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  1. Nutkase

    Most Difficult Cruiser

    Turd muffin plat with me so you can help me with my pepsi grind as well.
  2. Nutkase

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Sims - Just seems to be very good in every way. Cleveland - Obvious reasons Bismark - Just seems great all round, and nice not to have DDs yoloing me all the time (though I just picked up the Warspite and starting to really enjoy it)
  3. Lowest pop = bottom of the food chain.
  4. Nutkase


    I would say this at some point would definitely be on the list, though I would think a few more lines would have to be released before real consideration.
  5. Nutkase

    Test driving the next ship in line

    For what exactly
  6. Nutkase

    Test driving the next ship in line

    Do you think once they research it and dislike it they will keep playing it anyway?
  7. Nutkase

    Test driving the next ship in line

    lol at people claiming "XP is research", I think you guys need a dictionary. A test drive would have nothing more then a ship you can select to use in a very confined way to see if is the direction you want to go. Hypothetically if I put in 50 hours into a line only to find out I dislike playing said ships, then why I would happily invest another 50 hours into a another one not knowing if I would enjoy it? Stop acting like such a simple and proven method in increasing peoples enjoyment in the vehicle they chose will suddenly implode WoWS.
  8. Nutkase

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I would like to apply please.
  9. Nutkase

    Thoughts on New Soviet DDs

    I'm not a ST and think their reaction is appropriate considering the ships have not even been released yet.
  10. Nutkase

    ramming problem

    Why is it based on HP and not tonnage?
  11. Nutkase

    ramming problem

    While not a simulator, I would like it to be still a little bit realistic. If you let him into ramming range then you deserve to be sunk.
  12. Nutkase

    fog horn

    Could easily just attached it to a proxy warning and make it only for a burst.
  13. Spawny usually whines. Mainly about my game play.
  14. Nutkase

    I am **** the WoT curse

    lol Parody does not mean what you think it does spawny
  15. Nutkase

    More Sinking Animations? Disability Animations?

    I would like to see so more "special effects" Larger detonations, Larger ripple effects and better sound effects on the death of a ship