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  1. NO NO NO SH1T

    In before they increase Sonar to unlimited but with a cool down :)
  2. Most DD players are bad

    Well in all fairness - DD's require you to think quickly and adjust almost on the fly BB's require you to think ahead, read the game and make the appropriate adjustments between 30 and 2 min in advance Cruisers seem to be the type of ship where you can simply make a decision and get the best out of said decision, be it bad or good And CV's *laughs* I'm not sure there is any particular tactic, short of Spot and keep spotting, whilst trying to take out the enemies planes lol
  3. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Locking Thread as this has now been answered, thanks @HuginnKR! ~tc1259
  4. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Oh Definitely not saying it is, but in the absence of said system, a process has been established :)
  5. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Excellent :) But reporting to Mod's wont help you either, and @HuginnKR has already stated how to report them. Report through to support and advise him that you've done so. Only the GM's and Dev's can help you in this, if you don't wish to follow the process, brilliant, it just means your going to get more frustrated. But - please remember it's not a simple 'oh yes this is a bot' they have to follow there own internal processes and the slightest doubt will mean they won't action - It has to be beyond doubt
  6. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Hugginn has already advised how to report these, pm'ing myself / ADM and Leng isn't going to help :P Only support and then letting Hugginn know will help you all :)
  7. Icy, you know what to do - send me the details
  8. Short answer- Yes, we can chat ban in game and out of game. Long answer- A little more complicated, we have tools to be able to see what a person is saying, but if we don't know about it then we can't action. So - like always, if there is an issue of someone doing the above, pm myself or one of the other Mods, provide the screenshot and replay to us. We will then take the appropriate action Also if enough players mark that player as using offensive language, the system will chat ban him as well.
  9. Great to know on KanColle :)
  10. Juliet Charlie Signal

    Locking Thread, things have become way to personal and is now simply attacking the OP. Sanctions incoming. ~tc1259
  11. Nah - i've been watching through Funamation, which is a licensed site that does all the English Dub's for most of these titles, there are other studios :) But I totally get why people like them!
  12. Long story short - I gave Arpeggio a shot and liked it, it was an interesting anime full of some great character moments, but it also kinda made me start searching for other shows in and around the same topic. I started with Kancolle - the first three episodes I didn't know what i was really watching, it seemed totally out there but hey a great way to protect your IP. But then I realised that the show was actually pretty good, the character development, the story kinda made sense and suspending disbelief that small cannons that could strap to your arm could sink anything larger than a paper boat, I actually enjoyed it. Also helped that a friend of mine actually does the voice of Akatsuki in the english dub version. At the end of the series, I wanted more! Which lead me to High School Fleet.... okay.... I don't understand how or why they teach children, all on there own, in ships... with live weapons, that is.... well beyond me. And I also don't know how or why they would give a ship the likes of Musashi to essentially a bunch of teenagers. But, I once again liked the story, i liked it's action scenes, i found myself finding that I wanted that plucky little destroyer to win and do the impossible, especially when the much more modern ships couldn't do a damn thing. But again, come the series end, i'm sitting here going MORE! Why do all these shows abruptly end?
  13. WOWS apparel

    *laughs* I have a medium HMAS Perth T-shirt - WoW's branded I can part with
  14. Topic Redacted

    Yeah - the thread is being locked and I'm going to go over it for Sanctions, locked as it's an attack on WG, things have gotten personal. ~tc1259