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  1. Australia's newest Air Warfare Destroyer is being launched in Adelaide today. There's a live stream for anyone that does not live close to Adelaide. http://stagingconnections.org/webcasts/AWD/AWD.html https://www.facebook.com/ascptyltd?fref=nf
  2. so if i click the "should it or not" option im saying it should but also saying it wont? Poll fail?
  3. funkle17

    Advance Destroyer plays

    Oh tell me about it! That tier VI US DD is a pain when Im in my IJN VI DD! I just couldn't get near it! His guns out-ranged mine and from that range I'd be lucky to catch him out and land a torp hit. I just gave up in the end lol. Yea those IJN DDS are a bit like light tanks, 1390 etc etc. You really have to use cover well and set up ambushes. You really need to hang out in island groups and anything that strays in there needs to pay the price. This is why BBs are staying out in open water more.
  4. funkle17

    Advance Destroyer plays

    Those icebergs be a happy hunting ground for DDs. I tend to head that side if I can. Good cover for ambushes etc.
  5. funkle17

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    thought i read somewhere u had to have 100 battles in previous patches. could be wrong. I have one and did well over 100.
  6. funkle17

    WoWs 360 degree screen shot (WoWs blog)

    But is it something they are going to implement or just a 1 off thing?? Doesn't give much info.
  7. funkle17

    WoWS gold rounds

    That's what I would hope.
  8. funkle17

    WoWS gold rounds

    new gold rounds? Was this printed somewhere for future inclusion?
  9. funkle17

    New Face on Asian Forum

    Congrats on the new role Kaz!
  10. funkle17

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    I think modes similar to WoT wouldn't be too hard to implement for a start.
  11. funkle17

    HMAS Rankin at "Anzac Albany"

    Nah he did a rubbish job so he's standing there while everyone is on leave hahaha
  12. funkle17

    Eclipse maps

    Any ship "camping" or sitting still is a dead ship. At some point even the noobs realise this and keep on the move. Even CVs should keep on the move even if only at half or quarter speed.
  13. funkle17

    Alpha Thoughts

    Haha worked! I was just reloading the page. Hadn't actually logged out and back in ;) Thanks!
  14. funkle17

    Alpha Thoughts

    Oooohhh lucky I checked the junk mail in my email! Found my "Welcome to World of warships" email there! How long till my forum privs change? Ill have to download tmoro I think :)