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  1. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Its not like they had a choice. The writing was on the wall and they didn't want to go through an experience like WOT's Rubicon debacle.
  2. RalphTheTheatreCat

    now I`ve seen it all

    I'm amazed that people think this is out of the ordinary.
  3. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Why is smokescreen camping the focus?

    I've got to agree that it is not what you are making it out to be. Smokescreens do nothing but attract torpedoes and high ROF guns. In high tiers radar eats it alive. Paladinum summed it up. Not being noticed while racking up damage is where the game is won
  4. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    With 2 days off during this directive I'm happy to say I wont be grinding it.
  5. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Grinds aren't grinds unless they are grindy.. That's going to be grindy.
  6. RalphTheTheatreCat

    <redacted> fix ur game and stop counting money u <redacted>

    Maybe if it is happening on a large scale there would be dozens of angry threads and not one. Maybe its something on your end that is out of WG's control. Oh. Check your internet. Maybe the salt has corroded the line
  7. RalphTheTheatreCat

    garbage game

    WG better call Saul.
  8. RalphTheTheatreCat

    NA Salt Thread

    Breaking the meta is merely changing the meta to something different. Its like invisifiring. Every one adjusted.
  9. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Mac Crashes

    The Asia client wont do anything but Asia. WGC can do both servers.
  10. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Mac Crashes

    You have downloaded the NA client instead of the Asia client. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/game/ If you use WGC then go to the top left and check if you are logged in under a NA or Asia profile.
  11. RalphTheTheatreCat

    NA Salt Thread

    Do you mean the Alabama ST?
  12. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Operation Dynamo

    Now that's a glass half full kind of post.
  13. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Operation Dynamo

    Any guesses what action will be taken to stop this? 1. Permaban exploiters. 2. Nerf operation to the point of not being worth exploiting (or playing)