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  1. LonerPrime

    Server migration for Indian players

    I'm sorry but you might have missed the window. Migration started on 18th September 2019 and ended on 18th October 2019.
  2. LonerPrime

    Server Migration

    Your line reminded me of this golden quote I read about a year back in the reddit channel. Man I snorted more air out than usual back then. Old CV play was hilarious.
  3. LonerPrime

    Server Migration

    I never said people are hating us on this thread. But I can still show you an example where you can judge the animosity leaking: And I won't even mention the other social platforms where people are using strong language quite liberally. Amazing how a decision solely made by a company ripples all its effects on the denizens of a specific country.
  4. LonerPrime

    Server Migration

    Latency to EU = 175ms+ Latency to SEA = 35ms+ The only advantage in shifting right now? A vague promise that the premium shop prices will be adjusted more favorably for Indian players. What the heck does that even mean? Bah, another meaningless thing no one in India asked for but WG delivered and now every random jack, his grandma and his dog who wanted a transfer are hating on us. Like we twisted WG's arm to give us a free ride to a worse networked server.
  5. I am from India and I thought WG sought India as the last market when it came to gaming. Last time I checked this country isn't as gaming savy as the eastern countries. Wonder what made them take an interest here...
  6. I'll try to keep it short. New event comes in. Makes it so that you need to play all your ships once if you want gift stuff. Okay fine, I dust off my 10 gun KGV. Gun handling is atrocious so I just use it for scenarios. No Narai atm so instead I take it to Co-op. Combat ensues. Enemy at 6 km with a friendly DD in between at about 3km. I fire my 10 shells. Six make it to the mark, two go into an alternate dimension but the last two... they decide they wanna hit the friendly DD's ass because reasons. Literally diving down on a small boat instead of flying to the super structure of a fat battleship. Result? So yea, out of my ten shells, two decide to go rogue because of a concept WG insists reflects reality but now I, with no intended fault of my own, am pink for seven matches. S E V E N. Again WG, are you being serious? In your bid to punish bad elements you have carpet bombed everybody and though I understand that it is impossible to have a human review every incident, the least you can do is actually tune the punishment criteria. Even your damn bots are broken because on multiple occasions I witnessed them firing torpedoes on team mates when they are on player's side. Sigh, sorry for the rant. /thread
  7. LonerPrime

    The Nature Channel with Max

    *Maximus Battalius's mug shot after the chat culminated.*
  8. LonerPrime

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    This... might be a pickle situation for me. On one hand, a tier 9 ship is a welcome addition to tackle those messed up XP grind event missions. But now I am torn between Alaska and Friesland. What do you folks think would be more fun to play? I am working towards the US cruiser line so Alaska makes a lot of sense. But the hype around Alaska just fizzled out after her release so not sure how solid this ship really is. On the other hand, never had a premium destroyer but CCs have been going nuts around it. But there is no EU line ingame. I don't want a dead end like Blyskawica for years. Not to mention start a captain from scratch. So what do you folks think? Pretty interested on what the playerbase take is on this?
  9. LonerPrime

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    Wow, am I the only one who tears down things on Izmail? I see no mention of that ship here. Then again, I'm a PVE freak so I guess clocking 300k damage is normal in scenarios? /shrug
  10. LonerPrime

    AI gave up

    Yeap. It happens a lot here. Players ramming into it and it would turn in zig zag motions and eventually stop. The escort programming is good but I feel WG still needs to iron out some issues. Best would be to just allow an alternate win condition if players manage to finish off all enemy ships on the map or at least force a withdraw if the player team inflict enough loses on the AI. Just my 2 cents.
  11. LonerPrime

    Coupons. Where to?

  12. I am staring at this thread hard and have scrolled up and down countless times now and I still have no idea what's going on. Anyone care to explain what roll are you guys talking about?
  13. LonerPrime

    Why SOMERS is a steel ship?

    Well clearly it's because it carries nuclear armament.
  14. LonerPrime

    Reflections after a break

    I burned out long ago. I only login to play 1 CV scenario match a day for my 2000xp container on the Furious. I do play a few games when Narai is running but even then 5 is the limit with one game an hour. I'm pretty sure I am done with PVP on this game and that means I'll never be able to buy a Yamato ever. Sad, but you know what? I am cool with it. I've always been a PVE lover in every other game and no way I am destroying myself by playing long range shell flinging vs 15 random people over and over again. WG decided not to concentrate on story driven campaigns side by side with PVP? Great, their choice. But I'm not dancing to their tunes of "do 10x4 ridiculous missions to get an OP captain". No, thank you.