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  1. RalphTheTheatreCat


    Max earnable is 48 so you have to buy at least 2.
  2. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    I think its lucky because I get better returns for damaging T10's in T8 ship.
  3. RalphTheTheatreCat

    I paid and I am missing my purchase of JEAN BART

    Delete all your personal details. No wonder there is so much identity theft happening. When people just post information everywhere
  4. RalphTheTheatreCat

    STEAM1YEAR - Redeem it fast!

  5. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Guiennes to Soverigns?

    As it has happened with any other event with a special currency or items, once the Royalark event is over any Guineas left will be converted to credits. I don't know what the rate is.
  6. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Premium ship choice time again

    Don't even worry about 2nd or third choices unless you need RU or KM trainers. If you can position well and know where to hide a Lolanta then get it. it rewards good positioning and punishes bad plays. If not then I would get the Kidd
  7. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    Just lucky I guess.
  8. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Tirpitz sorrow

    I have them all and over time they have just become victims of the game meta. They are still very very good ships in their own right, but they excel in brawling. When the game first started the number of ships that would burn you to death was minimal. Now with IFHE, UKBBs, USNCL/CA etc etc you tend to spend more time putting out fires than fighting enemies. being focused by a Yamato in a T8 ship will always result in you taking a lot of damage unless they are just bad.
  9. RalphTheTheatreCat

    He's ready to do his part...

    The NA server would implode if a freedomboat was locked behind a steel wall
  10. RalphTheTheatreCat


    WCG just went wild and was downloading tonks and boots on every server. I may as well have had an old 28.8K modem
  11. RalphTheTheatreCat

    Why? why must the keep messing with battleship dispersion

    Such as?
  12. RalphTheTheatreCat

    I'm banned in tst server

    Nothing. Youre out. It's only testing anyway.