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  1. Sorry, it states anni starts on 14th, but so far, nothing. When does it tick over to 14th in East coast states Aus?
  2. New CoOp Bots?

    Well stuff me. It seems my previous post may have been coloured by the maps I had played with the new AI. Just played a Grozy game where it went for a full match, timed out with a victory. AI got smarter. And today I saw a team SMASHED by AI. Although I was thinking that more broadsides would be good, the simple fact is that I, and others have not adapted. Now, with some players going off by themselves to the sides of the map, it used to be that it was simply "more for me". Well, stuff me, they focus you, and sneak around more, and tend to kill players who go it themselves. Much more interesting. Not just target practice now. It means bigger scores due to team evaporating as they are too aggressive, but also more losses.
  3. Hurray, CV Rework!

    War Thunder realistic? Sorry, but knowing what you hit inside at tank, and firing at particular crewmen to totally kill a tank, because the tank just wont die with one live crewman in it is just as ridiculous as some of the arcade aspects of WoT and WoWs. On my first day playing I sat in a PzIVD in initial map and just oneshotted 13 tanks in a row for petes sake. The ship play has been shown on youtube, and features things like Flak barges that just murder any torpedo boat that comes by. Reviewer stated that the game was seriously unbalanced. Seeing what I saw I would say that the game, both tank and ship, is not nearly as good as WGs products.
  4. New CoOp Bots?

