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  1. How can I cancel the application for service transfer if I can't log in to the official website of euroservice?

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    2. Stemono1


      Thank you. The working group can't get in touch with you. Now the game can't be entered into the Asian service. Does the European service have any data? The key is that the technical support on the official website of the European service can't log in. It's depressing. I don't understand why the data has been transferred. Why can't the account log into the official website of euroservice

    3. RalphTheTheatreCat


      Have you gone onto the EU forums and asked for help there?  it sounds like your accounts are locked and some players have experienced a delay in getting onto their new servers

    4. Stemono1


      No, the current situation is that the Asian service is locked. The European service does not have the game data of the Asian service, and the Asian service account can log in to the official website of the Asian service, but it cannot log in to the official website of the European service, and no way can be found to contact the technical support of the European service