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  1. LonerPrime

    Will Arp ships will return?

    Let me say this outright. The continuation of the anime is near impossible now. Why? Because they didn't follow the manga story line in the anime. If you have seen the anime already *SPOILERS AHEAD* then the anime heavily deviates from the point where Haruna is protecting Makie from the assassination squad and calls for help. In the anime, Iona is the one who answers her call while in the manga Haruna actually goes berserk and superimposes her control over Maya who is standing by nearby and takes down the entire squad by firing Maya's weapons. *SPOILERS END* That being said, nothing is set in stone. The ending of the last movie was ambiguous at best and they MIGHT find some kind of weird explanation to continue somehow. It is Japan we are talking about afterall. But honestly, considering how different manga and drama CDs have gone, the chance of a continuation is very bleak. There is however a possibility, considering how deeply the fan base desires, they might actually reboot the whole thing and follow the manga this time like they did with Full Metal Alchemist followed by Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. If so, then a collaboration with WOWs is highly possible. When, IF AT ALL, that will happen is anyone's guess though.
  2. ... and yet, even though the game changes drastically... this one thing; THIS ONE CURSED THING NEVER CHANGES!! /passive meme rant end.
  3. LonerPrime

    WG why?

    Two words: Power Creep. A delicious carrot needs to be dangled on the stick for the fat whales to throw money at the line. Additionally, the non paying hardcore grinders go for unbalanced stuff as well. Sure they won't throw chunks of money but the sheer need to club seals is motivation enough to make the line seem super popular to the rest of the player base. WG learned from their mistake of the lukewarm response their French Cruiser release got and is now making sure that with every new content, old stuff becomes less and less appealing. To what end? Even I do not know. I'm just a guy who logs in to play 2 games a day these days. Sincerely, A Gearing owner.
  4. LonerPrime

    Royal Navy Containers

    Same here. No ships whatsoever. I am not spending any money or sov to buy any more containers. I hate RNG based crap.
  5. LonerPrime

    Team missing, if found please call -

    A very similar experience here. It's either roflstomp by your team or on your team. Literally get crushed. Ofcourse I get a few games now and then where both teams were neck to neck but mostly it is a complete wash.
  6. LonerPrime


    Oh god, I finally have a reason to level up and put Iona into action! Aww yis.
  7. LonerPrime

    Super Container Amazing

    For somebody who is playing so much that they are getting all 3 containers every day, yea it might seem trivial. But for people who are playing just enough so they can crawl to the point where they can buy their favorite arsenal ship... yea, it is a loss. I'm sorry if this sounds conceited as hell but these containers tend to let down far more than bringing a smile to my face. Foremost, SC shouldn't have a second layer of RNG is the first place. If you get an SC, it should contain rewards you can't get with ingame means. Isn't that the reason they are rare to begin with? Plus, no one here is asking for them to disappear completely. Folks who have great luck are more than welcome to stick to the status quo. All we others want is the choice to trade it back for what we originally asked.
  8. LonerPrime

    Super Container Amazing

    This x 100%. I said this before and I say it again: WG, let us have an option of trading back SC. I don't ever try my luck and I find coal a much better choice overall so if I requested resources, gimme those please. I'm so burned out I barely play enough these days to get one container and when you get an SC that gives out meh stuff, it just feels like a kick to the already woozy head.
  9. Sorry the forum seemed to have derped with the above post. Anyways, just wanted to say that I finished the event by doing it every day and missing the double bonus on weekends. You should be fine... unless RNG really messed you over which is highly unlikely but.... I wouldn't really put it past WG's RNGesus.
  10. Completely a waste. Super Container? pfft, more like Sucker Container.
  11. LonerPrime

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    This came from my 3 year old anniversary SC today. Needless to say, I am more pissed these days if I get SC when I roll for normal containers. I am more saddened on the loss of 400 coals when I get crap like this. And this is just ridiculous considering getting a rare drop like this should make getting an SC memorable. Yet, WG found a way to add another layer of RNG to it that only aggravates your mood. I am sorry, just take these useless flags and give me my coal. Or at least give us the option of trading our SC for normal containers. I have no interest in gambling with your system and tbh if I asked for resources, I expect getting resources. And then WG wonders why a lot of players don't get excited about their events. Maybe it's because the carrot on the stick is a big FAT letdown?
  12. LonerPrime

    Topic Redacted

    Okay, I really don't wanna derail this thread so this is all I'm gonna say: An average of 62k damage with a winrate in green; I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd say the problem isn't the ship. You just aren't able to understand her.
  13. LonerPrime

    Topic Redacted

    Really? This coming from a RN BB? Seriously? Your ship line employs one of the worse gameplay style of em all. The HE spam is ridiculous with the broken ability to light ships on fire continuously irrespective of how your enemies angle. And god help the DD that gets spotted around you. Almost always armed with HE, you guys will melt that thing in 1 to 2 salvos as their is no chance for overpenn whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, Harugmo/Kitakaze are ridiculous and one of the few reasons I actually like radars but RN BBs are still wrong on multiple levels.
  14. LonerPrime

    Topic Redacted

    I'm a DD main at present grinding out the USN line and recently got the Fletcher. I do agree with your assessment of radar being really cancerous especially when its 3 or more ships carrying it. More so when driven by Yolo players who rush the cap and then throw their radars out to take down a DD fast or if there is an island around, then every 2 mins they are spamming it from behind it. Either way, DD life is hell. The only DDs I actually see being productive are gunboats as plenty of ships carry hydro these days too. What's worse, the power creep are making older lines lose their charm with every patch. Now DDs carry hydro and radar as well. Try contesting a cap with a German DD or face a yueyang that wants to torp the hell out of your BBs while keeping you lit outside of his detection range. Sadly, the farther I'm going up the tier, the more I'm forced to stay back/camp and be wary of every corner, lest a boogie radar jumps out and wrecks me in seconds. That being sad, even though I can understand your rage, you really are using some strong words there. As much as I'm not a fan of WG when it comes to them dragging their heels on fixing balancing issues, you really aren't going to grab their attention in a positive way if you put it like the way you have. At best you will find yourself getting replied to by the likes of Sharhabek who thinks CV rework will buffs carries so much that a ship like Wosceter that is designed to shred planes will become completely useless. Long story short, well said but too aggressively.