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  1. I never quoted that it was irrelevant, nor did I imply that it was so. I was a competitive player of WoT. I was in the top 300 at one stage and I spent a lot of hours playing randoms and in clan battles, constantly learning and improving. I would never imply that peoples efforts are irrelevant. What I was trying to point out, is that not all players are competitive or want to play competitively. I understand that those who play this game to be competitive should be given access to higher tiered rewards as such. It's just that I think a lot of players will think they are being left out. This in turn could be detrimental to the game as well.....
  2. So you play to get free rewards then?....... Good job.
  3. I don't know about you, but I play to relax and get away from work. If I want risk, all I have to do is walk outside of the accomodation deck on the oil platform or drilling rig...... Time and effort are irrelevant when you just want to play a game and take a break away from life for a while. Your "worthiness" has much to be desired.... Most people (and I know there are a hell of a lot of them out there) just want to enjoy playing the game as if it were a "single player campaign". Co-op mode allows you to do this quite easily. These players will spend as much time (and money!) playing, as competitive players and the rest. But now, WG in their infinite wisdom, have decided that these players are more or less not worth as much to them as a Clan based/competitive player. What a way to alienate a rather large portion of your player base....... I re-iterate my first post - Good job WG....
  4. Co-op only players are screwed then. Good job WG....
  5. free flag from Azur Lane

  6. This is a team based multiplayer game. Emphasis on TEAM. What use would it be for the team if only you could spot the enemy ship?........
  7. How to deal with so much radar in a DD

    Don't play DD's then. And don't even get me started on Flambass....