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  1. Worst Luck

    Basically every game lately lol
  2. Best IGN's :P Spotter tc1259 I always have a chuckle when I see AngryWombat - for the record, this is a wombat - and an angry one I mean after all, poop square poop and have the ability to write cars off, get up and walk away is an impressive feat :)

    This will be your end - Generally It will be either an overlay, a download, occasionally I've noticed that there is a stray process that's consuming cpu - But it will 100% be your end, either configuration wise, system wise or something scanning
  4. I think your sheep are a little tame, my sheep kill all the time :P Btw - See the movie Black Sheep To the OP - Yes - Selliing the ship you get less, module you get less, so either way it's less :) Simply buy Premium ships - that way it's all profit :)
  5. Hey Icy, Not saying he did or didn't - was merely commenting on my own experience :) And hey, you are decent and realistic @icy_phoenix we've shipped with one another enough time to know that much about you :P
  6. Keep it civil fellow captains - remember us mods are always watching :) And in all seriousness, we would need to see a replay or screen shots to realistically tell you what happened @Ordrazz without it I fear you'll be hard pressed to prove any point. I've also never experienced what your referring too, and the few times i've thought something strange happened, upon review of the replay I've realized that I was just unaware of the battle
  7. Beta account wipe?

    I played a few games the other day - Visually lovely. But arty is still a problem, the mechanics can effectively leave you unable to move for long periods of time.... i'm not convinced i'll spend any more time in it
  8. Beta account wipe?

    All good :) and i replied to your other thread as well
  9. Beta account wipe?

    Iwiki and Ark Beta are the two ships that you might of received, There was a prepurchase pack that included Yubar / Sims and Gremachy sp? but any progress up the lines and anything else was removed - as they were the only premium's available (to my understanding)
  10. Asia/Pacific server youtubers

    This is mine Tc's Full of Win Youtube Tc's Full of Win on Twitch
  11. I hear what your saying, but the data doesn't support it. Second Highest damage of all BB's behind Conq a kill death of 1.9 and a 52% win rate which is better than the conq and the Grober - And just for the record, I supertested it, took it in close, tried it in a variety of different roles to see what it is and isn't good at - The ship is by all data doing well, even when you look at the US Stats for the ship, lets face it the NA Server are more pushy and aggressive than SEA players, it's still holding it's own, admittedly it's survival rate is 41% but that accounts for how they play more than anything. The ship simply doesn't need a buff, not at this stage. Yes it has weakness's, but you have to have weakness's otherwise all ships at t10 will be a copy and paste of one another other than there looks. The ship is fine and has it's place when used correctly. (Which by the looks of it is what people are doing)
  12. I understand what your saying, but the performance of the ship isn't showing the need for a buff at this stage.
  13. *laughs* something like that - 1. Be respectful to other players, you may disagree with them, but say so intelligently and don't insult them 2. Follow the Rules 3. See Above Rules 4. If your unsure of and break the above rules, expect the Red Pen 5. Follow the Rules and the above meme wont ever need to be done :) 6. See All Rules Above :)