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  1. Sorry been away a while. Noticed WG were talking about making people "re-grind" entire lines already ground. Also stated this may happen up to "six" times.... So, is the idea dead a buried with 38% approximately saying they would NEVER do that, ie. possibly uninstall? Also, it mentioned tech tree, so are all your premiums safe? I am assuming so. If they "re-credit" us for all unlocked, what stops us just re-investing in tree? Sorry, not much info to go on, other than Flamu and others hated the idea. Thanks
  2. Flemboy

    Will the premium shop be updated today??????

    I am going to be all over that Graf Zep. Out of respect for other players I will, as usual, only play in coop
  3. Yes its a coop game, but check out the number of hits! Maschinengewehr 42 Harugumo
  4. Flemboy

    how many attack runs

    My Midway can do four torp runs per section. Lower tiers 3 per section.
  5. Flemboy

    CV Numbers per Game

    Hopefully, after players have tried the top tier CVs and realise that they can do consistent damage at lower tiers rather than at higher tiers where AA is far more prevalent, many may rage quit the higher tiers. I do more damage with tier IV and VI carriers than the higher ones. Secondly, if you want a relax and break from carrier assault, coop features no enemy carriers.
  6. Flemboy

    CV's in or out

    I wrote a few posts when I first started in WOWS on this. Having come from WOT the one thing I just could not wrap my mind around was: After having years of tankers HATING artie players - calling them clickers and other far less savoury names, and spending years nerfing, buffing, and changing the meta around them, for example, when artie was savagely nerfed, they stopped playing, with the unintended, but quite predictable consequence, of scouts drying up as well (no artie to rip through at games end) - they put artie, sorry, I meant carriers, in this game. Its just crazy. In both cases, their rationale was the same, and quite justifiable if these were simulators - that artillery played a much greater role, and in far greater numbers than tanks in WW2, and that carriers dominated the naval war. Unfortunately, someone forgot that war isn't fun. Artillery destroyed the enemy with no ability for the infantry to fight back. Yamato stood no chance on her final voyage. By including these as lines on a tech tree they made a mistake. Far better option would be for a commander skill - ie something you had to work towards over time - to allow an ability to carry out a bombardment, or torp strike. This would especially be acceptable to players if it were understood that this strike stuck targets completely randomly, so that no particular player would suffer continual or focused attack.\ Just sayin.
  7. Its easy with tanks. Where on earth do you go to find whos in a clan, so you can contact a clan leader about their players atrocious behaviour?
  8. There are no enemy carriers in coop. But latest mission includes necessity to shoot aircraft down. Nobody in coop can do that. Since the carrier change, coop went from having an almost guaranteed chance of seeing enemy aircraft to none guaranteed. Is this going to change? Otherwise, drop shooting down aircraft, or sinking carriers as coop mission targets. Its simply not possible, making mission worthless.
  9. Flemboy

    Do people read their post after posting it?

    I frequently re-read, and am often embarrassed by my quick-to-judge behaviour. In my defence, if someone corrects me, or points out the obvious, I will quickly apologise. I often lose my shit, and its simply because I can see WG making same mistakes with this game as it did in tanks, and you just go WTF!
  10. Flemboy

    Massive planned changes on Flooding Mechanics

    well, it depends on what it entails. Less flooding? Then sure, not good for any torpedo based action. But wouldn't it be cool if the changes included ships listing. Ohhh, to see a BB slowly heeling over, even with about 1/5 of its HP still left, a wounded beast dying.....
  11. So I am down to the last month in trying to get Legendary modules. Thought I would get many, but in end it looks like I may only achieve 2. Then the new Eitel missions come in. Direct competition - do I go all out and miss the Legendries, to get an average ship + bunch of extras. The new purchasable campaign costs $179. I told others in game and all I got back were howls of derision and laughter. Now someone has pointed out that the last set of directives for the Eitel are pretty steep - lot of grinding. And none of this gets me the steel required for Flint in the Arsenal. It may have, but this round of ranked don't offer steel as a reward. So..... effectively, nothing that will impress many, except for some ships purchaseable with coal.
  12. Flemboy

    Blowing off Snowflakes

    I think that the blurb was reasonably clear. I think whats being expressed is disappointment. The patch video makes one get all excited, but in the end, the VAST majority of players will be thousands of steel short of even the cheapest steel ship - FLint, so its a big deal over completely nothing. I don't get it. Coal, great. But the suggestion was that Steel was going to become a new thing. It it wont. In order to get steel enough for Flint, I would have to get the 5000k or so from my ships, buy the $179 campaign for the other 2200 or so, and get maybe another 2000 in the Eitel missions. The current ranked event offers NO steel reward. So how do I get there?
  13. With all this talk of steel, I posted a couple of times that the only way to get enough steel will be for people to play ranked. I normally dont play ranked. Just looked at the blurb on ranked sprint. Steel rewards are not mentioned anywhere. Is that just because it is an inherent part of your rewards, and is not specific to "Sprint"? Or do I have to play normal ranked (ie non-season)?