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  1. LtDan_IceCream

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    And flags and signals.... You can make money with all those on Co-op at Tier X.......
  2. LtDan_IceCream

    4 CV vs 1 CV in Tier X

    We don't all do muppet plays like this......
  3. LtDan_IceCream

    4 CV vs 1 CV in Tier X

  4. LtDan_IceCream

    Why not keep FREE SKILLs Redistribution?

  5. LtDan_IceCream

    Scenarios Based on Actual Battles

    I guess I didn't get any of those memo's.....
  6. This poll be like..... USELESS....
  7. LtDan_IceCream

    Stolen Steel

  8. LtDan_IceCream

    Tier 8 premium CV review IJN Kaga

    You're missing the PvE section........
  9. LtDan_IceCream


  10. LtDan_IceCream

    UFO Event, who missed it?

  11. LtDan_IceCream

    Range gun

  12. LtDan_IceCream