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  1. Mullet_

    Happy 'Straya Day

    I don't understand the "What did you get?" bit
  2. Mullet_

    Account created on wrong server.

    start a new account OP. It will never get transfered
  3. Mullet_

    Cross Server Play

    OK. If it was "put on hold" then it definately wont happen now
  4. Mullet_

    Goodbye Zoe

    I feel for your loss We lost a cat last year, she was 21. Yes I kid you not, 21 years old. They are family. RIP
  5. Mullet_

    Cross Server Play

    It would be good but unfortunately it will never happen. They promised it in World of Tanks and it never happened. The player base for both games is dropping fast, especially this server it seems lately. Whilst they are great games, unfortunately they are slowly dying. WG does not care for what we would like.
  6. Mullet_

    Question about In-game name change

    arn't gold and doubloons the same thing just in different games? gold for tanks, doubloons for ships. I know in WOT it cost a fair amount of gold to change name. 5000 from memory.
  7. Mullet_

    Torpedo Academy Mandatory

    While I totally agree that by tier 5 these morons should not endanger friendly ships with their torps, how about an aid of some sort? You could have an indicator, like the grey one that tells you where to aim your torps only it could be a bright red one flashing "DANGER OF HITTING ALLIES" or somthing
  8. Mullet_

    all the same ships

    No, thank you for reducing your font size
  9. Mullet_

    Adelaide SA Players Local event possiblity

    I would love to attend but being a chef, I work Saturday nights and December is crazy busy for me. shame
  10. Mullet_

    Can any one explain how the repair cost work?

    Yes but what about if you have taken a lot of damage but use repair on a BB and heal those HP. Is it best to repair yourself before the battle ends so your repair bill is less?
  11. Mullet_

    hey i got idea

    its about 10:37 PM
  12. Mullet_

    Ocean map

    I've noticed i get worse frame rate on Ocean too. It also takes longer to load for me than any other map. This sucks as it's my favorite map. Rarely seems to make an appearance though
  13. Mullet_

    Can any one explain how the repair cost work?

    This is a good question. I too would love an answer. If it is anything like WOT your repair cost is totally related to how many hp you need to repair... and it goes up with each tier of course
  14. Mullet_

    Domination is robbing me of game time

    I would like it to be an option that you can uncheck in settings. Just like WOT did with encounter and assault. I agree with the OP. Too many times I feel like I am having a great game and team is starting to turn it around from being behind on points and then suddenly its over.