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  1. Almost. Ultra low quality
  2. No option to turn it off should be available. It would be just like the ULQ shitstorm that engulfs WT.
  3. Whilst it spits fire from smoke at long range its buggered if its targetted. its like shooting at butter.
  4. The RNBB line is unique in that its damage repair can be the difference between life and death. Blow your repair and damage early and you are a goner. Let yourself soak enough damage and then disengage to uitlise the huge repair potential is the key to the line. People became focused on its HE and seem to forget this characteristic of the ships. It should also be noted that the increase in performance from tier to tier is not linear, but this is also the case with other ship lines (Simply put, there may be a couple of slight duds in the line)
  5. This was introduced to prevent camping. Prior to a set cost, people would hide or blueline the entire game to avoid taking any damage and reduce costs. By having a set repair cost there is no advantage to retaining all your health and it was envisaged that people would then become more aggressive and trade damage and therefore reduce the amount of passive play ther game was suffering at high tiers.
  6. I use a highly technical algorithm. Shoot, watch for splash. adjust, shoot, rinse repeat. All with my eyes closed
  7. Ooooh look. Another thread about useless karma. Dont worry about the single most useless feature of WOWS.
  8. Topic should be changed to "fail to carry" A homage to the WOT forums.
  9. I cant hit jack shit anyway so the effects are just a pretty show and my shells sail over the enemy.
  10. I'm a realist. I would rather slam my testicles in a desk drawer than play an arp ship, but when everything is disabled it doesn't even have an arp captains name. its just an IJN ship.
  11. I'm a changed man now that there are no eye scarring paintjobs, eardrum piercing voices and horrid looking girly captains. its worth it even if I cant mount camo
  12. I'm not sure what ive done but I don't get the voices, skins and the captains look like real men. I use my arp ships a lot now.
  13. Yeap. There probably isn't a player who hasn't been pink at one time or another. it happens. its no biggy if people learn from it.