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  1. Iridium_au

    50% off WOWS premium 360days HAS COME!!!

    The only problem is its not main premium for both Tonks and Ships.
  2. Iridium_au

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    Seeing you're a Super Tester, do you think the recent changes as described have made the Alaska mediocre?
  3. Iridium_au

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    Well judging from the recent streamer gameplay I've seen, its citadel is now easily penetrated and also has had an AP nerf...
  4. Iridium_au

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    Looks like I will be keeping my Free XP for something else, every Community Contributor streamer I've seen has shit canned the latest changes to the Alaska. They have all said its pretty much ruined.
  5. Iridium_au

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    Just saw an Alaska in random battle, first one I've seen in weeks. Looks like it might be version 3 being tested?
  6. Iridium_au

    1 000 000 FXP for Alaska...

    So, no Alaska in patch 7.11 by the looks.
  7. Iridium_au


    What is this update for? Any notes anywhere?
  8. Ok, so how do you get the American version? Can I change the Russian into an American Captain?
  9. I see people stating they will put their Alexander Ovechkin captain in the Alaska. Am I missing something I thought he was a Russian Captain?
  10. Iridium_au

    Server Unavailable?

    Server is back up now.
  11. Iridium_au

    Server Unavailable?

    Same here for me.
  12. How do you get to play T10 ranked? My only option is T8 atm?
  13. So does this help a player get the Stalingrad easier being in a clan?