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  1. AFK problem

    Drakon, Playing Co-op......... Unbelievable.
  2. I don't think this is correct. According to the game rules, all allied damage is tracked - This would include any damage inflicted on the pink status player on your team. World of Tanks allows it, but not World of Warships. I was damaged or destroyed by an ally Should an ally destroy or damage your vehicle, the Team Kill tracking system will register the incident. Considering the TK status of the offender’s account, the appropriate measures will be taken. At a times, this also means that the offender will not turn Pink (TK threshold not reached). However, we would like to remind you that all allied damage is registered.
  3. Yeah, me too. It's definitely missing the word "up" in that sentence.....
  4. Do you wish April's Fools are Real ?

    Me, every time WG put something new in the premium shop......
  5. Every time you post on the forums.... With regards to your post....
  6. Nope. Only on Helicopters. On the back of Oliver Hazard Perry class to be exact....
  7. I was an Aviation technician in the Navy many moons ago.... Hence why I chose the emblem.....
  8. ATAGO inigma