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  1. That's what I've been doing from day 1. I only play randoms when testing. Less stress and you just enjoy the game more.
  2. If only we could.........
  3. Unclothed. Only kidding Or am I.........
  4. Here Shark, let me collate that list for you; 1. used by potato
  5. No, that shows what you can do in a DD. Where's the 90k+ NC games......
  6. As Ralph said, the Musashi would have to be something other worldly to knock the Missouri off it's perch. Then again, WG have already stated that they won't release a tier X premium ship.
  7. Taking advice from you is like asking a Leper to Breakdance. Amusing at first, but ultimately terrible.
  8. PvE is always good for grinding. All my free XP is from PvE games.
  9. Definitely this^^ Boosted my free XP past the 2 million mark thanks to the 200% bonus weekend.
  10. It's possible to change to another server. Whether it will be better on those servers is questionable and you'll have to start from scratch again. Just bite the bullet and dare I say it.............git gud.
  11. Yes. Failed Dis Game.....
  12. If it's not constructive Keep it to yourself........
  13. Fixed it for you.