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  1. WoT is pretty Russian biased so i see no reason why WoWs wont be, for example on the tier Xs for clan wars, the IS7 is the HT used the most, Russian meds are used the most and when picking a team that would make up 10-13 of your players, the rest would be arty or something specialised like an E3 or batchat but thats 10-13 tanks that are Russian.. so with that in mind they didn't bring out the Russian line for WoWs, Why? perhaps they wanted everyone to spend money on the US and IJN lines and later bring the Russian line that has better TierXs and you spend more money to get them as your underpowered in you current ships. its not the 1st time ive seen this situation as many players from WoT can attest, bring out a new line and make it OP so you have to buy/grind it then later they re-balance it but either way the Russian line seems to come out on top for the most part
  2. IRONMAN34

    Torpedoes are Overpowered.... Unbalanced Game

    wow this forum really rips into some people, tell someone off once and they wont be back and who loses then?
  3. i dont realy see it as a huge problem, you have to be with in 6-7ks to spot a DD and their torp range exceeds this range, if its balanced with the time it will be under water( limited time under water) and the amount they can shoot in a salvo. i can understand the hesitance to implement this change as some don't like change but if its balanced i see no problem
  4. IRONMAN34

    Damage question

    yeah that's why i was thinking if you make some key scripts the same it isn't such a big change, maybe it doesn't have to be one game, perhaps 3 games as it is now but you enter a room that has all 3 games playing at once, only thing needed then is the same maps and a few key changes rather than a whole big change
  5. IRONMAN34

    Damage question

    i doubt the amount of players in the game would be the biggest problem, i have played other games with 100+ in the same room
  6. IRONMAN34

    Damage question

    thanks, im pretty up to speed with the mechanics and how pen works and so on as ive been playing WoT for 4 years, just wondered if they used the same damage script and pen script, i know it has differences like citadel and torps. the main reason im asking really is i was thinking that in the distant future WG could incorporate all 3 games into 1 WoWs WoT and WoWp, thus my question as to them using the same damage model would make sense, plus its a formula they have worked longest on
  7. IRONMAN34

    Damage question

    hi, just wondering if anyone knows if the damage and pen by caliber and everything that makes up the damage model is based on WoT or is it its own script or scale in game? it seems pretty similar to me but im not sure on a few things
  8. IRONMAN34

    4/8/2015 sudden server downtime

    thanks Conan for update, the restart seems to have fixed the issues i was experiencing with ping/lag thanks for getting on top of it
  9. server restart seems to have fixed my dsync and lag issues
  10. IRONMAN34

    Bismarck movie

    hi, i made this movie years ago, only down side is i was limited by the game engine i used and has small details that if i could would change, anyway with the Bismarck coming out soon it reminded me of the movie i made years ago, but i did what i did with the best i had at the time, i hope you enjoy it. regards
  11. IRONMAN34

    cruise missile

    you mean like a CV? just because the loudest people don't want it doesn't mean its the most, anyway its just an idea and none of us have a real say in what happens
  12. IRONMAN34

    cruise missile

    the idea isn't new, this is from wiki In 1916, Lawrence Sperry patented and built an "aerial torpedo", a small biplane carrying a TNT charge, a Sperry autopilot and a barometric altitude control. Inspired by these experiments, the US Army developed a similar flying bomb called the Kettering Bug. Germany had also flown trials with remote-controlled aerial gliders (Torpedogleiter) build by Siemens-Schuckert beginning in 1916.[2] In the period between the World Wars the United Kingdom developed the Larynx (Long Range Gun with Lynx Engine) which underwent a few flight tests in the 1920s
  13. IRONMAN34


    i think of it as a free slot, if im not mistaken it was anyway.. thank you WG
  14. IRONMAN34

    cruise missile

    hi, we see torpedoes a lot in this game but has the cruise missile or something of that nature worth a though for cruisers and destroyers? perhaps as a tier 9 or tier 10 they could be balanced easily to avoid them being OP either in damage, range, accuracy and reload time