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  1. 4 citadels against full health Nagato from my Colorado (and the rest were just hits). He died immediately.
  2. lazyWombat

    looking for division

    I think you have a mistake here. Last night my friend and I went to one side and the rest of the team when the other and they died there despite the huge advantage. They didn't use the blue line trick they were just idiots. And your five ships were idiots too. There is difference between them and let's say a full health Fuso that sits deep in the back and watches his teammates dying one by one on the front line. An idiot can misuse anything. Just look at those guys who shoot torpedo salvo without even thinking about ally ships and there is no chance they will damage enemies since their torpedo range is too small. But we do not want to remove torpedos from the game, don't we? As I said the blue line is a nice tactical element. It could be extremely useful sometimes especially against noobs. Frankly speaking shooting a blue liner isn't a big problem if you know how to shoot. But some people struggle with it for some reason. It does not mean that you should sit on the blue line the whole game but the same is true for all other tactical element. They are situational. This would be against the soccer rules and I there is no "stay away from the blue line" rule in WOWS. And one more thing: in your example the use or rather misuse of the blue line leads the team to a defeat. You called it 'cheat' but you failed to demonstrate how it gives you an advantage. For fun of course. Unlike you I do not struggle with the blue liners.
  3. lazyWombat


    Germans are OP. First battle on that thing and I've got 120k damage:
  4. lazyWombat

    Aim Bot cheat

    However, it you open the game directory and look into res/scripts/client/IngameTools/IdealWeapon you will find the mod there. It works even better than the CBT mod because it can lock your guns on the target so you do not even need to aim yourself. And few more features as well. Unfortunately (or fortunately) only developers can enable it since you need to modify the config and have a two missing files in your directory. I'm kinda wondering though why WG not only keeps this mod but also improved it and distributes it to everybody.
  5. lazyWombat

    Aim Bot cheat

    There was a new version of aim mod but it was resurfaced a few weeks ago and has been removed since then just before the russian and german ships arrived. It was a crappy thing anyway: it supported just several ships and the calculation was completely off target.
  6. lazyWombat

    Tier 6 Russian Destroyer [DD] OP Ognevoi

    Grem is much better. Same firepower, longer torps, better camo, tier 5 (so enemies are clumsier) and its prem.
  7. lazyWombat

    looking for division

    what's wrong with the blue line? nice tactical element, i like it.
  8. lazyWombat

    Ranked Battles rank

    Rank 15 - 10 min waiting and they give us tier 6 CV vs tier 7 CV. Not worth it.