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  1. You would think for a Premium account base XP would be the "Premium" base XP earnt not the non premium amount for Mission completion calculation. Another way WG is ripping us off quietly hoping no one will notice as I have not seen this explained clearly in any rules and I suspect is also the way it is calculated for Dockyard and other mission or campaign completions. In My opinion this is wrong and false advertising for a Premium account holders? So in the case below were I earnt 1,285 (without premium) instead of 2,121 as a premium account holder.
  2. Ranork

    Reason to play submarine battles

    Submarine first impressions: 1. WG tip at start of battle for Light Cruisers; Point your bow toward incoming torpedoes! Yeah right and provide perfect broadside to any enemy ships AP at the same time as you are continuously spotted! 2. Oh wait I am in a light cruiser, YIPEE saved I have smoke! DoH submarine still spots you in smoke, Damn, 3. Oh wait Submarine has dived deep and I am no longer spotted, PHEW, Shit CV has planes overhead and I have no effective counter fk. Observations: The games just became so much clumpier than after even CV rework, no flankers no going it alone, strength in numbers. Is that a BB way out the back there, hang on let me zoom in, it is but nope not in my meager Light Cruiser gun range, never mind I am sure he will close in soon! - Not if he is smart he won't. So BB's back to red line sniping and no secondary fun for you. No wait I have secondaries I am saved surely I can lock them onto the submarine and decimate it before it gets close, wait what is that noise oh heck those torpedoes they are chasing me, I can't outrun them but I can turn fast oh appears not why are they going straight for my citadel.... BOOM your dead, No fun for you! Have I missed anything, oh yeah Heavy Cruisers.... Might as well be a BB you got nothing. Anyone else see the complete proliferation in the submarine game of all ships with Hydro? There is certainly a lot of them and still it does not matter because you get a warning at least but cant do shit about it. WG submarines look great, they play great and yes they were part of history but they were soon countered, if you bring them in now like this bye bye tier 4-8 game play, bye bye GK, MASS and any US BB below tier 8, By bye Heavy Cruisers, Hello Citadel city (aka Light cruisers and BB's hit by homing torps) and say hello to multiple CV games because they are, besides submarines themselves going to be the safest and easiest to play and deal damage in. I am not sure the player base is ready for the additional work (yes work not fun) your going to have to do to remain situational aware at all time of your surroundings, positioning and ship characteristics if you wish to survive. Have I missed anything? OH enjoy the game have fun and relax.
  3. In today's CV meta why not make one simple change WG and make the fighter consumable stronger. There simple.
  4. Ranork

    nerf islands

    The submarines can see and avoid the underwater "Bommies" that we mere surface ships get routinely stuck on, even when running HYDRO 😛 The islands in WoWS are STRONK, radar goes right through them but somehow CV planes know they are there! So they are modeled in game for CV aircraft but not for radar? You say Nerf Islands I say buff them please WG as a DD player! 😛
  5. Ranork

    Competitions ???? Are weekly on the NA server

    Fem has resigned from WG recently which is very sad. But I agree the NA community is stronk as it has close proximity to many historic Naval Vessels of the era and make full use of it as a community tool to garner interest in the game. WG seem reluctant to carry this model to other countries that have a strong naval history such as Australia (tyranny of distance and $ I suspect) and the only thing we got was a video of the vampire at one stage which is the Daring class DD in game.
  6. So is it just me and yes full disclosure I am definitely NOT a UNICUM WoWS player but I find the British Heavy Cruisers (have only made it to the Surrey at Tier VII) completely underwhelming in every respect. I see few replays on the WoWS replay website, yes they are new but not that new. Very few "You Tube" or other such Community Contributors with praise for the cruiser line. Their gun range is pathetic for their given armour layout, good luck surviving to get within torpedo range and if you do get them off good luck surviving the launch while showing broadside. So far the only thing I have enjoyed about them is their AA but even this has no consequence to the game and they certainly cannot carry. At least with the Italian line they bought something new (SAP). Their HE fire chance is mediocre (a good thing for the game i.e it is balanced (looks at smolensk)) and their AP is shite. I am finding it very hard to be enthusiastic about continuing the grind. So I have finished the line now and the Tier X British Heavy Cruiser now sits in my port slowly gathering dust. What a HUNK of garbage, If I was forced to play all tier X heavy Cruisers one after each other then the GOLIATH would be last on the list. It has no tricks up its sleeve, it has trash armour for its tier, trash gun range, trash AP, mediocre to lack luster HE, its just so MEH don't waste your time unless like me you enjoy pain and have no other lines to grind. Over and OUT.
  7. Ranork

