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  1. Zekoo

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Like all things War Gaming, stupidly overpriced. The greed is insane, the amount of full triple A games I could buy instead. If things were less greedily priced I would spend SO much money in this game!
  2. Zekoo

    YouTube Container Collection Code

    First code did not work for me but rest were fine. Thank you
  3. Zekoo

    Steam Sale - Warships

    My thoughts exactly 😁
  4. So I decided to randomly click on Warships on Steam since currently the Steam Summer Sale is active. I notice a fair number of ship packs right now with 50-75% off. Right now on Steam for example an Admiral Graf Spee pack is $7.74 NZD so I figured they must have a matching sale on the OFFICAL store... nope Graf is still $31.86 NZD on the official store, and that is just for the ship, on Steam you even get 500 Doubloons I started playing Warships long before it was released on Steam, and from what I understand I cannot use my account on Steam, so I just get shafted out of never being able to get anything on a good sale? I don't know if I have ever seen a ship on the official store for 50% off, let alone 75% King of feels like a kick in the balls yet again..
  5. Zekoo

    Armory Containers

    Hmmm, this forum seems kind of dead lol 🙂
  6. Zekoo

    Armory Containers

    Hi, Just a quick simple question for the Developers. Are there plans to add more containers to the armory soon to purchase with coal? I believe "Battle of the North Cape" was the last one added and it was great to see new containers, but also wondering if the Belle Epoque collection and 3 Years of World of Warships might find there way there? Especially since we already have the 2 Years of World of Warships in there. I would love to finish up the last few collections I have that I missed a few things on that you can't choose "Collecting" on from random containers 😀 Thanks,
  7. Zekoo

    Super Containers

    Pick my normal container type, "More Resources" First container in about 1000 containers I finally get a Super Container. Happy days! Open Super Container Get 100 flags, no no Wargaming, I didn't pick "More Signals and Camouflages" I picked "More Resources" Surely the Super Container is supposed to contain a buffed version of what you picked, if I wanted useless signals I would have picked that. Bugged or do you just like pissing me off?
  8. Zekoo

    Technical issues found.

    Just got home and tried to login and got this same error 5:11pm NZT
  9. Zekoo


    Okay, So I am looking at the store, and I am little confused here, as I often am by Wargaming and the prices they choose for stuff, bunch of odd fellas :) Option 1: Buy 40 Guineas for $54.39NZD and still need to grind 10 Guineas to buy the Coassak Option 2: Buy Cossack, just the ship none of the extras for $55.80 I am just wondering what the thought process is behind this, as for a little more than one dollar more I could save myself a huge grind, and you can't do anything else with Guineas except use them on that one ship? Not that I would ever spend $55 on a destroyer anyway, but the prices just boggle my mind who comes up with this stuff? EDIT: Just to add, if I had set this up, I would have made it $1 per Guineas in every currency for each region, then as you earn Guineas you could be effectively saving yourself a dollar for your hard work, and then if you got it to a point you were happy with you could pay the rest, for example I might have tried to grind say 20 Guineas and then bought 30 for $30
  10. