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  1. Loosestping

    Gunboat asashio works: change my mind

    But now it just seems to get tier 10 cruiserfests. Not as viable for that. Fire your guns, the radars light up and it's running time...Last game I had in it, I was the only non tier 10 on my team, their were a grand total of 3 BB's, 5 radar toting cruisers and 2 shims and khaba on the opposition team...I felt sorry for their Kagero who was probably dragged in by MM to match against me...
  2. Loosestping

    UI Things to do Check List

    Making the flooding indicator larger/more prominent. Or adding a sound effect when flooding. Fire gets both, flames around the screen and the burning sound. Flooding only gets a piddly little indicator (playing on a 4K screen) that quite often matches the water colour.
  3. Ultimate tier 7 stat padding. Two Flints and a CV. The Flints were popping smoke in sequence, ie never out of smoke, the CV had fighters overhead to spot for them. Not having a go at them for having Flints, but that the game mechanics are borked if it allows this sort of padding. A quick check show the players involved have 60% win rates, except in the Flints which are sitting at 80%. That tells me they are being rewarded above and beyond their normal abilities by a flaw in the game design.
  4. Loosestping

    anyone updated driver Geforce v.375.86

    Not happy, I got hit by the fps drop. Was running with minimum 75fps @max setting @4k previously, installed the driver a couple of hours ago and now I'm lucky if I get 25fps...port screen tops out at 15fps...horrible.
  5. Loosestping

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Suing them for a "free" game. Like to see how that works out. Well, I can straight up tell you that there IS something wrong with your computer. My educated guess is that there is a driver conflict, most likely sound/gfx. Reload the soundcard drivers for you mobo, or download new ones from the mobo manufacturer. I would suggest you delete the Radeon driver, then reinstall from the AMD website. The reason most people think it's your computer is simply because very few other people have issues running WoWS, even on midrange PC's like yours. PS you definitely were ripped off. You could easily build yourself a similar spec PC for ~NZ$1200. I just built myself a Water cooled 4K gaming rig, running Windows 10, for AU$2.5k (and my 850Watt PSU is definitely overkill!). Runs WoWS at 75fps max setting 4K. No crashes.
  6. Loosestping

    MatchMaker - A Novel Idea

    Seal clubbing is also when an experienced player takes an OP ship into battle knowing that it plays to that players strengths. See a lot of good players running Blys' a lot of the time...but the Bly in the right hands can deal with tier9's, A Kirov wouldn't stand a chance against even a crappy tier7.
  7. Loosestping

    MatchMaker - A Novel Idea

    I have a feeling that the "real" issue is that one class of ships cannot compete against higher classes at low-mid tier. That being cruisers. Unlike the other ship classes, low-mid tier cruisers don't have the ability to carry a match if they are 2 tiers down. Then it's a case of taking your medicine because your failteam put you in that situation? The classic situation is the tier3 cruisers up against Kongo's (the higher tier BB's on your team failed)...to carry the game somehow you've got to get your 10km range firepower 10km inside the 20km range of the Kongo. It can be done (I've kited Kongo's around islands) on certain maps, but woe betide you if you cop Ocean. Low tier cruisers on that map are for the most part just meatshields, which does take away some enjoyment in the game.
  8. Loosestping

    Concealment OP?

    What about a DD firing his guns at 2k in smoke being invisible? Happened to me vs a Kagero. All I saw of him was the shells, until he backed out of the smoke at 2,2k!
  9. Loosestping

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Nope, blue lining still prevalent. Had an Omaha glued to the blue line the whole last game. T7 match and he top scored for the opposition...They should change the mechanics of the blue line such that it acts like a slow working glue. Glance the blue line, nothing happens, but the longer you stay in contact the slower you go until you hit a low number, say 1 knot (so the perpetrator can release himself from the line if he realises the error of his ways). That way, the longer you stay in contact with the blue line the easier you are to target. Once the benefit of the blue line is fully reduced then the mongrels will look for other ways to cheat...
  10. Loosestping

    Team killing

    Nope, didn't even think of it at the time. But as a result of their actions (probably even in both games) we lost. In game they were happily saying that they were doing it because the enemy were out of range... Also I saw that there is a way to enable replays but it isn't "officially" implemented yet...
  11. Loosestping

    Team killing

    Well the curse of the tomato teamkillers has well and truly made it into WoWs. Is there an in game mechanism for highlighting these players? I was in 2 matches in a row were a platoon, in the first game, took to TD'ing (other players), the next game I called them out and, surprise, surprise they TK'd me, followed up with the obligatory "u mad bro? " in chat. A quick alt-tab out revealed both were alpha players with appallingly bad stats (both ~40%wr with a 0.3 kill rate), I presume as a result of their propensity to damage their teammates. Is WG going to implement a similar system to WoT for TD/TK? If so, when? It can't come soon enough. Just removing XP isn't enough, there needs to be a punitive system of increasing ban times, and/or limiting them to coop with a bot team. That way they can TK to their heart's content without ruining other peoples game experience.