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  1. Gun_Go_Boom

    Atago not found!?

    I had the same issue - I noticed that when I clicked on the link it went to the 404 page and I was logged out again. So I logged back in on the error page (top right) and it works - suggest you try as well.
  2. Gun_Go_Boom

    Anyone know blog where can i buy warships replica?

    Some good online stores are Hobbylink Japan, LuckyModel, or BNA Model World in Australia if your down under. As others have said, Tamiya is a good place to start, Hasegawa also makes decent waterline models. Trumpeter make some interesting subjects (got a HMS Dreadnought on order), but IIRC they're not as newbie friendly. Similar with HobbyBoss. Aifix has some ship subjects, they're older and fiddly, but with some nice subjects
  3. Gun_Go_Boom

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    Definitely. Big bombers still had their uses. Delivering large or odd-shaped bombloads (something the Lancaster was very good at), as well as long-range anti-submarine patrol at sea (where a big plane and 4 engines is a very good thing).
  4. Gun_Go_Boom

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    Actually, the area strategic bombing of cities and towns to dampen civilian morale was usually an abject failure. It didn't work during the blitz and it mostly didn't work on Germany or Russia. Bombing did have an effect on morale in tactical situations though - versus soldiers, or a tank or ship crew or army column. But you don't use a B-17 or a Lancaster to do that
  5. Gun_Go_Boom

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    You need to read up on the results - strategic bombing was for the most part a waste of time. The US day bomber campaign directed thousands of planes against Germany, yet war production rose month by month until the end of 1944. As for accuracy, I've seen stats that had only 20% of bombs falling in half a kilometre of the target, and only 5% or something actually hitting the target. RAF night strategic bombing was worse - around 1% on target. Add to that - every time you lose a plane (and they lost a lot) you lost 10 crew that all had to be trained at significant expense
  6. Gun_Go_Boom

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    Most 4-engine WW2 bombers were a complete waste of resources. A Mosquito could carry 2/3rds the bomb load of a B-17 and still get to Berlin almost twice as fast, and with a substantially lower loss rate
  7. Gun_Go_Boom

    Where Is the rest of the world?

    Until the Brits stuck catapults on their merchant ships at least. Might have seemed like a dumb idea, especially as the pilot had to bail out into the ocean, but they managed to shoot down German aircraft almost every time they were launched. They had CAMs from late 41 to mid-42, then escort carriers became available
  8. Gun_Go_Boom

    How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    I don't think the issue is cruisers so much as (i) the fire mechanic generally, and (ii) HE being the default setting for ammo when you start a game, so lots of players never think to change it.
  9. Gun_Go_Boom

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    Thanks for the link. Some things I already do but I'm happy to learn others.
  10. Gun_Go_Boom

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    I'm not asking for that. DDs also have BBs as a priority target. However CVs advantage over DDs is that they can launch attacks while staying out of the range of return fire, something a DD can't do. I'm not suggesting that role is changed, just modified for player enjoyment. The guy who sails in a straight line on their own in a BB should still die to a CV just as they will to a destroyer.
  11. Gun_Go_Boom

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    Yep. I also know that there's usually 3-4 groups of planes in the sky, and unless you're the only ship in the area potentially quite a few targets as well. And not everyone is driving in straight lines waiting to be shot either. The problem isn't as simple as you want it to be.
  12. Potentially it changes other aspects of gameplay too. I've won a few games by capping late game while the remnants of my team were off dying in stupid ways. 5 additional minutes would just give the enemy time to finish them all off and come looking for me on the cap. Conversely, it makes you watch the map more to check you don't drift too far from cap when you're mopping up enemies so they don't sneak a ship in behind you.
  13. Gun_Go_Boom

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    The thing is, most of the complaints are about air-launched torpedoes, not torps in general. The difference is that any player gets a reasonable chance to evade or attack a destroyer (or cruiser) trying to torp them - yet destroyers still get plenty of kills. The obvious solution is to make CV attacks more like those of a destroyer - have planes make a longer run into the target and increase the arming distance. No-one in a destroyer expects to close to 200m before launching torps. To balance that - make planes game speed faster and give them an additional buff to speed and survivability once they've dropped their weapons (more realistic anyway). Now carrier drivers get more chances to attack (which would make carrier gameplay more fun) and planes are more survivable, but it takes away the issue with people looking up to find 12 torpedoes heading their way and only 3 seconds left to maneuver.
  14. Gun_Go_Boom

    More Realism Please

    Oh come on! Imagine how much better the game would be if we had some realistic naval tradition in there I say the next patch should include portions of rum for the crew, scurvy and the lash!
  15. Gun_Go_Boom

    cv torpedo op plz fix this

    There's definitely a problem with carriers in low tier games, but like arty in WOT, the solution isn't nerfing CVs into the ground so that they're unplayable or no fun to use. Rather than nerf torp damage or increase the cooldown rates so carrier drivers end up falling asleep during reloads,why not simply limit tier 4 and 5 CVs so they're never top tier in a match, and have the MM ensure even numbers per side.