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  1. LtDan_IceCream

    OBT anniversary was 2/5,who's been here since then?

    Haven't left since Alpha. Not a lot of players that I know are left from then.....
  2. LtDan_IceCream


    Tier VII is the sweet spot in Co-op....
  3. LtDan_IceCream

    totally not statshameing

    It looks much better than my CV skill level.....
  4. LtDan_IceCream

    Made My Day a Bit Better

  5. LtDan_IceCream

    Return Of Submarines - Estimated Date?

  6. LtDan_IceCream

    Ranked Sprint shipposting

    Ranked Sprint hmmmmm.... No thanks...
  7. LtDan_IceCream

    Let's talk about what's been happening in Co-op lately

    These are the players who usually end up near the bottom rankings at the end of the game, and then report you for being in the top three........ Here's a video of these typical players after they have just finished playing a game...
  8. LtDan_IceCream

    Graf Bamachitakan

    You mean this one... She is a good ship. I think she is a little more accurate than Massa, but Massa has a better secondary range.....
  9. LtDan_IceCream

    Let's talk about what's been happening in Co-op lately

    Amen to that.
  10. LtDan_IceCream

    show off 69

    Kill stealing confirmed.....
  11. LtDan_IceCream

    show off 69