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  1. Anyone noticing torpedos only things "working as intended" atm? Everything else seems buggy as hell.
  2. MadRon

    I need some help with BBs.

    "On top of that the devs have admitted basically releasing untested changes to armour/damage models that have more or less broken things even more, LOL" Yep, don't bother with BB until they fix untested dispersion and citadel changes.
  3. It's not just the AP bug, is it just me or is there much more north south dispersion on the BB guns now? I used to be able to hit a reliable amount of shots with a broadside at 10-12km now it just seems 1 or 2 hits at best. The rest straddling the target north and south? Not going to be playing my battleships until they fix whatever the hell they did to them. Still play my DD and CA. Anecdotally tonight seems a lot of people are doing the same, not many BB out and about.
  4. MadRon

    what is the best ship to keep in port?

    I gotta say I much prefer the St Louis. That thing is a beast, have taken down full health tier 5 battleships with one before! My list would have to be; tier 3 - St Louis tier 4 - isokaze tier 5 - kongo/ minekaze tier 6 - fuso/ New Mexico
  5. Also, 5 floodings caused, no flooding damage? *edit* oh wait, that's the dev strikes, silly me.
  6. MadRon

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Still bull shit blue line exploits with BB. Easy to torp, still bull shit to shoot at. (edited). Insults, Post edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  7. MadRon

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Still not fixed. What a joke.
  8. Ok, so for captain definitely air supremacy at t5 for the Mine, but which skill at t4?
  9. MadRon

    0.5.1 patchnote released

    A mod here said that was just a mistake in the patch notes, but it may be brought in later on. For what it's worth.
  10. MadRon

    So. Team killed.

    Right at the start of the game, idiots spamming torps from behind and no chance of hitting enemy. I have to pay for my ship. Get nothing return. What does it cost the tk'er? Nothing! Why doesn't the TK'er have to pay for everything?
  11. MadRon


    Haha! Thanks!
  12. MadRon


    Already tried that - no go. I wasn't logged into the game when I redeemed it anyway. Started up, no premium. Logged out and back in again, still no premium.
  13. MadRon


    Has the code expired? It said the code was redeemed when I entered it but no premium ship time showing up in dock?