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  1. So I am down to the last month in trying to get Legendary modules. Thought I would get many, but in end it looks like I may only achieve 2. Then the new Eitel missions come in. Direct competition - do I go all out and miss the Legendries, to get an average ship + bunch of extras. The new purchasable campaign costs $179. I told others in game and all I got back were howls of derision and laughter. Now someone has pointed out that the last set of directives for the Eitel are pretty steep - lot of grinding. And none of this gets me the steel required for Flint in the Arsenal. It may have, but this round of ranked don't offer steel as a reward. So..... effectively, nothing that will impress many, except for some ships purchaseable with coal.
  2. Flemboy

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    I think that the blurb was reasonably clear. I think whats being expressed is disappointment. The patch video makes one get all excited, but in the end, the VAST majority of players will be thousands of steel short of even the cheapest steel ship - FLint, so its a big deal over completely nothing. I don't get it. Coal, great. But the suggestion was that Steel was going to become a new thing. It it wont. In order to get steel enough for Flint, I would have to get the 5000k or so from my ships, buy the $179 campaign for the other 2200 or so, and get maybe another 2000 in the Eitel missions. The current ranked event offers NO steel reward. So how do I get there?
  3. With all this talk of steel, I posted a couple of times that the only way to get enough steel will be for people to play ranked. I normally dont play ranked. Just looked at the blurb on ranked sprint. Steel rewards are not mentioned anywhere. Is that just because it is an inherent part of your rewards, and is not specific to "Sprint"? Or do I have to play normal ranked (ie non-season)?
  4. Flemboy

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    Yes, just posted about this. With all the steel to be had + 2200 in the new to purchase campaign, most will still be WAY short of purchasing any ship for steel. Ranked play will be a must.
  5. Hey, The blurb seemed pretty straight forward, but I am still just checking is somehow I misunderstood, and a ship of any sort will generate more. If its only one, then it would appear that I am still GOING to have to bite the bullet and play ranked if I want any chance to get even the Flint. Got excited about maybe the new campaign providing a lot of steel, but $179 seems a wee bit steep to get a new premmie which got OK reviews, and still not enough steal to buy the Flint. As nice as the flags and other stuff is, I expect that a whole lot of people are going to be disappointed. In two of my games tonight the price brought both howls of derision and some swear words.
  6. Flemboy

    HMS Thunder Child

    I would probably buy it on the strength of that incredible album, yes
  7. Flemboy


    thanks Hobart
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    Just out of interest, did the Yamato ever, actually, sink an enemy ship? Just reference the whole "Power" thing? I had a similar situation when I played the Tiger I and Panther in WoT. Both were awful in-game.
  9. I was having problems with it too. Then I just played the "Defend the towers" fantasy battle and got it in one game.
  10. Flemboy

