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  1. We've given up on Team battles for the foreseeable future. We have a solid group of 6-7 players in our clan but 10pm starts are simply way too late. Once daylight savings finishes in April we should have a 1 hr window where we can all play together (9 to 10pm) so we will revisit it then.
  2. Shrug. We're a minor blip on the Wargaming population horizon. I don't even know why WG wastes their time funding a PAX booth in Australia except maybe to promote WoT which still has a reasonable AUS/NZ playerbase. Sadly WoWS definitely missed the "boat" in this country. ;)
  3. Many of us do have Tier X's but we rarely play them because the repair costs are so high even for premium players. My Yamato does look nice floating in the port when I occasionally look at it. ;)
  4. The Mikasa. It's good for a giggle match and occasionally good for seal clubbing newbies but for the most part it is useless. I still love it though and I will never sell it. I am also looking forward to visiting the real Mikasa when I head to Japan on my next business trip.
  5. They need to start Team Battles at 6pm Sydney time. This is early enough for our NZ friends to have a good run. The 10pm starts are ridiculous and some of our clan members are already heading to bed. And yet I have no problems playing on the US server with a much better and more consistent ping. Ha .. funny that.
  6. I feel sorry for our NZ brethren. But it doesn't surprise me as WG Asia continues to show its complete disregard for AUS and NZ players not only with the timings but forcing us on the atrocious Singapore server with its awful international cable links to Australia. And they wonder why relatively few AUS and NZ players still play WoWS.
  7. I only started playing CV's seriously during the Arpeggio period. I actually achieved half of my DD kills using an Independence with 2 x HE, 1 x Torp configuration. I would like to see some form of spotting reward recognition for CV's. I find it ridiculous the WG devs have not added a spotting reward mechanic to the gameplay for CV's. It is a very simply solution to get more people to play that ship class and encourage them to spot DD's etc for their teammates.
  8. That's what everyone has been saying about everyone else. Someone has to get the kill. Strangely enough I have found the best time to kill DD's is early in the day. Seems there are .. cough .. less skilled players on at these times. But if you want to increase your chances use a cruiser like a Cleveland. Also wait till someone else has damaged the DD first and you should be able to get a killing blow if you are on target before it dies.
  9. I absolutely agree with these points. Furthermore I think the the problems with matchmaking are due to the lack of players at certain times. WG has tried to balance waiting times vs matchmaking which I think is causing the issues we are having with the matching system. I find it ridiculous when I am on a team of 3 Tirpitz against a team of 2 Yamato's and a Montana and another random tier IX BB. I constantly roll my eyes when I am placed into a match on Ocean (Can we just remove Ocean? What a pointless map) in my mid-tier US BB against Japanese BB's. On point 4 yes. But also there needs to be an enforced incentive for CV's to be protected. You cannot rely on random players to work together with no carrot to dangle in front of them to encourage teamplay. And at this time teamplay has become non-existent because of the Arpeggio objectives mess. Even so I do not want the MM system to completely sanitize matchups as that would remove the random element and make the matches less interesting. Finally playing tier IX and X is almost completely pointless without some sort of Clan Wars system to give a reason to play these loss making machines. And we probably won't get any form of ship Clan Wars until more ship trees are added to the game.
  10. LOL who knows. Obviously the WG devs have no idea.
  11. I don't mind the ships or the event but the 1st stage of the event has damaged the gameplay. So many people now rush in and die quickly trying to get their kills leaving the rest of the team to fend for themselves. The game is already in a poor state due to lack of teamwork and this latest event has made it even worse by an order of magnitude. A better system would have been to get eg. 100,000 damage worth on destroyers and say 500,000 damage worth on cruisers as the first tier requirement. The 30 DD and CA kills is awful. WG can do better than this. Warships core principal should be to encourage teams to work together (yes even random battles with random players). WG needs to build mechanics into the gameplay to encourage and enforce teamwork and this event could have been a pathway to that end. Instead WG has gone for the lazy option with yet another kill 30 of this or 10 of that.
  12. Anorax

    Can WG please unnerf CVs? pretty please?

    There needs to be some ingame incentive to play CV's at tiers 8, 9, & 10. The lack of CV's at these tiers now has really unbalanced the game and made it a destroyer torpedo spam fest. If you have a high tier destroyer your laughing as there is almost no counter to the torpedo spam without CV's to detect DD's and make them work for their kills.
  13. Yup 180ms for the past week for me. Yet 90ms to the US server. Same s..t as always.
  14. Anorax

    Why do some people bother joining random battle?

    That is the one thing that continually s...s me about this server - just how meek and mild a lot of the players are. Case in point from the match I just played. New York on my team hung back with the carrier while the rest of us pushed forward. New York's strength is a brawler. Has the armour and the firepower when he gets close to the enemy. This player did nothing and consequently died with 99 ex to show for it. Do people not understand doing damage in this game = credits/exp and doing enough damage will highly likely win the day. Absolutely hopeless.
  15. Anorax

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Most of us in Australia are having these issues (my clan mates all have the same problems) but the mods here and WarGaming support are in continual denial about the issues. Yet when we log into the US server it works fine. Hence we now have the situation where many Aussies now only play on the US server and the rest of us who have actually spent money on this game are locked into the Asia server because WarGaming refuses to allow account transfers to other servers. It's a hopeless situation.