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  1. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    I checked your history out mate. You are prone to trolling threads and abusing people, it is very clear from what I see. I am sure I am just another one in a long line of people you will troll until you finally tire of doing this. You might need to tone down your attitude to others who just want to discuss issues or good things about this game. Taking a high and mighty attitude like you have clearly shows you probably find it hard out there in the real world also. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/11017-faith-in-humanity-totally-lost/page__p__154433#entry154433
  2. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    Lets go back to what started my anger with you. I put up a post about a legitimate issue but you respond with name calling....and you wonder why people probably react badly to your jabbs mate - you were anything but "NICE" mate. http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/11017-faith-in-humanity-totally-lost/page__p__154433#entry154433
  3. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/11017-faith-in-humanity-totally-lost/page__p__154433#entry154433 Wow, looks like someone likes attacking others then crying when they fight back LOL I see Deicide has a reputation that proceeds him
  4. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    grow up mate, find something better to do with your time You would rather personally attack me for having an issue with an obvious fault in the game then discussing the actual problem? Wow mate you've obviously done this many times to others eH ? favourite past time of yours I bet???
  5. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    Man you really don't get it. I did not see them because I was in sniper mode, I saw them when it was too late....I was stuck on the blue line and unable to avoid them. Wow guys like you are ignorant indeed. Now you resort to name calling eh? I am guessing you're the one littering the forums with aggro judging by your reactions as this is pretty much the only post I have put up since playing this game during alpha....but you might not have the IQ to figure that one out either it seems. What possible diffence does it make whether I am a good player of bad player? The fact remains that planes are able to fly outside the field of play, drop torps and strike ships on or close to the blue line and you think that is OK ??? especially when ships cannot do it... wake up dude, your smelling your own waste products and getting high on it. I am guessing you like to troll posts and attack people who do not agree with you eh? Guys you can discuss topics but it you result to insults and name calling forum holidays will be issued. General insults. Warning issued. ~Twisted0ne
  6. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    I was full sail because I was evading and turning - I did not se the planes as they were outside of the map boundary ffs For planes to be able to fire torps while outside the map boundary and strike targets is wrong, especially when ships hitting the blue line are penalised so hard....if I was struck by plane torps fired from INSIDE the map this would not be an issue. do you have a lack of IQ to figure this one out mate??? WHAT I DID OR DIDN'T DO OR HOW I REACTED IS NOT THE POINT OF MY ARGUMENT. My point is that the game should NOT allow this to happen as it is clearly a fault in the game that you can do this against ships close to the blue line or on it. That is why the boundary line is there, TO KEEP PLAY INSIDE A SET AREA (FIELD OF PLAY)....Is that too difficult for you to understand? do you need me to place meanings next to every word I type so guide you along?
  7. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    Wrong !! from the picture I provided I had JUST started to touch the blue line and already the torps were in the water OUTSIDE the boundary. It is clearly visible in the picture I provided. I went from sniper mode into normal mode to turn quickly as my teammates were all dying in from of me and my turn arc was not enough to avoid the border. Yet nothing prevented the CV's planes from firing at me outside the border. To me that is a HUGE fault with this game.
  8. Forodin

    Torped from outside boundary!

    The punishment for blue lining is already in the system with reduced engine power....that is bad enough let alone having torp planes hit you clearly from outside the boundary....lets be fair here
  9. I just came out of a battle in my ARP Kongo where I was doing well but the smaller ships in front of me started to sink one by one. I started to turn to port to turn around and head away. My turn arc forced me onto the boundary when I noticed TWO full flights of enemy Torp planes OUTSIDE of the boundary who proceeded to drop their torps of which most of them hit me reducing my HP by 90%!!! I want to know why wargaming stops ships from moving outside the boundaries but the planes were CLEARLY well outside the boundary, still able to be controlled by the CV captain and allowed to drop torps which sped back to the boundary and hit me???? This is pure BS and needs to be stopped. The link below only shows one torp flight as the other is behind and further out yet to drop their torps. I ended up catching 6 torps all CLEARLY outside the blue line. If ships are penalised and stopped from going outside the boundary then why is it that aircraft are able to do so??? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=947705515307491&set=o.160743397342031&type=3&theater
  10. Forodin

    Whole teams melting all the time

    I have noticed every low tier game I seem to win but at higher tiers my teams also just melt away every game. I have to play one ship 9 times just to get my first win. And the next day I played it again 4 times and four losses so I just gave up. I am really getting sick of it too, I am thinking to quit the game actually.