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  1. Dear WG Developers, Could you please give consideration towards having a one click checkbox to remove all consumables, flags and camo for example prior to entering a co op battle?
  2. Ranork

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    Perhaps and just supposing maybe it is the counter to all the CV rework they have just spent years completing because they realised the stuffed it up and needed a conter to them from long range? They can't be touched for the majority of the game, neither can this thing so yeah!
  3. Ranork

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    I'm still surprised that your all still surprised! It's Russian and therefore it must be better than everything else Comrade.
  4. No words needed. Job done congratulations WG you did it. You removed the most frustrating element of CV play by addressing the issue of team balance when on CV player is more skilled than the other! NOT This should never have been possible given the remaining ships left on our team but.....
  5. If you count a measure of success in the CV rework in terms of getting people to like playing carriers as they all come back on sale in the premium shop then yes the CV rework from WG devs was a huge success. Pity there is no mention of how dismal it is now for DD's to have a fun and engaging game. I wonder how loud the complaints will be as more adjustments are made, and need to be made, to those CV's already sold. I say need to be made because the in balance is still there, server population is down and I cannot wait to see the failure of the next ranked season that introduces the carrier back into the game. The skill gap between the single CV on each team will become evidently clear and show how much of an influence the CV has on the outcome. Get a skilled CV player and your like winner, winner , chicken dinner, get an unskilled and you might just as well be AFK. When you talk about the success of an AA spec CA like the Worcester well I saw two of them on my team get absolutely wiped out by a skilled CV player (tier X CV) in under 5 minutes with no right of reply bet they found the game fun! NOT.
  6. Ranork

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    All of these comments are pretty rich coming from someone who is a CV play, no BIAS there much like the current fair and balanced CV after Rework. As said by a player below play a DD and see if you think the game in the current CV meta is fun and engaging because it is NOT. CV's are not balanced and won't be while they have unlimited A/C there is no skill in that and they remain untouchable for the majority of the game.
  7. Ranork

    Honor and Glory

    Seriously WG from the previous Sharks V Eagles missions you have not learnt to limit the number of players joining per side to keep things "Balanced". Do you not understand that players will look for the side with the most numbers of players and jump on the band wagon so they can be on the winning side? Does "Balance" not translate well from English to Russian? How many times will you repeat the same mistakes? Take a look at the player balance after a single day. I wonder which team will be victorious? Hmm I wonder! Talk about Dumb and Dumber.
  8. Ranork

    Please fix DD matchmaking

    With the current x2 CV per game meta I am surprised anyone is still game enough to even queue up with a DD. I have stopped playing DD's with only one left to grind out but won't be finishing the grind in the current state of the game.
  9. Ranork

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Whilst many might take the initial stance and wish him farewell that won't fix the game and stop an exodus of players. WG need to listen and react fast, there are still many things enjoyable about this game but quite frankly do not find it as "Fun and Engaging" as it once was. I come back for the space battles, they are fun especially the torpedo beats. But lets be honest playing a tier VIII, IX or X DD other than a Grozi is no longer fun with two tier X carriers per game, or for that matter two tier VIII carriers in the game. You can no longer influence the game by capping as when you trip the cap the carriers just send wave after wave at you and you have NO defense or comeback to it you simply cannot defend yourself. If you are a DD and last alive against two carriers you cant win! that is stupid and unbalanced. I come on now have one or two games and see two carriers in every game and just sigh, perhaps you get lucky and sit on the flank that does not get swapped with aircraft otherwise it is just pure misery as you spend time changing sector "Which by the way is the dumbest mechanic ever introduced in a game" the idea of one side of a ships AA being better because what the sailors only can man 1/2 the AA turrets at one time what a crock. Action Stations on a Naval Vessel means 100% manning of everything. That brings me to the next point a BB's and Cruisers Damage Control/Repair parties should be able to be up skilled in some manor as they gain experience to mitigate some of the HE spam. I for one will also not be playing the game as much as I enjoyed doing so before as the CV rework has broken the balance, as for the RANKED season allowing CV's talk about balance I will be sitting that out entirely as with one good CV player on one side and a less skilled CV on the other in a small team makeup well you know the outcome. I will continue to pop in from time to time but will be on far less until the balance is restored. Also to preempt the trolls no I do not count myself as anything but an Average player and I have modified my DD game play significantly to counter the CV's but it is still not fun and engaging.
  10. If there was such an option everybody would be selecting it and CV's would only ever be able to play Co-Op battles :P
  11. The GHOUL camouflage for the BENSON is now not covering the gun turrets of the ship. Prior to the patch for 8.0 they were covered.
  12. Dear WG modelling team, The Tier IX British DD JUTLAND's navigation radar is an old type 945 and the feed horn is at the front of the reflector (flat face of array) so you have modeled this correctly but you then have the radar rotating in an Anti-Clockwise direction, this is wrong all radars of that era and even today always rotate in a Clockwise direction. So it may be worth your while checking other vessel's navigation radars in their models. Otherwise love the models great work team. Thank You.
  13. Ranork

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    P.S I failed to add that both Horizontal and Vertical dispersion is bad, shell velocity is bad, concealment is terrible. In order to get average Tier VI BB damage you need to invest Captain Skills heavily in surviveability (Superintendent & Survivability expert) and Fire prevention and this means you can't invest into secondaries. Even its secondaries come into play way too late for her to be of any influence.
  14. Ranork

    Prince Fredrick Give Away

    Just as well you can obtain it for free because if you spent real money on it you would be asking for a refund and be seriously disappointing with your purchase. There is nothing to like about this ship.
  15. Please reply and list what there is to like or love about this ship. IMO it is seriously un-balanced with nothing to love about it whatsoever. Its AP is woefully inadequate and this coupled with its dispersion means that a miracle has to occur to get a citadel on a broadside cruiser at any ranges more than that of the secondaries i.e around 6 km. In a close in brawl with nothing but broadside of the enemy visible I have fired a full broadside salvo into it only to watch shells dip uselessly into the water and for the whole salvo to do less than 3,000 HP of damage. The HE does more damage (shitty fire chance) than AP in all but the very rare cases. The turrets turn too slowly, it has speed but that just allows you to get into trouble quicker. Its made like a matchstick and the slightest piece of HE sets it on fire. Once I receive all the STEEL from the campaign I will have a SIGH of relief and park it to collect dust in the garage. Oh the AA is okay but when 8.0 drops and the CV rework comes into being it will be as usefull as all other AA (in other words not at all). This Ship needs some TLC otherwise it will sit gathering dust and be consigned to the history books.