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  1. Congrats to Hunt3r1979. Awesome matey.
  2. xrcute

    player base is going bad really quick

    And I am sure that if you don't like the gameplay on this server, you are, free to leave to make way for non-whining replacement. It beggars belief that some that are given the privilege to participate, and then feel the need to disparage the game in it's infancy.
  3. xrcute

    Secondary weapons?

    G'day Macca, hope you get a look in too mate, this game is sooooooo much fun
  4. xrcute

    There goes my CBT

    Pleased to say I got a Guernsey The fun begins.
  5. xrcute


    And that is what thousands of others have received. We all take our chances and accept the outcome.....simples !
  6. xrcute


    Get in line.
  7. xrcute

    Closed Beta invites?

    If you haven't already got it, then they have not sent it. Patience.
  8. xrcute

    There goes my CBT

    As long as it takes. We have no control over the intake, so patience is the key. Good Luck.
  9. xrcute

    There goes my CBT

    I understand your angst, however there is not long to wait to see if your application is successful.. I too have been waiting what seems like forever to get into this awesome game, but there is nothing any of us can do but remain patient. I for one do not see the point in causing myself undue stress whilst waiting for an answer. Just my 2 cents
  10. xrcute

    There goes my CBT

    Why torture yourself refreshing mail by the minute ? Chill dudes, you will either be "In" or "Out. Wait patiently for a few days, if it does not eventuate, you have saved yourself the anguish.
  11. xrcute

    There goes my CBT

    Wow......I await my acceptance also, but I will do so patiently. Commanding a Battleship successfully will need patience, tactical and situational awareness. This thread contains very little of these qualities and one wonders about the quality of Commanders that might enter this game