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  1. ISSUE: No difference in free or gold selection Screenshot: Ship: Yubari Map: Port Occurances: Always Tested: Easily created again Severity: Low impact, game mechanics. Details: Cost of the premium item and compared to the free item there is now difference in desciption and therefore a purchase with gold would be of NO benefit.
  2. Sick of this rubbish every day and getting worse. In my last room my team ran the blue line and skated along it and we had a new mexico BB back up into the back corner and sit there. even after they were told to get off it they were cheating they didn't. I advised they were to be posted into forums for collection of abuse I got comments from others in my side saying SO and really why!. This problem is out of control bans or loss of xp from that captain or the blocking of that ship from playing for a period of time would slow or help prevent most people from doing this. Acting on the replays provided exposes the true cheats not the ones who hit the line and cannot move from it because of damage or do come off after they find they have run into it very quickly getting off it . https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8mV0OfQDUTkbnhwb0ttdS1yZ3c/view?usp=sharing
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    I have 1 beta code to give away

    yes you got it right will PM the code to you answer was Dorsetshire
  4. To the first person who answers this question and gets it right What was the last british ship to torpedo the Bismark (NAME) plz
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    Hi Fellow Testers