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  1. LtDan_IceCream

    The Luck of the French.

  2. LtDan_IceCream

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    You're right. It includes testing as well.....
  3. LtDan_IceCream

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Yeah, it sure seems to be since I play Co-op only.....
  4. LtDan_IceCream

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    Oh, how mistaken you are......
  5. LtDan_IceCream

    National flags.

  6. LtDan_IceCream

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    Hate to see the costs involved with that.....
  7. LtDan_IceCream

    Mod station, anyone use it?

  8. LtDan_IceCream

    Price discrimination of Friesland

    Shipping costs...….
  9. LtDan_IceCream

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

  10. LtDan_IceCream

    Matchanu-class submarine

  11. LtDan_IceCream

    Suggestions for my next tier 8

    Amagi is an enjoyable BB to steer. 10 x 16" guns do a good job, and she can take a bit of punishment if angled well....
  12. LtDan_IceCream

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    I would do this if I already had Tier X's in port (Don't need Tier X's if you play Co-op only....). It would have been interesting with over 480 million credits and 8.9 million Free XP ready to go......
  13. LtDan_IceCream

    Coop Battles needed more love.

  14. LtDan_IceCream

    Coop Battles needed more love.

    If you think that's what gaming is, then you aren't gaming........