    Sub Test Iteration 3

    Well firstly WG let me list the thinks I like in the latest sub test: 1. Graphics and modelling of sub and underwater terrain and Hydro acoustic ping, 2. Removal of Oxygen being replaced with Batteries. What I do not like: 1. Submarines outclass every other type of ship, 2. The Submarine cannot surface and remains impossible to hit at periscope depth, 3. They keep DD's spotted at all times even in smoke, 4. They travel faster underwater than on the surface, 5. As a surface ship if you are lucky and have HE you have very little to aim at when they are at periscope depth, 6. If you are a Heavy Cruiser or BB you cannot counter a sub, 7. British cruisers and Italian cruiser will become even worse with only access to AP and SAP that cannot hit let alone damage a sub, 8. The ping lock on to any ship is easy and the homing torpedoes that bypass torpedo protection and citadel the unfortunate target is doomed, 9. Battery lasts too long and recharges too fast, 10. Torpedoes do way too much damage, 11. DD's have enough to contend with already dodging CV's the sub's just make them unplayable, 12. Combine subs with CV's and every ship will clump together and just camp, 13. The surface ship has no indication that 1 or both pings have locked onto them so torpedo avoidance is difficult, 14. Once a sub maintains a ping the torpedoes can turn very quickly and unbelievably fast and are almost unavoidable In summary the SUB's will break the game if they are introduced as is, more so than CV's ever did.
  8. Sir Numpty, you think the CV's killed the game well then just wait until you test iteration III of the sub test. The Sub's are way overpowered. They will kill all other class game play yes including DD's. A sub will out detect a DD and can keep them spotted even in smoke. If as a DD player you try and prosecute a sub you are getting shot at by every other ship as you are constantly detected and you have a small stick like periscope to try and hit with your HE. Heavy Cruisers, and Italian and british cruisers that have no HE are fked as they cannot damage a sub.
  9. Apparently it is the server is only open during Europe Daytime hours so for anyone outside of the European continent would have to log on real early in the morning, .
  10. Have a login, downloaded client, restarted Game Centre as directed, but computer says NO. Error at login "Please Try again later" :( Not happy JAN.
  11. Dear WG Developers, Could you please give consideration towards having a one click checkbox to remove all consumables, flags and camo for example prior to entering a co op battle?
  12. Ranork

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    Perhaps and just supposing maybe it is the counter to all the CV rework they have just spent years completing because they realised the stuffed it up and needed a conter to them from long range? They can't be touched for the majority of the game, neither can this thing so yeah!
  13. Ranork

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    I'm still surprised that your all still surprised! It's Russian and therefore it must be better than everything else Comrade.
  14. No words needed. Job done congratulations WG you did it. You removed the most frustrating element of CV play by addressing the issue of team balance when on CV player is more skilled than the other! NOT This should never have been possible given the remaining ships left on our team but.....
  15. If you count a measure of success in the CV rework in terms of getting people to like playing carriers as they all come back on sale in the premium shop then yes the CV rework from WG devs was a huge success. Pity there is no mention of how dismal it is now for DD's to have a fun and engaging game. I wonder how loud the complaints will be as more adjustments are made, and need to be made, to those CV's already sold. I say need to be made because the in balance is still there, server population is down and I cannot wait to see the failure of the next ranked season that introduces the carrier back into the game. The skill gap between the single CV on each team will become evidently clear and show how much of an influence the CV has on the outcome. Get a skilled CV player and your like winner, winner , chicken dinner, get an unskilled and you might just as well be AFK. When you talk about the success of an AA spec CA like the Worcester well I saw two of them on my team get absolutely wiped out by a skilled CV player (tier X CV) in under 5 minutes with no right of reply bet they found the game fun! NOT.