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  1. I Love WG!

    Seems to me that you are not playing enough Co-op.......
  2. I Love WG!

  3. I Love WG!

    Tier VIII in a Tier X match. How extraordinary..........
  4. Daily Containers Content need rethink

    I always select signals & camo. You don't get any playing co-op, so any additions are most welcome.
  5. Anyone buying these?

    Bought the Kii camo. Every little bit helps, especially if you're only farming xp in co-op.
  6. [EXPIRED ]Free Camo code

    Thanks Matter. As Always!
  7. Campaigns

    Definitely agree. I haven't touched the campaigns yet, but I would if Co-op missions were introduced.
  8. New Mexico for current Op?

    USS Zumwalt........
  9. Coming from WoT, the biggest problem was playing against other players... Co-op mode has fixed that problem quite well. Now, I only play against other players when I'm testing - (and I cover the chat on my screen with a post-it note........works wonders for your sanity!) If they would introduce the same sort of mode in WoT, I would definitely start playing again.
  10. Perth, Aigle, Molotov or Blyskawica?

    Nope, There's only 4 possible answers in "Who wants to be a millionaire". Hence the "D"
  11. Perth, Aigle, Molotov or Blyskawica?

    For me, Lock in "D" thanks Eddie....... "None of the above"
  12. Chat bans

    Yet, another post that justifies why I only play Co-Op............