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  1. Ranork

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    I would like to see what statistics WG are using to decide the ship is OP? Is it across all servers or just the RU server? The Ship in my opinion is well balanced and yeah if anything reduce the torp range to say 12km the same as the Shima, the guns are not the issue with the ship and the suggested nerf goes way too far. The Pan Asia tree is under subscribed as it is due to the lack of variety and number so this will simply punish the line more to the point where players will only grind through it as a last resort. Hands of WG in the same breathe you provide buffs to IJN ships you take away probably the single reason players touch the Pan Asian line at all.
  2. Ranork

    CV Rework (SEA)

    Playing the tier VIII cruisers with low test population is hard as you get bottom tier with tier X CA's and your squadrons can't get through for any sort of successful attack. I have a feeling the general AA even on a IJN BB like the Amagi appears to strong now even when actively dodging FLAK as hard as you can. Detect ability of aircraft also appears to high and there is a bug where the sound of activating a consumable such as a repair party occurs randomly throughout the game when you have taken no action.
  3. Ranork

    CV Rework (SEA)

    In my opinion off map would make it worse, the biggest problem is similar to that faced by WoT players in Arty in that you can lose 1/3 of your HP or more in extreme cases without ever seeing or getting a shot at revenge. The suggestion for off map attack aircraft would make this worse. The two challenges for WG are the above plus th imbalance if one team has a skilled CV player and the other not they can influence the game too heavily to one side unlike a good DD, CA or BB player. I like what WG have done as a 1st crack at it the play is engaging and fun unlike the previous game play.
  4. Ranork

    CV Rework (SEA)

    For the sake of full disclosure, I am not a big CV player in WoWS have up to tier V CV's then gave up. I do have an occasional run in the Saipan though. I hate playing against them as they currently are with the biggest problem is team balance. If you have one team with a very good CV player and the other with a poor one there is a huge disadvantage to the team that has a low skill CV player. Now this has somewhat ben dealt with with the removal of fighter A/C being able to obliterate the low skill players squadrons but not entirely as the bombers and rocket equipped A/C can run as fighters for a limited duration, so I like this aspect but not the fact that still an imbalance can occur. Do I have an answer on how to fix this part NO. As far as the look and feel goes, Hats off to WG development staff, as a first cut CV test this is brilliant. Th look and feel and emersion with the AA fire bursts and the controls for attacking phase are simply awesome, love them. The fine control during the terminal phase of the attack is still a bit clunky, perhaps this is intentional? As for the AA spec of the CV itself for self defense I have found attacking an enemy CV that is spotted is expensive in terms of A/C being knocked out. With a full squadron of 4 you will get on most occasions 2 torps away.Again I believe this is part of the balance mechanism to do away with defensive A/C fighter squadrons. More game play needed for now.
  5. Ranork

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    After the game crashed and unable to login on with server connection error, I ran the check and update under game settings and was able to log back in and play.
  6. Ranork

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Still down it seems any update on when the TST server will be available again? Also it seems main ASIA server for LIVE WOWS is down?
  7. Ranork

    Super Container Amazing

    I did agree totally with this post! :)
  8. Ranork

    losing control of ship

    Send a ticket in to support with your replay you won't get any sympathy in here m8 sorry.
  9. I must be missing something here. You freely admit to not playing the game for over two months come back and want a freebie?
  10. WG, I have a suggestion, if I may regarding the behavior of the Catapult Fighter. If the AA's of a cruiser or BB that has launched their catapult fighter, rather than it doing a meaningless circuit like the spotting aircraft it should directly attack the selected aircraft and conduct a strafing run on it. I am not suggesting any improvement to the strength or firepower of the fighter just it's behavior. It is frustrating having a bomber for example selected for your Cruisers AA and then launch the catapult fighter only to have it sit in a useless orbit and not actually attack the selected aircraft that is within its range.
  11. Not the ship but the men maketh the difference! Lest We Forget
  12. Ranork

    Henri IV or Moskva?

    It all depends on your play style and whether or not you are chosing to use the ship in Clan battles. There is a good video from iChase I think or Flamu which goes through the Pro's and Con's of all Tier X cruisers and shows you the various play styles for each.
  13. Ranork

    A further nail in the coffin for BB's

    At full speed and turning. Bow on to incoming and fighter airborne.
  14. Well there I was top tier in my Bismark, full HP and then a single attack from the SBD-5's rom the newly introduce CV Enterprise and wham x2 fires and get this 69,850 damage from 9 bomb strikes! Game over for me. P2W or what gg WG well played.
  15. Ranork

    British cruisers are garbage

    Err Stein your stats are poorly skewed if you look at the number of battles plaid by each cruiser type. The British Cruisers (Sans the Fiji) are crap hence why below tier IX no one wants to play them. Firing at a BB's superstructure and doing 800 odd damage and taking out a few AA or Secondary guns is not helpful to the team in any stretch of the imagination. The range of their main armament requires you to engage well inside all BB's and other CV's sweet spots so the result is inevitable. Try playing an Edinburgh in a Tier X or IX game on open ocean! :P There SHITE.