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  1. Dev你们好, 我在英文建议区发了同样的帖子,可参见 新泛亚特殊舰长的装束需要重新考虑。这种清朝官员的形象基本和傅满洲没什么区别,在现代中华地区属于非常负面的刻板印象(本来就是19世纪积贫积弱的年代西方创造的丑化形象)。同时,亚洲其他国家对于清朝的印象我不妄加猜测,但也可能会造成其他政治或文化争议。 而且,在WOWS客户端中已经有正常打扮的泛亚舰长了,我个人认为特殊舰长没必要别出心裁搞个大新闻,就像其他国家一样保持战间期的风格就可以了。 望慎重考虑。
  2. Hi developers, Thanks for producing special Pan-Asian commanders! They sound amazing except their portraits and names. Apparently, both commanders' dress up as a Qing Dynasty naval officer, and their names sounds Manchurian. However, as a Chinese national I would like to suggest that such appearance similar to Fu Manchu has a very negative impression in modern China, and it is usually considered as an offensive stereotype. I would not anticipate the feeling of other nations, but the Qing Dynasty can be some "Imperial legacy" to other Asian countries and may cause other political or cultural problems. Meanwhile, WOWS already has commander designs for pan-asia that are perfectly fine. I would suggest redesigning these commanders to make them consistent to other nations, that have portraits in their 1940s.