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  1. LtDan_IceCream

    One game review of Marco Polo

    I'd rather play Marco before Izumo. She's a bit more versatile....
  2. LtDan_IceCream

    KOTS CODE (expired)

  3. Some players can't even master WASD, and now you suggest they control secondaries as well.....
  4. LtDan_IceCream

    Dutch Uber Alles!

  5. LtDan_IceCream

    World of Warships: Multiverse; An Explanation

    It's a Multiverse alright. Just wish that it maintained a sense of Naval tradition..... At least I can turn it off.......Thanks WG!
  6. LtDan_IceCream

    The chill balcony. It's loose.

    I'd better switch off my targeting computer then.....
  7. LtDan_IceCream

    The chill balcony. It's loose.

    Is it right below the main port? Is it Ray shielded? Will I have to use Proton torpedoes?.....
  8. LtDan_IceCream

    What I see when the new AA is firing

    So have I. Co-op only.....