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  1. tc1259

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    Mmmm i respectfully agree that Stats provide insight, but what we're talking about right now is something that's called soft statistics. What the above means is that no statistic has any application to an individual, but can have an application to the group. However, the statistics are determined on the basis of studying individuals in the group, not studying the group. Now recall the problems with individuals. First, individuals change, not only from year to year but from moment to moment. Second, individuals are inconsistent. How they play today may change tomorrow. Just like you may love spaghetti, but eat it five days in a row, and you may find the thought of eating it again nauseating. Third, individuals often don't know what they want, and even if they do, they don't know or can't tell you why. Then there are a few problems involved in surveying individuals to gather the information to formulate the statistics. First, people often can't remember information about themselves and thus the background can be incomplete. If you don't believe this, recall exactly when you got your last tetanus booster shot, or the grade you got in English in all the years of high school. How this applies to gaming is that most people will assess a situation in gaming, and come up with a strategy on the fly to counter it, not remembering anything about any previous encounter they may or may not have had that is similar. Second, there is a prestige bias. Answers or actions a person gives involve the person personally -- his or her pride, self-esteem and self-image are involved. Thus people will often give an answer that will heighten their image. According to TV viewing diaries, nobody watches professional women's wrestling, but Masterpiece Theatre has a 50 rating. This goes for when presenting and or defending statistics on an individual. Third, people lie. That may seem a bit blunt, but there is no reason to sugarcoat. People not only stretch the truth, fib or misspeak themselves. They lie. Ask them a question and, just for the hell of it they may lie. They may lie because they find the truth uncomfortable or embarrassing, or because they simply want to screw up your results. With lying a virtual social necessity the fact the people lie when responding to studies should come as no surprise. Finally, many studies not only try to find out what people do, but why they do it. Here the problem lies in respondents' inability to articulate or explain their true feelings and motivations. Many people do things because it "feels" like the righ thing to do, but they cannot explain what that feeling is or how it arose. They will do the best they can, but since so many such feelings are subconscious and/or based on a prior assumptions, they have never been examined and put into words. What does this all mean? and how does it affect WoW's? Easy.... players change, moment to moment, day to day, month to month and year to year, whilst you can say that xyz player might have a wr of 40%, if that player has been playing for a long time, and has developed a lot of skill lately, perhaps on another server then going back to a large sample size, is not reflective of their ability. You can take a sample size and apply it to everyone, and whilst you get the data, the data will be inconstant to an individual. even when your talking about that sample size being on that player alone. Finally, you need to examine statistics to determine what are the comparisons being drawn and are they relevant and valid. For example, say your topic is gun control. You could find statistics on murder rates with handguns per capita in New York City, London and Tokyo. Such statistics would show much higher rates in New York than the other two cities. It would therefore appear that gun control is a good idea since guns are controlled in London and Tokyo. However, such statistics must be suspect, not because they are wrong (more people are indeed murdered with handguns in New York City than in London or Tokyo), but because they don't tell the whole story. For instance, New York has an extremely stringent weapons control law (the Sullivan Act). Since this is the case, what happens to the argument that control laws work? There must be something else influencing the murder rate. What about the culture? The United States is unlike any other country on Earth. Its society has a tradition of independence and self-sufficiency, where if you have a problem it is normal for you to take care of it yourself, even if you can't. It is also a country that used to be called "the melting-pot" but is now known as the "mosaic", with New York City a patchwork of often conflicting cultures, languages, customs and attitudes. Add in the traditions of the old West and "gun-slinging" becomes an apparently viable option to solve problems. Japan, on the other hand, is an extremely homogeneous and traditional culture, with little in the way of overt class or cultural conflict. England is also very traditional with far less cultural conflict (any country that feels no necessity to arm their police does not have a tradition of individual use of force to solve problems). However, now as England is becoming more culturally and ethnically diverse, there is a rising incidence of violence and use of guns. From the above it is clear that any statistics on murder rates says nothing about the efficacy of gun control laws, but rather about the cultural and/or societal factors that make such laws ineffective. If you wish statistics to serve as evidence for a gun control law, find something else. For the above reasons you must search for other evidence to support whatever statistics you use as support, if only to show that the statistics actually apply. Do not, however, take all the problems outlined above as a condemnation of statistics as evidence. Statistics are excellent evidence, and often the easiest and most concise way to express evidence. I merely wish you to be aware you must examine them for relevance, validity and authority or they can do you more harm than good in proving your point. Hope that helps πŸ˜›
  2. tc1259

    Winrate mean nothing (just my opinion)

    There is an Australian Term - We're not playing for Sheep Stations πŸ˜› which admittedly can be bigger than most countries lol But seriously πŸ™‚ You can get stats to tell you anything and everything. In my experience, here and in real life the more you focus on something, the more you will get frustrated, angry and end up going plain old nuts over if your winning or loosing. But if you learn to enjoy the game, regardless of the wins or losses, stats and anything else that can distract you. Then you'll naturally get better, improve at your own natural rate and ultimately have a lot more fun than if your getting stressed on what someone is or isn't doing on the other side. Be good to yourselves, and remember that a loss is and can be more powerful from a learning perspective than a win. As for me some of the best games I've ever had we're with me on the loosing side of the battle.
  3. tc1259

    SEA Server Nov 7 Horrible Connection.