    All I play is coop. Apart from the fact that the bots are more spread out, and don't just rush the centre like in the old maps, I have not noted any particular change in their behaviour that would warrant changing to a more "safe" approach. Seriously, they have not gotten noticeably smarter. Way, way, too many players go off to the edges of the map in coops as if they are playing humans. Yes, more damage for me, but it irritates the shit out of me. Seeing some cruiser player going ALL the way round the edge of the map to get their carrier is infuriating. If there were far more bots that might work, but given half to most of the bots are killed in 5 mins or so, it just means they are out of the fight during the entire match - What the French call "Hors de combat". It makes them as useless as a dead player.
  5. ahhhhh - just got a response to my ticket. I actually converted my hard earned elite xp into converted xp. AHHHHHHHHH DAMMMNNNN. To spend actual money on converting xp that doesn't need converting! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  6. Yes, as I said, my fault. More of a suggestion to WG to simply colour the boxes differently, to differenciate, the diffent anniversary next time. No don't particularly believe someone is in the team saying "HA HA Got another one", but it wouldn't surprise me from a marketing perspective that the crates were allowed to be that colour so that some would buy thinking they were the same ones. More fool me. On the other note, anyone lost elite or converted xp? I can understand a loss of converted because sometimes you accidently research something etc, but elite commander can only be used by pressing the + button in the commanders name, and it asks you if you want to spend. So having a sudden drop of a few days worth was a shock. Worse still, got my ticket back, with "Got a screenie?". Who takes regular screenies of their xp totals? Well me from now on. Whats weird though, is that WG needs that for proof. After all, xp is a running balance right? And that balance must be there in my account. So if my elite xp balance dropped significantly, and there was no corresponding increase in skill level on some capitan, the surely thats proof it went missing, yes?
  7. Be aware, some of us get a little excited, and like buying nice containers. Have been slowly getting more coal. Had reached 70k coal. 5000 coal for 5 of the new anniversary containers. Want some of those new tokens to get stuff like Dasha commander, or new flags. Spend coal, and get,...... nothing. 5 containers = 5 single camos, 15 - 20 signals, and some collectables that were duplicates. Its the duplicates that made the light bulb come on. Damn, SECOND anniversary containers, not the NEW third anni containers. So no chance of tokens, new signals, or collectables I may not have. Why make such a silly error? Didn't have my glasses on, and the new anniversay boxes have the SAME blue wrap as the old ones. Gotya! Seriously WG. Might be worth changing the wrap to a different colour or style, thankfully it will only catch a few of us, and only once. What I recieved was not remotely worth 5k coal. OH and PS... I seem to have lost about 28k in elite commander XP a couple of days ago. Anyone else had that happen? Looked as it built up, hadn't spent any, and next time I look, only 3k. (ie one or two games of coop). I will sreen save the amount of converted xp and elite xp regularly now.
  8. Hahahaha. I love the first few with the OK? I made a meme. Thank you for the replies. Its nice to know that others see some of what I see. You're right, coop is THE place to try out new ships. I remember when I first started, and those low tier firestarter cruisers (Murmansk) were so OP. I used to rage that it was too easy, and the poor low tier BBs didn't stand a chance. Now that my eye came in, I realise how easy they are to delete. I have noted that all my cruisers except minotaur are on the low end. Thank you gentlemen, brought a smile to my face. OK?
  9. Firstly, I DONT PLAY RANDOMS. OK? Too painfully slow, too much focus firing on individuals, and like tanks, too reliant on fellow players. Too frustrating in other words. Today, a whole series of awful, rage inducing games, as I watched one coop team after another either lose, or come close to losing against brainless bots because they play the same way they do in randoms. This usually takes the form of at least half the team, and all too often, cruiser captains, going to the 1 or 10 lines, or trying to cap A or C when all the bots just roar down the middle. Worst was this one. (See attached). Eight human players including a 3 person division. As usual, half team goes off and hides behind islands, or tries to cap far circle, despite the fact that: A) Bots don't stay in the cap. They WILL go into cap, and then leave if they see a target B) There are virtually no points to be made in capping in a bot match. C) Bots don't need to be outwitted with "Sneaky" play. In the first 3 minutes I have killed the Blyska, the enemy akizuki, the Atago and the Scharnhorst. Sharns torps take me out second later. So its 3 mins in, and the score is me 4, rest of team none, with only 1 or two of them firing at enemy at all. 7 Humans vs 4 bots. Guess who won? I'm not bragging, my aggressive style doesn't suit randoms, I would be that guy YOU would complain about. The purpose of this post is simple: please, please, please, its nice that I end up getting most of the damage in, but stop playing bots like they're human. The team often loses. They WILL, 9 time out of 10, all come down the middle, and they WONT cap you out. Oh, and please, give consideration to the fact that cruisers are like WGs Tiger I in WoT. People consistently try to defend the German tanks with statements like "Their not brawlers, they're snipers". So in other words, their admitting that they cant meet the Russian tanks head on, and must engage in shooting from a distance to survive. ie. something that can be done in any tank. In other words, German tanks are inferior. Same with cruisers. If the only legitimate way of using your cruiser is to hide behind an island, or it will be deleted, then it ISNT a good ship for coop. They have their role in randoms. Their radar and AA can save a team. Sneaky tactics work against humans. In coop the rest of your team gets creamed whilst you hide. End RAGE.... :)
  10. Just pressed the BATTLE button with Coop selected. Total number of players on WOWS, 685. In-game WG communication box come up "SERVER OVERLOADED, TRY AGAIN LATER". Firstly, has anyone else seen this, as it seems new. More importantly, I pressed the button again and got a game immediately. "9 players in my range" and battle starts with 3 humans. Rest bots. At this time of day (8 AM) unusual. Usually I am the only human for a couple of hours play. But my issue is this - server overloaded? Bit of a worry.
  11. As of today, my in game combat is still moving along well, but after battle a warning is poping up telling me my ships need to be serviced (Repaired). Top right there is a warning symbol over both my credits and dubloons. About 30 seconds later it lets me fix the ship, and the two amounts become un-greyed out again. The in game combat and in game credit don't share the same server?
  12. This is how often I have received supercontainers playing the standard 3 containers a day stuff (I got other supers in campaign, but ignore those): 29 April - 100 Dragon flags 27 May - 100 Equal speed charlie london 17 June - 50 La Padraig camo 24 June - 1 Improved Radar Surveillance module During this time period I recieved 4 supers in campaign, and all had 100 signals in them. I agree that better items should be in the container, spending most of the day, and finally getting a super, only to be disappointed is probably losing players to playing all through the day to get them. Sitting around for the third, and still getting a shit 4 little signals, is unpleasant. I started keeping a list in mid April, just to see what I got. Of note, is that I average one a month. Also, like with so much other WG stuff, I dont think its random. I noticed, prior to starting the list, that the supers fell almost regularly at monthly intervals. Backing this up, is the rewards for 3 containers per day. I will usually get a run of things, ie. 750 free xp, then the next day, just 4 flags. Then camo for a day (all in the try my luck). I have been unwilling to try the more camo option because when I did, it was usually the crap stuff - 3% off vis and 4% off chance to be hit garbage. Does anyone know if camo with 100% xp/commander xp etc comes regularly with the more camos option? Or coal? Anyone seen a distinct increase in coal using one of the options?
  13. Thank you Ralph the Theatre Cat. Legend.