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  1. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Remove/Alter Karma

  2. RalphTheTheatreCat

    The Wait is Over

    I got it. Super fun. Super fragile. Not practical. Doesnt work in competitive modes and needs support in randoms so essentially never works well for you. You will LOOOOOVE it.
  3. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Remove/Alter Karma

    @Max_Battle Your time to shine my friend. A MaKrA thread. Cyberwaste.......What does negative makra do? Nothing. Dont lose sleep over it.
  4. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Am I investing too much in this game

    Perfect way to approach anything. if you enjoy the game and can afford to do it then spend what you want. I threw an absolute fortune into WOT, owning a ton of premium tanks and one day just stopped cold turkey and never went back because it was become bad for my health. ive never regretted it
  5. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Twitch Prime Rewards Dutch Girl

    Free ship. Me likey.
  6. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Now we can all go "ooooooh...........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah". Nice
  7. Lazo only has a 15 second spotter plane cooldown and spotter plane mod give you 90 seconds. Maybe I exaggerated but you can keep that sucker up for a looooong time
  8. Do t forget that with spotter plane mod Lazo can keep a plane up for nearly the entire match as well.
  9. RalphTheTheatreCat

    I just want to talk about Public Tests

    The purpose of the PT is to ensure it is suitable for release as a client so you are correct in saying people should be in there trying to break it. Go big or go home.
  10. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Supertest - FAQ

    The Asia super test team is currently not recruiting. When we do so we will add a news article in the forum calling for p,Ayers applications. Thanks.
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    Sorry. Im a one trick pony.