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  1. 9pm Sydney Time. No more entries. Winners: (posts picked by random.org) Congratulations to: Lordtyphoon ahwai82 Mitts vinco_catfish Orphine All winners should now have a crate waiting for them in game
  2. The Santa Claus Legion ends shortly. In my random act of kindness to offset my upcoming year of forum trolling and general game shittery I will give 5 big Santa Boxes to 5 random people. Rules: Your post must contain your IGN and "gib santa box plox" Its currently 9.00am here in Sydney. This will only be available until 9.00pm Sydney time. All people who have posted correctly in that period of time will be entered into a random number generator which will chose the winners. I will advise the winners shortly after and all participants will get an upboat for their effort. Good luck
  3. Junk in storage 1:1200 scale ships

    Very nice. I look back at the things we had back then and really wished I had packed away a lot of it.
  4. What do you have to do ?

    Ranked is a bit of sideline fun. Take it too seriously and you will give yourself a stroke after win/loss/win/loss/win/loss/win/loss/win.
  5. Not sure why they want this ?

    It seems to be on all servers. There is a Reddit thread about the removal of the ships from the EU server. The other servers will be harder hit as they had a larger variety of tech tree ships. WG will see a rush of doubloon purchases before the removal then make a healthy profit because people will pay real cash for the ships as the trickle them out to them to increase demand. WG wins again.
  6. Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    I hope so. Its a great thread.
  7. I sometimes wish I was a spoiled child. Life would be simpler
  8. Do your employees even play this game?

    I think he gets it. No point to the thread any more.
  9. Do your employees even play this game?

    Lol. This thread has delivered as usual.
  10. Do your employees even play this game?

    Indeed. Quote updated. ~amade
  11. Do your employees even play this game?

    Annnnnd? The only thing DS torps don't hit are DD's.
  12. Do you want to Print money?

    The thing should be leaking printer ink in its wake it makes that much credits.
  13. Do you want to Print money?

    Yeap......Welcome to 2016. Its just a money maker
  14. Gets reported for playing good

    It’s a badge of honour to get reported for a good game by salty players.