" methodology. And finally came the power creep where everything old got obsoleted over time to make way for new more OP stuff. It was never enough and any poor sod stuck grinding a line WG didn't like, was screwed forevermore. And now we're here. Everything is connected with players getting more and more numb to the poison that slowly gets injected into the game over time be it ingame changes or premium shop changes. I never said I'd quit WoWs... at least not yet cause I still have hope that WG will learn the lesson from WoT and correct course. But if they don't, well... not like life will stop turning.
  6. LonerPrime

    Summer sale : Anatomy of a deal.

    Refer to my thread that I made not 3 hours ago before yours: Just like you, I wanted the Atlanta. But I resisted the urge to give in to the blatant WG's scheme that is the lootbox. It's ridiculously priced and a complete gamble and with no guarantees whatsoever that they didn't tweak the RNG% of particular ships dropping more than others. i.e great way of forcing away ships that are ridiculously crap in performance thereby pushing a player's need to continue spending more to get the ship they want. If this isn't a predatory monetary method already, I'm pretty sure it's the way to it. And yes, no one is forcing you to buy these lootboxes but it doesn't change the fact that a good amount of players will cave into their needs and walk into this trap. If WG actually had player welfare in mind they would have discounted all the ships outright or sold some packages like they did with steam. But no, this is what we get. A slap to their playerbase's cheek.
  7. LonerPrime

    The 5, the star, the hand & . . .

    Anyone else feel the quality of Collabs has been sliding downhill? The VA work of Arpeggio was quite good but then it slipped a bit with Haifure and then the Azur Lane collab became outright atrocious. I mean Azuma's character and her voice work feels like a gap moe gone terribly wrong.
  8. LonerPrime

    You know WG, the memes just write themselves.

    Would we? I mean I do believe you are right but only partly. Yes, whales would swallow everything WG will offer but the average gamer who wants to support a free to play game is not gonna be throwing money left and right without considering the pros and cons of the deal. As for the bottom line, I'm not sure to exactly what you were referring to but my bottom line is to not screw with what I bought. Yet, WG is actively and passively re-balancing the premiums. Direct changes to Hood, indirect CV gameplay changes to Kaga: they have been touching the bottom line way too many times as far as I can see.
  9. So the recent Steam sales happened and it turned out if your WOWs game didn't come from Steam(like most of us veterans), we all got screwed as they got tons of deals and what not and we got... N O T H I N G. Ofcourse, the playerbase rose up and questioned WG and they promptly swung into action! Why WG? Do you want to become the EA of the east?! I assure you, EA gets a ton load of backlash for these practices to the point it has attracted political attention as well. All I simply wanted was a good deal to buy a few ships I liked. For example, I just wanted an Atlanta to have fun around with in Scenario mode. But you want me to drop 60 dollars+(price of a full new game btw) to gamble on two more ships, which btw I'd have no use for especially so if my RNG goes completely nuts and I end up something like Nueve de Julio or Haida. Trust me when I say this, you do not want to die on this hill. Between the CV fiasco and a close shave with the Naval Training proposal, I'm starting to feel that WoWs is going down a very dangerous road. One that WOT has already walked and is now bleeding and losing old playerbase of. After 18500+ battles there, I just had enough and quit. Don't become this: It will not end well in the long run.
  10. LonerPrime

    Hood half price.... worth it? or trash?

    Hood has seen a lot of up and downs. Before the changes to it, she was DFAA capable with short fuse AP. So basically she could defend herself from CVs and effectively citadel cruisers but was bad at dealing with BBs and was outperformed by Warspite. Post changes she can no longer have DFAA and her AP fuse is in line with Warspite with almost near Sigma rating. On paper it seems like a buff of sorts but player base reaction has been a mixed bag. Some rue that they are now overpenning cruisers and their AP drag is too slow to help deal with BBs. Others are happy that she is now a fast cruiser with big guns. All in all, she is a gimmicky ship and I'm not a fan of something that works randomly. Scharn is a reliable workhorse. Go with that instead.
  11. LonerPrime

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    Scenario player here. Haven't touched PVP in days. Don't plan to either. Completely burned out and sick of it. I am just hoping WG puts more PVE content into the game so they can keep us other players around. Otherwise I don't see myself hanging around for too long once operations become monotonous as well.
  12. LonerPrime

    Us BB 406mm guns

    You clearly didn't grasp the line before the one you quoted me on, so allow me to quote it again: Now here is a little diagram I picked from reddit to explain what I was talking about: In simple words, yes German BBs are almost impossible to citadel at close range but they eat tons of damage because almost nothing overpenns. Now they might not be eating devastating citadels but they are suffering considerable damage which will compound overtime but KM BBs rarely get Devasteleted. At range however, turtleback becomes ineffective as shells do not strike flat side surface as they would when in close quarters. This results in shells going through the deckarmor which is very thin in comparison and guess who is the best when it comes to pluging shell arcs? ^^^ U S N All in all, even at long range, their is a chance other nations might strike a KM BB on the side(Russian BBs). But without a doubt a shell fired by USN BB, if properly calculated, will find that deckarmor and get those citadels. PS: Yamato is the queen of eating citadels btw. She doesn't even have to give broadside. In contrast Montana and Kremlin still have a good chance of avoiding citadel with angling.
  13. LonerPrime

    Us BB 406mm guns

    From what I can gather, it seems you are aiming in such a way that you are actually making contact with the enemy's torpedo belt. Go ingame and look at the armor model and you will see that even though broadside is weaker when presented flat, the torpedo belt provides extra armor that will most likely shatter your shells if your ship is far off. This becomes more likely to happen if the ship angles out a bit though at this point you will get more ricochets than shatters. All in all, aim just a tad pixel below the water line with proper leading. You should get your citadels if they stay sailing broadside. US BBs are great citadel farmers as they have what's called plunging shells arcs. If you are at a far off distance, German BBs get citadeled easily as their turtle back refuses to let the shell overpenn and it will stick.
  14. LonerPrime

    Fiji, the Scourge of Tier 7?

    Best cruiser is what you end up liking. For example: Public opinion is, Russian cruisers before Moskva are floating citadels that turn like a truck. Personally, I see them as laser firing glass canons that you kite at max range with while BBQing the enemy. Does it work all the time? Hell no. RNGesus can only love you so much. Eventually the dispersion will find you. Feel this applies to UK cruiser line as well but I loved the line all the same. Anyway for PVE Scenario: Pensacola/Indiana is boss. The 203 and reliable pluging arc net you citadels left and right. If you are close enough you can citadel BBs too. But if you don't want long reload times Atlanta/Fiji do great work. They throw citadels like crazy in short range or fire starter monsters at long range but tons of shell breaking. Lazo/Schors are the middle ground here. Their accuracy and speed bridge the gap and they put out respectable damage but they have fat turns. For PVP Myoko and Yorck are pleasent. Largely because you need to stay at max range and use your special HEs to break and start fires which both of these ships are good at no matter how angled the enemy is. Rest depends on how your team is. If they are brainy, you might enjoy all cruisers. Otherwise you will end up like me burning out of PVP mode.
  15. LonerPrime

    10 points Captain

    I am guessing you are talking about one of the Von Jutland brothers. If so, they only work with CAs or tier X BB. Their unique perks are weird and fit nowhere smoothly.