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    Gidday Mike, and welcome to a WG product ! My best answers to your statements. (Caveats - I don't play randoms in ships. Only coop. Just getting back into the tanks after 2+ years of ships. But HUGE number of games so....) 1) To my knowledge, the FPS has absolutely nothing to do with internet connection. Did you mean ping? If you indeed meant FPS, then you probably need a graphics card/ PC upgrade. 2) I cant say about the consumables, but I know that people change their tank round keys (AP/HE/ and HESH) with key allocation. I would expect you can change the hotkey somewhere. 3) Two parts. Belfast is a GREAT premium. Like almost all other GREAT (read game-breakingly OP) premiums, they tend to get withdrawn from sale once it becomes common knowledge amongst the players. This could go back as far as 8 or so years ago where T-64s tanks (I think) became so popular that there were often 5-6 per side, and the game became known as World of T-64s. Try to find out with reviews if something is OP, and get in quick. Second point, our server pool and the European onces cant be mixed because of the massive difference in ping rates that would occur. 4) Answered previously. 5) The biggest issue I have with WG. Sorry, but the ridiculous 3 tier spread, and associated awful lack of balance is here to stay. If 8 years of people griping about it in tanks has led to no SIGNIFICANT changes (they have tried everything BUT running a two only tier spread), then there is no chance of that in the much smaller ships pool. Tanks was a hugely successful product, mainly overseas, not in asia or US. Ships has had a mediocre response at best. I personally prefer the ships, as the tanks is well and truly broken with massive balance and mm issues. In bot games I only see my tier +1 or so. For something that has caused SO SO SO MANY WG players to leave the franchise in rage and frustration, I will never be able to understand why they didn't stick to a two tier spread. By having 3 tiers, unfairness, both real and perceived creeps in. It is completely unfair for a 5 to play a 7, or an 8 play a 10. An perception is a huge thing. IF the game only had two tiers, and had a generator that ensured over a days play that you were in top tier 50% of the time, and lower tier 50% of the time, nobody would complain. BUT make that a 3 tier spread and the obvious "unrandomness" becomes obvious. IF the game was truly fair, and not rigged, then players with a random generator should see, with every 4 games played, 1 at low tier, 2 at mid tier, and 1 at highest tier. That would be fair. Of course, that is simply not what people see. People see 3 at bottom, one at mid, and one maybe, at top. I simply cannot overemphasise how many friends I used to have in these games who no longer play. And without exception, the blatant rigging was the primary issue they had. Another big problem is the amount of players who will whine about so many other things but not this. Standard responses to the MM issue were usually met with "Get Good" and "Just leave if you don't like it". Well, huge numbers did. So many in fact, that as mentioned before, virtually nobody I used to play with still plays. The "Just leave then" comment is particularly ignorant. These games will only continue if there is a server population. 6) One more WG issue. Despite Russian armour being SMASHED in early WW2 and during the Arab-Israeli wars, apparently they are the best vehicles ever. Same with ships. One wag pointed out that the Russian navy has never actually sunk any enemy warship bigger than a cruiser (and without double checking that, I think he might just be right). The Panther and Tiger in game simply don't do what they did in the real world. To be fair to WG, unless this game featured firing out to 1 km, then the German tanks were never going to be as they were in real life. 7) No longer matters with new CV mode. Video of the torp attacks in youtube show that a long torp run, including arming distance, will be the standard. 8) Shit happens. Although, yes, at insanely close ranges the most technically advanced (stabilised) guns on big ships should be almost assured a hit. 9) I don't thing submarines will ever be a thing.
  12. Your experience is not unusual. Watch Youtube for the recommended upgrades. Noster and others literally state that there are about 5-6 that are worth it. (Minotaur, Hindenburg, Midway, Hakuwhatever, and a couple of US cruisers). That it, rest give little improvement to make their handicaps worth it. Of note, two of the good ones were the carriers ones, and these will arguably not even play a role with the new carrier mode. WG stuffed this (again). Major complaint is that most are simply not good. All they had to offer was something that improved rates of fire or something else ie. small improvements across the board, with no nerfs. Second complaint is the amount of time to get them. Getting these means most people who try for them will be playing NOTHING ELSE but these ships. By the time you get the upgrade, you are bored of the ship. Also annoying
  13. Flemboy

    Bot CV matches on Co-op with no human CV

    I get the frustration though. I posted about this once myself. Carriers are so much more common in coop (most matches) that its perverse. Apparently, as I don't random, CVs are literally non-existent there. Some have said that it gives you "practice" in dealing with CVs, but given that the carriers in coop play nothing at all like human carrier opponents, its a weak argument. Human players will swarm a single ship, and sink it in one strike. Bots not just attack numerous targets per "salvo", but as they get shot down, they don't "amass" again like a human, but just come piecemeal, and the fighters act independently, so there is no fighter support for their strike. They are significantly weaker than in randoms, and offer no real practice opportunity, other than dodging. As I said, they are in almost EVERY game. And that is shit. Same argument reference the "Fully specced AA builds". Surely people don't run them in randoms, because: a) Carrier guys know which targets NOT to target, I am sure they don't make a beeline for the Neptune and Atlanta players yes? b) You hardly see carriers, so the captain skills placed into AA seem wasted. Same can be argued with Secondary builds. Most players know which ones NOT to get close to, so why commit commander skill points on something that rarely happens?
  14. Flemboy

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    No you are absolutely correct. In general, I try not to play most of them at all. I should re-consider my statement. The tier X ships, and tanks, across the board, are so much better, in every respect, that although some tier IXs might be "Good", they are not worth it. Most impressive IX was Fletcher, but the Gearing is so much better there is no comparison. They are "Comparatively" awful, and usually not worth keeping once you get the X.