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  1. I engaged a enemy Japanese DD at under 5k, I must have fire 200 shells at him yet about 5 made contact, shells were going straight through him, even when he was following straight line they were shooting nowhere near when I was aiming him and even at under 4k range my secondary armament did not fire a single shell. I know they are next to useless but it would have helped. I understand the basics of leading a moving target and how luck and RNG play a huge emphasis on where your shells go but it was just comical and I regret not recording the replay.
  2. Coopz

    NOt fun at all, Server transfer?

    I'd love a transfer to NA! The SEA server is so sterile with the language barriers, may as well play against the AI.
  3. Played some WoW and WoT on both servers, I mainly play on SEA for the ping but once massive difference I notice is that hardly anyone talks in SEA. I know its a multicultural server and many users don't speak English but I find when I'm on a 'chatty' team we usually do well and win as players seem to work better and go for the objectives. When its a silent server with just the occasional [][][][][] or insult thrown we get hammered as it will be the usual WoW game with most of the CV's and BB's handing around the far corner on the map, the cruisers driving around in circles in the middle and the DD's doing brainless kamikaze attacks on each other cat the caps. Usual headless chicken tactics. On the NA server the games are 500% more loud and talkative, not always good but at least it feels like you are in a server with humans, not the sterile bot feel SEA has. Its not a issue or complaint and it cannot really be fixed but its just a observation.
  4. Wasted about 2 hours playing WoW today, I think I saw carriers in about 2 battles. It was a vast difference to a week ago when almost every match had 4 of them hiding in the corners. Either the nerf bat has hit them hard or they have become more technical to play? No idea as I have no interest in the class and the lower numbers are making me enjoy this game a bit more.
  5. Coopz

    are CV OP

    I just loathe how torpedo bombers can spin around on the spot and launch a devastating spread of torpedos at you from almost point blank.
  6. I understand the guns have poor accuracy and the shells just float towards their target but firing a broadside from my Omaha at a slow moving Cleveland at 7-8k range and my shells all fire miles off to the rear from where I am aiming. I reload fire again and this time they go where I'm aiming and score a few hits, reload and once again, again they seem to fire off well to the rear of the target. I know you have to really lead the target but am I doing something wrong? Feels like its broken.
  7. Just wondering how this game will last in the long run. I'm at tier 5 and have no desire to really go any higher (same with WoT, had the most fun with tier 5 and 6). Just starting to get bored with this games rather limited variety of games. Capture a area or areas or just shoot anything red that floats and cross your fingers the RNG Gods smile on you. The maps are all very similar (except that open ocean stalemate map) with the silly islands scattered around the middle to give the DD's a hope. My 2 friends I started playing it with have lost interest and moved on. With its sister game WoT it has a lot more replayability with various maps and layouts and much bigger variety of tanks (even when the British and German lines come in it won't really offer much variation of the other ships). Curious if this game will have the same shelf life of WoT or is it just a side game that will only be popular in the short term?