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  1. Quasinerdo

    CoOp AI needs adjusting

    Thanks.... I forgot that one. One friendly as well.
  2. Quasinerdo

    I have a request

    Tsk Tsk....Don't be rude Kong.
  3. Quasinerdo

    Botting in WOWs?

    I think an IP ban would work for botters who are serial offenders. Prevent an account permanently or for a decent amount of time following the game going live. I'd not be surprised if the people developing them for other WG games are already underway with this one realising that WG have been slack in dealing with the issue previously. Botting accounts to get pre-release gifts etc also makes for a saleable item (regardless of any intent to stop account sales that WG has).
  4. Quasinerdo

    Does autoaim exist?

    Thanks for the kb shortcuts . I've remapped my x button though - do you recall which settings those shortcuts are related to?
  5. Quasinerdo

    CoOp AI needs adjusting

    I was being facetious.... lost in translation I guess
  6. Quasinerdo

    CoOp AI needs adjusting

    Hi, I want to use the CoOp games as a means of practicing strategy as well as learning the interface (eg carrier). I'd like WG to change it so that the AI directs the toughest and biggest ships into the far corner of the map or behind islands where they can't engage the enemy. Friendly destroyers should be torpedoing allies (where AI controlled to fill the team) and must definitely never move quickly to uncap the enemy team. No AI ships should ever provide support fire to a team mate. I believe these changes would help simulate the random battles and assist players in preparing for PVP on the SEA server . If the player base change their style in time perhaps the AI could be modified to reflect that.
  7. Quasinerdo

    Remove aim assist for torpedoes

    I've only played a weekend of the game but I can definitely see torpedoes being a problem in their current state with the reload times and their damage effectiveness. I have only the discussion of friends involved since Alpha who are playing high tier to gain a perspective from that end of the game. Destroyers with the current implementation of torps seem to me to be a little like the auto loader tanks of WoT and engender the issues of that game where Med tanks were out of control. People will have their own opinions of course but I have concern that the combination of speed/manoeuvre, smoke (invisibility basically), devastating firepower, and map size/congestion leave this ripe for abuse in games. The 'fragile' nature of these ships does not seem to be the required counter balance to their effect I think. A stiff penalty for friendly fire also should be implemented soon I think. Other than screwing your teams chance at a win I think it's necessary to penalise so that people begin to play with some anticipation of the impact of firing. It might slow the torp spam and allow a more refined assessment of the impact they will have as the game matures?? (I mean the game getting older not he player base maturing ) Still.... early days and I 'll keep playing and evaluating. Hopefully I'll have my access to the beta forums soon and see what discussion is underway there. I think someone mentioned there being no issue as the counter is easy with teamwork and ranged attack. I had a nice laugh at that. With the amount of foresight required due to slow turn/move etc this game will likely expose bad teamwork far more thoroughly than WoT ever did and it's largely the same player base.
  8. Quasinerdo

    A point about Smoke Screens

    I'd like to see smoke work as a reducing of a targets visibility instead of this flickering invisible ship effort that is currently in play. EG: 2 ships of my div steaming parallel. Destroyer between us (enemy) flickering in and out of vision due to weak smoke presence. I can see my team mate but not the destroyer. Not to compare too much to WoT but I'm concerned this could turn into the same crappy vision mechanics that allow a tank to stop on a cap I the open and then disappear while you, hidden in trees are forced to move (and be spotted) in order to see the enemy. I don't have beta forum access yet but I'm hopeful I will find some good discussion regarding the smoke and vision mechanics in general. It's a big part of this game.
  9. Quasinerdo

    Are we seeing bots already?

    Thanks . I don't have beta forum access yet but I'll just keep an eye out. At least I won't be sending pics of AI player now that I know they can be used to pad your coop team
  10. Quasinerdo

    Gee thanks for nothing...

    Is there a national anthem for the Land of Entitlement?
  11. Quasinerdo

    beta forum access

    Hi, I want to contribute to the game discussion and am in the CBT.... how do I access the beta forums? I messaged Ironguard (forum admin?) yesterday but wanted to double check. None of my friends who got into my round have it either....
  12. Quasinerdo

    Are we seeing bots already?

    In WoT there were certain mods banned on Eu or Ru that were not enforced on SEA. Consistency on WoWS will be great . Also, I've revised my opinion.... it's not people ramming the islands etc that shows the worst awareness.... its your friendly destroyer that cruises past at about 300m range and volleys torpedoes into you :/
  13. Quasinerdo

    Are we seeing bots already?

    Ok. was mostly in coop so perhaps the AI allies. There is certainly a lack of situational awareness! people ramming or just not watching what is happening around them. It was more the failure to respond to things that had me querying the bot presence. Cheers
  14. I'm in the closed beta and already seeing ships that are not participating, going directly aground or just circling etc. Are we seeing bot activity already? It ticked me off massively in WoT (along with some mods that were only banned on specific servers) and I REALLY hope WG have a strong position on this and the tools to ID and ban.
  15. Quasinerdo

    Statement regarding recent leaks

    I see from the latest beta invites that the agreement requires a minor or person unable to provide legal consent to seek a guardians input and agreement for the NDA. WG are relying a lot on the good-will and honesty of people who sign as there is no way to ensure a person of appropriate legal capacity is signing. I'm not a fan of people's intellectual property being messed with.... so I hope WG continue to have success with this and there aren't any significant leaks or issues.