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  1. Good old WG... useless [Redacted] Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  2. Baron_003

    Simply stupid and criminal.

    He does have a point though
  3. Baron_003


    I believe that it's already the 18th in terms of where the SEA server is hosted. Yet we must wait another 12 hours.. Why say the 18th if it's not actually available when the 18th rolls around?
  4. Baron_003

    Unbalanced matchmaking

    If they know it is broken why do we have to wait? It should be hot fixed instantly when they know it's not working propperly.
  5. Baron_003

    How to increase the winrate?

    Best way to increase win rate is to click battle and hope that you get on the team that has been blessed by MM.
  6. Baron_003

    List of DO NOT CREATE topics

    The best way to stop these repeat forums from happening is to actually address the issues that people are having in a timely fashion.
  7. Baron_003

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Just make the blue line act like an island. Instantly wipes off all momentum. It would mean people would actually have to have some awareness and not just derp into it.
  8. Baron_003

    Why Can't WoW Support SLI or CF?

    It's because Wargaming's engine is a POS
  9. Can i ask why you'd want to actually showcase such a broken game? Balancing out the T10s evenly (or as close to as possible) and then filling the teams up with the remainder of the ships in the other tiers is apparently too hard... Off-topic post. User warned, post split from main thread and locked. ~Syanda.
  10. Baron_003

    May I please ask a question about MM?

    MM doesn't work. This game is actually worse than WoT in terms of MM.
  11. Baron_003


    Why do planes have unlimited fuel supply?
  12. Baron_003

    Thank you WarGaming

    Just wanted to say thank you to WG for doing the right thing and issuing compensation to players who were effected by the lag on the 4th. It's nice to see WG taking a step in the right direction.
  13. Baron_003

    The highest latency I've ever seen in my life

    How does War Gaming continually manage to do dumb shit like this? Honestly it's just a joke how often WG manage to do this.