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  1. BronzeSyth with regards to possible changes to CV self protection.

    With the CV being one of the more powerful members of a fleet as far as ordinance and the delivery of this ordinance, the CV itself is extremely venerable with its AA being one of the worst in the game especially compared to DD’s and some later build Cruisers also BB’s.  The CV’s main armament is not even that equivalent to a lower tier DD.  How can this be over come?

    1.      Allocate a DD for reinforce the CV’s AA and or a Cruiser, thus causing the loss of an active combat ship.

    2.      Increasing the AA (Consumable Defensive AA modules) and Main armament ability, this may well go against historical accuracy.

    In the later part of 1942 early 43 the Americans developed a tactic that ensure that their CV’s became more self reliant on their own ordinance i.e. their planes.

    The tactic was called Combat Air Protection or CAP.  The CV performed its normal function other than holding back a flight of fighters to fly protection around the relevant CV.  Not only did this tactic afford further protection by strafing it could also be used as an early warning system.

    The first efforts with this tactic failed miserably due to the type of ammunition of the fighters load out, i.e. standard ball ammunition; quite frankly it was similar to throwing ping pong balls at a steel wall expecting it to cause damage.

    This was overcome by the fighters being loaded with either High Explosive (HE) or Armour Piercing Incendiary (API).  This tactic in itself no way solved the problem of self protection completely; however, it certainly gave the DD’s and smaller Cruisers pause to think.

    Though aircraft ammunition will more than likely do little or no damage, however, take into consideration a 20 to 30mm HE round hitting a metal part of the ship being up near the radar array or down on deck having to dodge the shrapnel of these rounds, API, now this round is another matter altogether, as the initials indicate it is an Armour Piecing Incendiary round and it will penetrate a shrap shield on AA gun which will of course give the gunner reason to pause and think a second, the round would also be able to embed itself into some ships decks as they are wood and as such with a mixture of wood and incendiary may well cause fire if left unattended. As a consequence I believe the carrier can gain a small percentage and the attacking ship looses a small percentage.

    These are thoughts only so please don’t jump down my throat, there should be no need to nerf and vessel or aircraft as this suggestion is an actual  incident during the early to mid 40’s.

     Thanks for having a read