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  1. If my post seemed like I was directly poking you, that wasn't the intent. Between OS level information, Route Tables, Log Sends and a few other things, it's entirely possible to determine where in the stack it's failed, but it's complex and not something I would expect a game to be able to do. So yes.... 1. WG cannot fix internet issues, that's down to the mega corps who own the internet routes 2. Local crashes, could, in theory be sent up to the game to say if it was normal / abnormal, but I would Totally not want that to occur, sets a precedent that I wouldn't want to see. 3. I think you'll find the servers are more than capable of handling the load, the issue will be more down to the bandwidth available at a number of points 😉
  2. Hehe I pop back in for a second and I see this 😛 *puts on my MCSE hat (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)* Just off the top of my head - Windows since 7 does record a comprehensive set of codes and event ID's in order to determine why it's restarted. The three below are the ones I know off by heart, and get recorded at time of Shut Down, so in theory, they could be sent up to Wargaming as a better indication as to why the player has suddenly dropped. Am I saying that this occurs, no, well it depends, I've never acutally looked at the code in WG games, nor do I care about it that much. BUT 🙂 Yes, windows does track states and why it was shut down. Additionally - Event ID Description 1074 Logged when an app (ex: Windows Update) causes the system to restart, or when a user initiates a restart or shutdown. 6006 Logged as a clean shutdown. It gives the message "The Event log service was stopped". 6008 Logged as a dirty shutdown. It gives the message "The previous system shutdown at time on date was unexpected". In addition we have the additional logs that can determine action done by a user. 4647 - Log off and Sign Out For the life of me, i also can't remember the event ID number that tells you the Network State as well, not to mention battery health and sleep modes for Windows. But they are out there and if i worried more about it i would search. So as for your statement, Windows 100% knows if it was a clean power down / log off / application or a dirty shutdown. What It doesn't know is the 'exact' reason why and if you know the server family of windows, that's why when you boot back in, it will always prompt you for a 'why' and what happened.
  3. tc1259

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    In all honesty, the moment i gave up caring about my stat's, wins, losses blah blah blah i started to find the fun again. But to the original op - changing the value of repair cost's isn't going to improve high end battles, to excuse the pun - that ship sailed long ago.
  4. tc1259

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    Parenting done right 😛 Your poor poor stats thou, and might explain some battles we've teamed up for lol
  5. tc1259

    CV Rework (SEA)

    Hi All, Please remember that the rework is being done as the old way wasn't working. Whilst the rework is being tested, super testers are also running these tests (From memory on a dedicated server) so when Wargaming collect all feedback, they can propose and make changes. WG have to do something different with the cv's to make them more playable and this is the current preferred option, but that doesn't mean it will be the one they go for. Again, the CV re-work is a Work in Progress - so anything that you may see, feel and believe may actually differ from end results My biggest piece of advice is to 'Watch this space'
  6. I get this sentiment mate :) Problem is, naming and shaming is something WG won't do. They'll give you numbers, and maybe saying how many we're reported and how many were actioned would be a step in the right direction. But they won't name proven accounts, as naming and shaming is as someone has stated above bad for the community as a whole. It's also can be seen as breaching privacy laws in various countries, not to mention bullying and introducing those players to harassment.
  7. Hi Strat, Welcome back - I'll point you to a thread that's been specifically setup for reporting bots. Unfortunately the Mod's can't really tell you the data on what they are doing, all we know is the unsportsmanlike like conduct thread is being used. You'll find the link to that thread in my pinned post about mods, and how you get our attention :) Otherwise feel free to pm me for information, i'll do my best to point you in the right direction. To everyone else: The problem with naming and shaming is literally this - How do you determine a Player who is either very bad / disabled who plays the game as a form of relief and a bot? Sure there are signs, but there can be enough doubt to make it hard to tell... so naming and shaming isn't going to help. We only have to look at how stats are used to justify one persons comments over another. And we only need to look at our own forums a few weeks ago where a T10 player was asking a question that clearly he didn't know, the communities response was woeful and action had to be taken. So the rules are there in place to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally, at least here on the forums.
  8. Hi Mate, Thanks for the poke! :) From a Moderator point of view, we can't do much about this - but there is a thread Thread for Unsportsman like accounts that you should pop this one in to. Wargaming can then investigate and Huggin can then be all over it
  9. we could of - but there seemed to be a lot of 'Where are the mods' comments floating around :P 9 times out of 10 we only know something has happened if we've read it, or it's been alerted to us. So this message is that friendly reminder to poke us if you think somethings wrong :)
  10. To all you wonderful Captains and forum members. As a reminder, if you come across a post, thread or anything that feels off or out of place, please report it with information as to why. Me and my fellow Moderators, whilst we believe we are all seeing :P the reality is we are human and we don't necessarily see every post raised here. Additionally, we can usually be found either in game, discord and you can always poke us here through the forums mention system or if you really want to have a one on one chat we can also be PM'ed. On the flip side, if you break the terms and conditions of the forums or the game, please expect to be warned or sanctioned, you may think that we might be picking on you, or that we are being unfair but the reality is we've been entrusted to ensure the rules as set by War-gaming are followed. Useful links Unsportsman Like Behaviour So happy sailing all! Brought to you by the Wargaming Mod team
  11. tc1259


    In before they increase Sonar to unlimited but with a cool down :)
  12. tc1259

    Most DD players are bad

    Well in all fairness - DD's require you to think quickly and adjust almost on the fly BB's require you to think ahead, read the game and make the appropriate adjustments between 30 and 2 min in advance Cruisers seem to be the type of ship where you can simply make a decision and get the best out of said decision, be it bad or good And CV's *laughs* I'm not sure there is any particular tactic, short of Spot and keep spotting, whilst trying to take out the enemies planes lol
  13. tc1259

    WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Locking Thread as this has now been answered, thanks @HuginnKR! ~tc1259