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  1. Chuck_Norris

    British cruisers are garbage

    I can't seem to damage a thing with either ship. I just took my Russian Cruiser out 89k damage both have 152mm guns? same play style from me shooting at the same ships? The British Cruiser handle ok just he gun with no HE seems redundant to me but i am getting frustrated full broadside a DD for 0 damage and i mean 0. I know how to play i'm not that much of a scrub just frustrating when u get a nice clean volley into another soft cruiser or DD and most just ricochet off? from like 6km away and not the odd occasion either. I am very very underwhelmed by it. Over a 10 game span i hated it and i hate the fact i spent real money on it. I'm just warning others not to bother the russian cruisers out class the British imo.
  2. Chuck_Norris

    British cruisers are garbage

    Hi, i have never written anything in forums but i felt compelled to inform those who haven't played the new British cruisers well its disappointing to say the least. I spent a fair bit or real money on doubloons to free xp to the tier 7 Fiji and bought the Belfast well what a waste of money time and energy! So where do i start? The guns have like 0mm penetration i legit mean it! Only have AP shells on the Fiji so shooting at a Battleship even up close when you need to is pointless, the lack of HE means you are combat ineffective for the team. 0 damage each volley may get a lucky critical that's it. My first match i shot point blank a dd 0 damage 2 volleys didn't over pen now just plain bounced in return i was demolished by a dd. Last game shooting a cruiser at just over 10km full broadside 0 damage surprise surprise i got wrecked in return. Iv'e played at least 10 matched in the Fiji shooting a tier 5 cruiser like 8km side on 1 shell did like 1k dame the rest of the volley bounced the tier 5 burnt me to the ground i limped away he looked brand new. So what is the penetration value of the 152mm British guns? seems it needs to be patched and i am not the only person to say this. Now the internet warriors will come out and say I'm a terrible player and the British ships are great etc probably not to far from the truth about my being a terrible player but last match point blank a tier 6 dd couldn't hurt him so frustrating and the Belfast has HE but its does no damage either?? I would love to give the Belfast back for the doubloons I spent on it. Now i was an Alpha and Beta tester and I am legit just shaking my head at the British fail train. So in short don't waste you're time, doubloons or energy on the British cruisers just yet I alone with many people were waiting for so long for the Royal Navy to turn up and was soooo lt down. Anyway that's my 2 cents and vent, I know nothing will happen and I will be ridiculed by internet warriors alike and WG will probably suspend my account for saying something negative against the game because that is how they roll. But i felt i should warn those on the lower tiers that at the moment the British guns are ineffective especially in a tier 9 match in the tier 7 you will do little to no damage to ANYTHING.
  3. Chuck_Norris

    Invitation to a new "Alpha Test"

    I got an email this morning I've done loaded the Alpha test game cant connect to the server guessing its down atm. Yeah was surprised did both beta weekends and filled out the survey. Was a tester for world of tanks years ago not sure if that helped? Just check your emails and see if you get lucky like I did!