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  1. stick3

    why do you play

    i love playing war games over 40k battles in wot i also gave war planes a go but iam 55 so the eyesight and reflexes aren t as good now but ships i cant get enough off got every tier 10 bb cl ca i just enjoy sipping on a beer and having a feed between salvos i am looking forward to subs i don t play carriers and the highest dd is t7 which i won i have a lot of ships and i love playing them all which i did during the birthday celebration i have in my fleet tiers 8-10 = 46 ships, tiers 5-7 =54 ships so far until the next bb,ca cl tech tree gets revealed
  2. stick3

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    thanks capt
  3. why touch it, lot of players have put in to much time and money to get where we are now to start again
  4. stick3

    Most plane kills in 0.8.0.

    yes in port its when you put upgrades on but i have never use or added AA ugrades because you hardly ever seen cvs in high tier battles only upgrades i did was to improve main guns range /plotting or for the german bbs secondarys now i have to reconfigure some with the lowest like yammy/mushi for them to survive
  5. stick3

    Most plane kills in 0.8.0.

    of all my high tier bbs, montana is the highest AA 84 next is the republic 83 than iowa missouri nc next is the gk /conqueror last yamato /mushi if i change some upgrades and commander skills probaly could make some improvement all the t10 captains are 19 pointers
  6. stick3

    Most plane kills in 0.8.0.

    i have only been playing the missouri since the patch to train a nc captain around 50 shot down in one battle
  7. stick3

    A World Without CV

    before the patch you were lucky to see a carrier in a high tier battle now i see 2 in every battle ,me its great seeing all the aircraft buzzing about and aa going off and i only play battleships and cruisers i have seen a lot of changes in here and wot over the years and hasn t deter me from playing
  8. stick3

    750K free exp

    i got all the t9 premiums ships also not only do they generate credits but they also train my captains
  9. stick3

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    mate its to test your patience and when you get the 10 you can look back and say to wg i beat your challenge .. i have done it nine times now and refuse the easy way by using free xp only yesterday i unlocked and brought the republic now i have all 5 t10 bbs
  10. stick3

    Technical issues found.

    just tried again and it worked
  11. stick3

    Technical issues found.

    had same issue yesterday afternoon and now
  12. stick3

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    same here i get the message you have been disconnected from the server technical issue found i got it working using the launcher in the file location and after about an hour i log back in through game center and it worked