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  1. kongman


    it happens enough , as i said it was just a vent , it prob has happened to us all ......... go watch any big wows youtuber , he will have clips of this happening
  2. kongman

    People you've encountered in-game

    toxic no , low tolerance for idiots you mean ........ and there is a lot in this game , i dont mean new players , i mean total idiots who do stupid crap that ruins everyone else playing experience ,it maybe not 90% but there is alot
  3. kongman


    i did , they did nothing like they do with most of the bugs in the game ..............
  4. kongman

    Server lag issues

    a few , but no more than normal
  5. kongman


    no i mean over pen , so it penned but did nothing .......which i find funny as thats what BB ap is designed to do , a cruiser or DD i can understand
  6. kongman


    how do in get over pens on the flaT broadside of a Yamato shooting from another BB , god the people who designed this crap have no clue the amount of stupid crap in this game makes me shake my head ......... ok rant over back to ranging in chat (oh wait i cant im chat banned again ) , yup my bad
  7. kongman

    now ive seen it all

    i report bad players , just 80% seem to be from the Asian player base (well they are a number or Asian sounding name )
  8. kongman

    now ive seen it all

    no jealous players on winning team will do that too
  9. kongman

    now ive seen it all

    its funny when cv or DD spam this , i just shake my head
  10. kongman

    Auction Win

    auction , biggest joke on wargamming , huge cash grab .........................with no benefits
  11. kongman

    now ive seen it all

    the Asian player base is a bunch of toxic cowards , that run to the other side of the map and will only fight if they are winning at least 2 to 1
  12. kongman

    0.11.6 Camouflage function information

    camo does nothing , makes you ship look pretty
  13. kongman

    now ive seen it all

    a sub hiding behind an island /facepalm Asian player base
  14. kongman

    what happened to AA

    now you build AA unless the cv is 2 tiers lower , you maybe shoot down 1 plane ........ maybe 2
  15. kongman

    what happened to AA

    that may work sometimes , not very often . you dodge them only to get broadsided by another ship 2 sec later