    Thanks for the poke πŸ˜› As much as I would love to help you, i'm not wargaming tech support, nor am i in your country πŸ˜› So I cannot assist other than to say have you reported this to your ISP?
  4. tc1259

    When is the next transfers? - NA to SEA

    Okay - So i'm reviewing this thread and it's becoming quite personal, i'll be reviewing it for sanctions. In the mean time, first and final warning, keep it on the topic and non personal. ~tc1259
  5. Yes πŸ™‚ Subs.... I've not seen them yet
  6. tc1259

    Clan Battles in Aus

    : πŸ™‚
  7. tc1259

    Server Migration

    As a friendly warning to everyone in this thread, keep your discussions and conversations polite and respectful. So far it's mostly been about the original topic, but it's starting to stray and starting to become a little more personal. If it continues, the thread will be locked and the appropriate sanctions will take place. ~tc1259
  8. tc1259

    any aussies playing?

    Yup πŸ™‚ Adelaide for me
  9. tc1259

    enterprise taken off shelves?

    It's gone back to the future πŸ™‚ [
  10. Hi Mate πŸ˜› Thanks, it's been a while and welcome back! Yeah, my foot had a tumor removed from it πŸ˜› so you know i've spent a few months looking like this Funny thing is, the doctor said it's a tumor Needless to say, I simply decided that whilst sick, rehabbing and otherwise taking time away I would go off and do a few other things. Currently I'm spending more money than i probably should on 3d printing
  11. Okay, i'm back... now i was away for medical reasons, i needed time away to get my health better and to find love for gaming again. Now whilst away, a few fairly major things have happened... Carriers, Russian Battleships, all this coal / iron / steel stuff. A heap of new ships just to mention a few things (at least from a game point of view) So what are my first thoughts... 1. Carriers! this surprised me, my personal feelings aside I understand how and why they have been implemented like this. It's was a bold decision 2. The Meta - players have seemingly grown, but in many ways gotten less. in most of the matches i'm seeing, if a side is loosing, the side loosing simply make themselves loose faster. It's like they are giving up, this is different to how it was before i left. 3. The UI... that's not changed 4. Russian BB's... so the few i've played have all impressed me, the old fav's like Kongo / New York are now feeling a little powerless against a moving front of British and Russian steel What surprised me the most, is in clan wars. People actually talking to one another, and not just the usual good luck have fun. - The few games i've been in, the sides were happily chatting to one another, it honestly surprised me and isn't something that was happening prior to me disappearing. Anyways, there my thoughts on my first games back, i'll post more as i get back in to the swing of things. But I thought it could be useful writing this stuff out
  12. tc1259

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    I wish I could tell you more, we've always even as far back as World of Tanks early days had a window period for clan battles. there is logic to it! But with the small amount of players here in Australia / New Zealand, it simply doesn't add up to increase the time zone, putting the balance off of and potentially affecting a larger number of players. It would be nice if they implemented a map zone like they did in WoT, but even that proved to be good / bad. Anyways πŸ™‚ my involvement is limited now in terms of clan leadership, i'm just enjoying the games i'm playing lol
  13. It is my understanding that it just applies the penalty, there is no real monitoring. Think of it like this... You 'disconnect' The system applies the penalty for the offence e.g. 5 games You serve out that penalty, the penalty is removed (hence the removal message) You go back to being normal. Now i can't speak for what happens if you do it many times and the grace period... if there is one. But there are other methods that can remove the restriction, but as a general rule mods and gm's generally wont do it. the system is automated to some degree and only meeting the criteria for the penalty to be removed is what gets you removed. As for the specific 'conditions' I can't say. All I'll say is if the condition for the penalty is removed, then the penalty is removed πŸ˜‰ hence the technically correct comment.
  14. tc1259

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    Yeah Nah - A few of us with connections have argued this till we're blue in the face, even got the great god's involved but nothing came from it. it is what it is πŸ™‚ I actually just returned to the game having some time off because life... and I did participate in my clan's wars last on Saturday night, I enjoyed them but are they the be all and end all? nope Anyways πŸ™‚ just keep plugging away.