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  1. kongman

    New CV mechanics

    yup total crap CV are still way op
  2. kongman

    New CV mechanics

    what a load of BS , cv are still way overpowered , AA does nothing to the still
  3. kongman

    fighters on ship

    i think you should be able top target SQD and have them intercept them
  4. kongman

    fighters on ship

    anyone else think these things are totally useless , unless they bring back manual aiming
  5. kongman

    Where is my KONG ????

    what do you expect from the greedy people at WG
  6. kongman

    how do they do it

    i keep think its illegal mods , or some sort of mods , i have camo plus skill , there is no way they can be that accurate
  7. kongman

    how do they do it

    when i shoot the rounds spray everywhere , return fire all tight group and alway hit midships all the time , no matter the angle speed or if im turning , even a max range , what cheats or mods are they using ??
  8. kongman

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    gameplay in this game is turning into the biggest clucterfuck ive ever seen , all you can do is get a long range ship and snipe , you cant move forward otherwise you burn to death , its just total BS
  9. kongman

    Mogami question

    ok keep the triple turrets or upgrade to the dual turrets
  10. WG cant handle the truth and this is how they react , shows you alot about this company , but they have been doing it for years so not much will change
  11. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    i think the main problem with CV there isnt really a good way to counter them regularly , you might get lucky and shoot them down (very lucky) , most times you stuck with stupid team so when you blink they run to the other side of the map leaving you by yourself and CV being not balanced will just fly though your AA killing you , which is funny because AA was designed to do just that but does nothing right now
  12. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    AA doesnt do crap to planes anymore , nothing .... you used to be able to build nice AA builds on cruisers , now they just fly though it and your lucky to get a couple of kills you might be lucky and have a cruiser thats 1-2 tiers higher then you might stop his planes , but thats just luck
  13. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    you must be a CV player if you posting that dribble , you cant postion play against a good cv player the only way to kill planes now if there a 2-3 ship clumped together and your 1-2 tirs higher than the CV , then you might stand a chance , but otherwise he will multi drop you taking over half you HP every streamer and big player has said cv are unbalanced right now , its just afew delusional player on here that think they are not , they need a balance
  14. after this last patch and capt skill , cruiser are just useless now , they used to be good at AA def , but that is useless now , unless you play a cruiser with long range guns . i dont see that point any more , plus everyone camps at the back of them map , try to move forward and your obliterated i hope they fix this
  15. kongman

    Possible cheating player?

    no , i mean not spotted at all and the CV flies right to them , then change heading , and he still flies straight to them