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  1. WG cant handle the truth and this is how they react , shows you alot about this company , but they have been doing it for years so not much will change
  2. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    i think the main problem with CV there isnt really a good way to counter them regularly , you might get lucky and shoot them down (very lucky) , most times you stuck with stupid team so when you blink they run to the other side of the map leaving you by yourself and CV being not balanced will just fly though your AA killing you , which is funny because AA was designed to do just that but does nothing right now
  3. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    AA doesnt do crap to planes anymore , nothing .... you used to be able to build nice AA builds on cruisers , now they just fly though it and your lucky to get a couple of kills you might be lucky and have a cruiser thats 1-2 tiers higher then you might stop his planes , but thats just luck
  4. kongman

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    you must be a CV player if you posting that dribble , you cant postion play against a good cv player the only way to kill planes now if there a 2-3 ship clumped together and your 1-2 tirs higher than the CV , then you might stand a chance , but otherwise he will multi drop you taking over half you HP every streamer and big player has said cv are unbalanced right now , its just afew delusional player on here that think they are not , they need a balance
  5. after this last patch and capt skill , cruiser are just useless now , they used to be good at AA def , but that is useless now , unless you play a cruiser with long range guns . i dont see that point any more , plus everyone camps at the back of them map , try to move forward and your obliterated i hope they fix this
  6. kongman

    Possible cheating player?

    no , i mean not spotted at all and the CV flies right to them , then change heading , and he still flies straight to them
  7. kongman

    Possible cheating player?

    ive seen some CV player use some dodgy stuff , had multi games with multiple DD , and CV player will fly to each one , even if they are all over the map , i mean straight at them and none of them have been spotted ...............makes you wonder how they do it
  8. this is the BS [content removed] play thats been going on since day 1 Inappropriate use of medical term. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  9. kongman

    key battle

    anyone else finding this buggy as hell
  10. ive watched alot of streamer from overseas and when they que , there is alot less cv than what we usually get
  11. kongman

    code has to be redeemed now

  12. but we do seem to have alot here , more that the norm
  13. but you can have stupid CV , that wont help spot DD or ....you can se a flank is about to fold , they should be helping but they are doing silly stuff like trying to sink the other CV
  14. well they do , everyone agrees .......lets just hope they balance them one day
  15. its garbage , AA used to work now its junk and CV just hit what they want ............