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  1. anyone else having the issue, it says I don't have the latest version, both are patched ??
  2. kongman

    georgia is out

    really OP ship, typical crap from wargming , will be OP when first released then will get hit with the nerf bat
  3. jingle is a good commentator, but a crap player , leave it the way it is
  4. kongman


    another no talent cv player , yay
  5. kongman

    clan recruiting

    is there a section on here for clan recruiting ?
  6. kongman

    Can we make AA actually do something!!??

    this is just one in a long list of crap they need to fix in this game
  7. kongman

    worth getting ?

    so the captains dont give any bonuses
  8. kongman

    Asian teamwork potential

    teamwork, there is no such thing, I only see it very rarely
  9. kongman

    worth getting ?

    AZUR LANE. ARMADA , is it worth getting ? anyone else have it , are the captains any good ?
  10. kongman

    Massachusetts or Alabama???

  11. kongman

    the tears of DD drivers are tasty

    omg , you mean you have to actually play smart for once , welcome to balance
  12. DD's have had it too good for far to long , only people bitching as i see it are the DD players they have been OP for far to long , now they are not , they are crying like babies the CV's do need some work , having unlimited planes sucks and they need some small tweeks , plus they need to buff AA fire but it is a step in the right direction
  13. kongman

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    good , about time DD have been op for far to long
  14. kongman

    when does the new patch go live

    its started , yay