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  1. stick3

    750K free exp

    i got all the t9 premiums ships also not only do they generate credits but they also train my captains
  2. stick3

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    mate its to test your patience and when you get the 10 you can look back and say to wg i beat your challenge .. i have done it nine times now and refuse the easy way by using free xp only yesterday i unlocked and brought the republic now i have all 5 t10 bbs
  3. stick3

    Technical issues found.

    just tried again and it worked
  4. stick3

    Technical issues found.

    had same issue yesterday afternoon and now
  5. stick3

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    same here i get the message you have been disconnected from the server technical issue found i got it working using the launcher in the file location and after about an hour i log back in through game center and it worked
  6. stick3

    Free code

    thanks mate
  7. stick3

    CB times for AUS and NZ

    if i go over there i be too busy exploring to worry about cb we have few members who live over there including our commander
  8. stick3

    new equip must viable with credit or gold

    i didn t complain, just play the game ended up with 6 t10s (4 bb 2 ca) Des Moines is unlocked but i have more fun in the lower tiers
  9. stick3

    Question about US CL split

    just wait and see what happens ,i have retained all cruiser from t5 and unlocked the t10 also added prem camo to the cleveland its lot cheaper at tier 6 than t8
  10. i thought the battleship was supreme until you see all those torpedos coming from invisible ships less than 10 ks away
  11. stick3

    Missouri Accuracy

    i haven t played the missouri for a while i find it less accurate can compare it to iowa and montana and all 3 ships are set up the same firing range just over 27ks and but being a premium i get in close and personnel to do lots of damage and to use its radar
  12. typical always blame the ship, the good points about high tiers premium ships not only do they make lots of credits and xp but more important is captain skills win/loose who cares go into every battle and do damage
  13. stick3

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    i gritted my teeth and went for broke, i was there to do damage when i played the t9s bbs and set a xp target took me just over 3 weeks in the fdg 15-20xp a day i got all four t10 bbs with a 19 point captains in them ...
  14. stick3

    Why are AFK players still not punished?

    what happens if is it beyond our control.. who hasn t experienced loss of power, internet pc /game crash or phone rings or you get visitors just after you hit the battle button