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  1. kongman

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    why keep panding for these clowns in DD
  2. kongman

    Well done WG

    wow what cry babies , you DD have had it to good for to long
  3. kongman

    what happened to CV

    ive been away a while as the 80% playerbase is toxic , what happened to cv , no air load out anymore , how long ago did they change that
  4. kongman

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    compared to other cruisers they are ..
  5. kongman

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    they only good thing about german cruisers they are very stealthy
  6. kongman

    Not able to penetrate?

    ahh i think your in the wrong forum , unless there is a new panther warship
  7. kongman

    Plans for 2017?

    this ......
  8. kongman

    season 6 = game of smoke and camp

    this isnt surprising with the amount of no talent special people playing
  9. kongman

    In game Chat

    i can swear at everyone , im happy
  10. kongman

    It's time to give a T7 tech tree cruiser radar

    they should bring back , that if you fire you guns in smoke , your spotted for a few seconds this is the way it used to be
  11. just repeat tasks you can do , easy
  12. kongman

    tier 7 + german cruisers

    there AA is pretty average on hipper
  13. how do you guys set these up to play , stealth shooters ? they suck at AA boats apart from the perm ship at tier 8 . how you you guys play em , im grinding through as i used all my free exp
  14. kongman

    Mutsu accuracy problem

    its a useless BB , not good at anything , take any other BB
  15. kongman

    mutsu scrubs

    ill buy it for my collection only