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  1. Don't know why nor do I care because its not affecting me in any way
  2. Honestly............................ This is why we cant have nice things. People carrying on like pork chops over nationalistist bullshit that doesn't affect 99% of the world and 99% of players. Spotter has said you can have your flag or not have your flag and that should be the end of it. Consider yourselves lucky because the IJN and KM fans are straight out banned from using certain flags. He has come here and posted and apology and to be frank, I don't think he had to nor did the issue have to come to a head like this. it seems that EU and/or NA continue to piss in the cornflakes and everyone else has to scramble to fix their stuff ups. its a continuing theme. We should consider ourselves lucky we aren't on those servers..
  3. They are probably the ones that think you are the all seeing all doing eye over the map and can save them from annihilation. I know you are just click-click clicking.
  4. The AU wot server is just like the old NA east and west. Separate servers.
  5. Is there honestly any real benefit to a AU WOWS server? Latency and ping are far more forgiving with sheeps than it is with tanks. Server numbers would be prohibitively low. Lets be honest and just say it straight out. The player standard wont be any better or worse on that server despite what some people seem to think.
  6. It’s a class of ship I can’t stand but I do appreciate the skull it takes to b a good cv captain. Coop and operations are a great place to practice and determine whether you prefer strike or AS. Dont spec for aa. Your planes are your priority. If youre located your going to die no matter what.
  7. And what has that 63 karma got you? More to the point how has the 6 I've got detracted from my experience?
  8. That's what the report system is there for so using karma for it is redundant. Ive been here since alpha and my karma has rarely gone over single digits.
  9. So how is that useful?
  10. That's just it. There is no meaning to it. It is just a big fat waste of coding and offers nothing to the game, never has and never will.
  11. As I have posted in the other 87 threads started bout rewarding karma
  12. I doubt it. People will weab out and buy it but it wont get the same response as the Misery did.
  13. Good idea
  14. It’s rare. If you’re playing at times where there is a low pop then MM will inevitably bork out so you do at least get a game rather than sitting in an endless queue