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  1. Premium ship summer sale

    I just don't like IJNBBs. Never enjoyed how they play.
  2. Premium ship summer sale

    Lol. They couldn't pay me 4600 doubloons to take that POS.
  3. Question about commander transfer

    Any of the same lines premiums can utilise the commander without training. He will remain a DM captain.
  4. Ive got this twice on my NA account. 15 million credits, 150k FXP, a Gulio Cesare and and Atlanta. Looking that those rewards, I would rather vanish on NA for 6 months then return
  5. what to do with excess ship XP

    Or wait for a special on conversion rates where it is 1 Doubloon for 35 xp converted.
  6. Bastille Day Mission Requirements

    I understand missions with good returns don't utilise coop, but this is ten flags...………….Not a major reward.
  7. LT. That is an amazing feat playing coop to get all that FXP
  8. i dont understand why WG nerf OP ship....

    It is sharkbait. Replies are mandatory.

  10. i dont understand why WG nerf OP ship....

    TL:DR. You want the ships you play to be unbeatable.
  11. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Has good main range, rof and dispersion and good secondary range. Also very manoeuvrable for a BB
  12. Question about naval artillery firing IRL!

    Yeah right. Because the devblog makes a lot of mentions of the changes for realism
  13. I've done it.

    I feel a mix of guilt and disappointment that it wasn't Drakon that changed his name.
  14. Ships the size of a small island are naturally hard to hide.
  15. Super container signals should not exist!!

    I get them pretty regularly...………………………….