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  1. My issue got resolved satisfactorily. Thanks.
  2. Longtan

    Do we still get it?

    This issue now resolved thanks World of Warships !
  3. Longtan

    Do we still get it?

    This is shocking im still waiting for a response to my open ticket on this one.
  4. It would be nice to at least have an acknowledgement that submitted tickets are being looked at. Or an indication as to when the backlog of tickets is expected to be resolved.
  5. Longtan

    Premium shop break down?

    Hi , I have similar issue - Ticket raised #232125 . I have 4 purchases still outstanding. Even though my Bank Account shows fully processed financial transaction. IE - My money has been taken but no virtual goods received. This happened on the 21st of September the night the server had issues. I've had no updates whatsoever to even suggest that someone has seen the ticket. The purchases included two Prinz Eugens , flag pack & doubloons. One Prinz Eugen was sent as a gift. Would be nice to get an update to my ticket.
  6. Longtan

    not receiving purchased ship

    Hi Che_wei_Wang - have you had any update matie ?
  7. Longtan

    not receiving purchased ship

    Hi Che_Wei_Wang , I had similar issues last night as well - there seemed to have been a number of issues with the servers last night whilst I was gaming. I logged a ticket last night for purchases not receieved. Today logged into my account from a different PC (My laptop) and noted my ticket last night seemed to have disappeared . So I've submitted another ticket. I'm sure it will get sorted out. ( fingers crossed) Happy gaming.
  8. Ahhhh well ....... if it was for the schnapps - that explains it !
  9. What Gives ? Just took my shiney new TIRPITZ out for a battle. Received ZERO damage. The details report "Damaged received" tab shows total of ZERO. Yet Credits and XP totals tab however shows i was debited 13,300 . Are we paying for the privilage ?