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  1. theswitcher

    King of the Sea

    Mine too, very strange
  2. theswitcher

    King of the Sea

    King of the Sea XIII Asia Streams | World of Warships
  3. theswitcher

    King of the Sea

    Yes, 1500AEST or 1600 AEDST
  4. theswitcher

    PT Submarines Tier X

    Have you completed the Ranks all the way, you have to get Rank 1 in Bronze LVL 6 then get Rank 1 in Silver LVL8 then you can play the lvl 10 sub in Gold.
  5. theswitcher

    2019 is year of CV, 2020 is year of SUBMARINE

    Do you mean Ise and Hyuga, as these were converted to carry aircarft on the back after removing the rear two turrets, similar to what they did to heavy cruiser Mogami . Yamashiro was the sister ship of Fuso, but the turret layout of the two centre turrets was altered .
  6. No ping will be higher, i get about 60 on Asia server and around 150 on NA and 180 on EU, but that is my connection yours could be better.
  7. theswitcher

    Error Connecting to Server

    No connection here either in Sydney Australia
  8. theswitcher

    Controls not shown in settings

    B = quick message N= horn
  9. My thoughts exactly, Nikoli will be safe as it is Russian
  10. Yes same here no experience credited
  11. theswitcher


    So it will be slow and have short range, i actually love this era of ship, they could not hit the side of a barn but who cares it is one to collect, and have some fun in.
  12. theswitcher

    What ships did you have to part with?

    Will miss my little Albany. It was only a little ship but had fun in it