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  1. DausHMS

    Can you torp yourself when not in a CV?

    In order to torp yourself, first you need to be fast enough to overtake your torps so they will hit you when you are in front of them. I dont think there is any ship in the game fast enough to outrun their own torps.
  2. Out of 12 crates, got nothing but camos. With that kind of RNG, I'm not going to buying any containers from the shop.
  3. DausHMS

    Do your employees even play this game?

    For striking BBs and CVs, CAs/CLs and DDs will be immune to it.
  4. DausHMS

    Do your employees even play this game?

    WG employees do play this game though, and are fully aware of it. The question is do you even read the patch notes?
  5. DausHMS

    TEAM page

    Now that the Clan Battle is well underway, shouldnt this page be replaced with that of the clans? We never had any team battles for over a year now.
  6. DausHMS

    Pls nerf conqueror already

    From 11.1 to 11.8 km, I can hardly call that a nerf
  7. DausHMS


    and Poseidon
  8. DausHMS

    JMSDF DDH Izumo

    very similar in size to the Essex class carrier
  9. DausHMS

    There goes my CBT

    you sure its 3 days, and not 3 years?
  10. DausHMS

    There goes my CBT

    that email only notify that I have submitted by application
  11. DausHMS

    There goes my CBT

    Dear DausHMS! Thank you for signing up to participate in the World of Warships Closed Beta. While your submission is in process, you can discuss World of Warships with the game's developers and other players awaiting Beta access on the official World of Warships forum . Once you are selected to participate in Closed Beta, we will send you an invite using the email address you provided during the application process with all the necessary instructions on beginning testing. Welcome to the community!
  12. DausHMS

    There goes my CBT

    Error 404: Page not found
  13. DausHMS

    Free unused Invitation code

    meh, all this waiting only kills my interest in the game