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  1. Kempf

    WoWS background music - download

    Never thought I'd post in this thread again, but here we go. See my earlier post: It's actually not that hard, so if you really wanted the new music you could give that ^ a try. I'm sure many will appreciate that.
  2. Kempf

    WoWS background music - download

    Really sorry mate, I wish I could help you. I've neither the game nor the tools anymore. I did find the guide that got me started, so go forth and conquer~
  3. Kempf

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    I guess it can't be helped. Why do I even keep trying. On paper, Sovetsky Soyuz had comparable armor, speed and rate of fire, only lacking a fourth turret in comparison to Montana. Would they buff it to compensate? Sure. Has this not been done before to ships, tanks and planes of various nations? It has, many times. Is it an imaginary ship? Just as much as Montana is. It age is about the same as Yamato, so it's not a problem either. Note: I am not trying to compare the two ships IRL, we all know USSR couldn't into battleships. In-game, however, Sovetsky Soyuz is a perfectly plausible tier X.
  4. Kempf

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    Technical characteristics aside (I'm sure balancing department will do their job), both ships classes were laid down and then both were cancelled. Hence my point:
  5. Kempf

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    Sovetsky Soyuz is as much of an "imaginary ship" as Montana. I don't see you complaining about Montana.
  6. Kempf

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    Source, please.
  7. Kempf

    Why does WG love nonexistent things?

    However cool Shinano might be, she is not a fleet carrier.
  8. Kempf

    Night Battles ?

  9. Kempf

    wtf torps?

    But that's the best thing \o/ Also, 2 seconds reaction time means you let a DD drop from less than a kilometer away. You are clearly doing it wrong.
  10. Kempf

    Konggo the Grinding master ship :3

    But you've never played the Kongou, how would you know? On the topic, I farm in the Gremy. Farm Kongous.
  11. Kempf

    Montana is the cruelest ship in the game

    Screenshotted this reply chain and saved for epicness. This came to mind:
  12. Kempf

    First Blood

    Not sure if it is intended or not, but it does happen occasionally.
  13. Kempf

    Izumo Tier 9 battleship

    I don't think that's how balancing works. It's all about statistics and win rates. Crying on the forums won't change anything.
  14. Kempf

    Light Cruisers and Aircraft Q

    Game balance. Tier IV aren't supposed to have recon seaplanes. If Kuma was given her historical catapult, that would put Phoenix (and other tier IV ships) at a disadvantage.
  15. Kempf

    Light Cruisers and Aircraft Q

    I brought this up before, and guess what? Balance™. Well, it makes sense, I suppose.