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  1. kongman

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    hope you have fun , worked as a volunteer on vampire for about 3 years so I've been on it many times
  2. kongman

    Who reported me?

    200 secondary hits , i say he was brawling
  3. kongman

    *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Code detected

    lol ,true
  4. kongman

    G KURFURST build

    do you guys take manual secondary , or like me . don't so both sides of secondary's can fire at same time ??
  5. kongman

    *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Code detected

    anyone else having issue the capt is saying wrong things
  6. kongman

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    salty is the CV clowns who think there carriers arnt OP they need to balnce them do something , when 98 % of the player base agrees they need to be fixed
  7. kongman

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    youmean98 % of the player base who realise that CV are OP and a small delusional bunch that don't
  8. kongman

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    good , about time
  9. kongman

    cant get into game

    ahh dam i had the time wrong
  10. kongman

    cant get into game

    ok what time is that in EST ,i must have worked mine out wrong
  11. kongman

    cant get into game

    it stuck on waiting-for-authorization , anyone else getting this
  12. kongman

    how do you counter the CV crap

    most of the tips , dont work unless you have a crusier that 2 levels higher than the cv then you might be able to stop planes you can take a cruiser with full AA build with fighters and def fire , trigger them all and the CV will still multi drop you taking most of you health you can move as group , but soo many times im moving as a group , focus on inc planes , look around suddenly that support has run away and is running to the corner you cant win , and everyone , i mean everyone still thinks CV are cancer , every streamer mentions it , every player i speak to apart from a couple on here , think they are cancer .... but hopeful they will fix it sometime
  13. kongman

    how do you counter the CV crap

    i tried most of the stuff suggest , and they didnt work , or had very little effect , the group thing would be great , but this is SEA server , it never works you just have to get lucky
  14. kongman

    how do you counter the CV crap

    i just asked what people used to counter CV , all these other clowns come in here with alot of stuff that plane doesnt work , but as i said to any mods , just close the topics down