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    We suggested turd brown in Alpha but it blended in with the land masses
  2. Code: PLAYTWA - free stuffs

    Soon ™
  3. Code: PLAYTWA - free stuffs

    WOT 1.0 hasn't launched yet for Asia
  4. Do you wish April's Fools are Real ?

    My view will always be the same. Bright glary neon crap doesn't belong in the game. If it were available they would have to have filters to people don't have to look at it. Your third question needs a fourth option. (I wont spend anything on it)
  5. A question on Torpedo damage

    Compartments become damage saturated therefore reducing the level of damage you can do. Multiple hits to a compartment before you hit it will reduce your damage score. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Damage_Saturation#First_Damage_Threshold also RNG

    Don't take this the wrong way but we see these threads all the time and it's always from a player that has hit someone with torps. You are pink from accumulative damage and generally not the result of one game DO NOT launch torps when there is any risk of hitting a friendly and now you have to be careful for a dozen or so games to clear the slate
  7. Imagine a Atlanta/Flint x 4 div?
  8. Signal Flag Contest # 2

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/signal-flag-contest-2/ ?????
  9. So stick near other ship with good AA. Bismark can handle itself generally around DB's pretty well , but it doesnt hurt to get help. Unfortunately that what we have to live with when the GZ was released.
  10. if this was to happen it would only slow down the MM process on a server that rarely pops 10k players so it would do nothing more than disadvantage everyone else. Its players counting in over a third party channel like TS/Discord. Its also rare as hens teeth. I cant recall seeing opposing clan members for ages. Conjecture and assumption without proof. Rant material. Everyone does. Half the people have to lose every match. That's just team games for you. I'm sure you lose just the same ratio of games without opposing divs? Um...ok. Its a big world and a lot of games to choose from so enjoy whatever path you take. Its limited to 3
  11. WG survey: in-game content elements??

    Numerical lock. Then alt 0135
  12. WG survey: in-game content elements??

    The they add an option for. 1. Fixing the broken stuff. 2. change year of CV to 2018.
  13. My Steven Seagal captain

    I guess that means I'm not going to get Captain Weinstein either?