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  1. The_Gump

    Server just died?

    Can't connect.... EDIT:... Back in now.... but having a terrible connection the last hour or so.... and no, its not me.... everything else I do on the net is working fine.
  2. NICE.... We are now known as the Anti-Social Clan.... I dont even..
  3. $1:39... less with Woolies receipts.. but dont tell anyone
  4. The_Gump

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    No, you need to have the Cleveland
  5. The_Gump

    Rank Salt with RNG BS

    Yup... Since they decided to even up MM they had to figure out another way of giving an advantage to one team... you know, that Skill Leveling System... Seems they are using RNG more now...
  6. The_Gump

    White Ensign on Australian Ships

    It was introduced this last patch
  7. Get in the fastest firing ship you have, hide in smoke, spam spam spam... forget about anything else, just rely on your team to win.
  8. The_Gump

    Turrienne warning

    Some ships are cursed... or is just your turn to have a loosing streak... RNG is'nt so random
  9. The_Gump

    Connectivity issues.

    Happening to me right now too... just been dropped about 6 times in 10 minutes... feed the server hamsters !!
  10. The_Gump

    Giving up on Ranked...

    Yup.. even had a team mate yesterday start shooting me when we were the only ones left in a loosing battle... he was pink already. I had 3 kills and 100k+ damage in my Lo Yang... he finished above me by 25 xp... The games I've been getting are just terrible... Enemy team with 2 Lo Yangs and 2 Chappy's... me in my Lo Yang with a Ogni to back me up and 2 ARP Atago's... which cant have camo and are flying no flags... Getting citadeled by an Amagi 19km away... he was sailing away from me... while I was bow on the him and angled... Then having a Edinburgh broardside to broardside to me in my NC just 3km away.. and having every shell miss, then getting torpped to death by him... Having 10, 2000+xp battles in a row... which added up to gaining just one star... I'm stuck between ranks 8-7 and just can't get out, even when I kill 5 enemy ships solo we still loose.. I want to swear so much
  11. The_Gump

    Giving up on Ranked...

    So in the last season of ranked that I followed through to the end (season six), I ranked out in 193 battles with a 57% win rate and 1632 average XP.... So far this season.. 325 battles, 50% win rate and 1595 XP... I give up, you win WG, you won't have to give me my Flint... The absolute retardedness of so many players and such bad MM and RNG has finally gotten to me... GG
  12. The_Gump

    Experimenting on X'mas boxes

    Its the same cammo... Frosty and the one in the shop... I bought 15 from the shop and it added 15 to the Frosty cammo's that I already had. Pro Tip: Dont buy all your boxes at once... The instant you buy them is when it "looks" at your account and determines which prem ships you have or haven't got. So if you buy 100 at once, you might get the same ship over and over. Buy 10 open them, buy 10 open them etc etc. that way you have the best chance at getting the ships you want/havent got/
  13. The_Gump

    Thoughts on Kaga?

    Nothing can help you V's a decent Saipan captain... nothing, zero, kaput... your useless unless you can get surprise torp attacks while his fighters are away. Saipans Tier 9 fighters eat your Tier 6 ones all day every day, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it except keep away from them. It's crazy to think WG even thought Tier 6 v's Tier 9 was a good idea.... I mean really....