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  1. Actually, with the auto aimer you can adjust it. It comes with numerous settings for tweaking to make it more effective at prediction. I've seen it used right infront of me. The things prediction line even hooked around matching the ships turning angles. All he did was right click, set and forget. Spent most of his time dodging the lines that magically appear in the water to show where shells land. I couldn't believe it. Just said "what's the point of playing the game? So you look good on the games scoreboard that nobody gives a crap about?".
  2. I love how you assumed I just sail in straight lines. These people are pulling these shots because it also predicts turning. I use incoming and priority together. You see I've seen the auto aim cheats first hand. I know how it works. All they do is right click once on the little square that has a line attached to your ship which is the prediction point. Once they've clicked on it, it automatically fires nones stop until it's told to stop. So things like priority target and incomming don't work because they are looking in another direction while the cannons are firing.
  3. Any easier way to spot the auto aimers is with Priority Target. If you get slammed exactly mid ship outter no where and Priority Target didn't activate at all prior it means they didn't even bother looking at your ship, they targeted right at the lead market or right clicked for the auto aim software to work.
  4. I've been playing for a long time now and know and understand the firing patterns of people and because of it it's easy to spot players who are using some form of aim assistance what ever. What I want to do is explain to you all how to play so you're also able to spot players cheating. My primary method is dupe them, turn towards an island at full speed. Then go in a straight line towards it. You will tank damage but it's fine, you're just proving they're cheats. When you smack into the island and suddenly stop their mindless auto aiming will have them either spamming their fire buttons or automatically firing with the cheat. What will happens it youll see a whole lot of shells keep following your intended path along the land mass. A player would not even fire past your bow if they know you're going to hit land and stop. Automation doesn't though so you'll see lots and lots of hits on land along your intended path. Then boom, you've got your proof. Upload the replay with a screen shot with a nice little report in the reporting section so when they get around to it they'll get banned.
  5. Pimpcat


    I thought it'd be a great ship but after trying it out I have to say it is extremely disappointing. The ship is made of tin foil and its dps is bad, really bad. The majority of your rounds shatter and do nothing at all to the target. As soon as people know you are in a Colbert even the crappiest dps DD will come chasing after you to citadel you with its potato guns. This ship is supposed to be awesome and worth the grind, the reality is, it is the complete opposite and a total rip off.
  6. Pimpcat

    Containers bugged

    When I use the open all containers button. Some times it doesn't give me anything after using it. Basically you people are stealing money from me. Awesome bug.
  7. Pimpcat

    Research Bureau Points not working.

    My account is one of those accounts.
  8. Pimpcat

    Research Bureau Points not working.

    Kind of like fine print. They should've explained it on the actual tool tip in game, instead there's nothing. It only says you get points for resetting. I did that. It didn't give me the points. Hence the complaining. Telling me to regrind the tree again after I already did it is really messed up.
  9. Pimpcat

    Research Bureau Points not working.

    That's bs on their part if it's true.
  10. I reset numerous ship trees and all it did was sell everything from those trees and not credit me with any Research Points at all...
  11. Pimpcat

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    CV's don't belong in ranked, they make or break the matches too much.
  12. Pimpcat

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.7

    What idiot thought it was a good idea to allow CV's into ranked? The maps are small and the CV's only need to watch a a few ships, it's horrible in ranked now!
  13. Pimpcat

    Death of the destroyers role.

    You said it yourself, "only in this one week". Why don't look up my stats with LE Terrible, it has no AA, very short range torpedoes, terrible stealth and yet I wreck with it. Because I figured out how it's meant to be played.
  14. Yeah, I got my stats by being a noob from the get go, this isn't my only account. And he's a fathom player trying to push a narrative forward that effects DD players negatively, there's nothing innocent about this players post. I seen it for what it really is and replied accordingly.
  15. Only 100k damage and you think you're special? And how much money are you blowing on containers to get all those flag boosters?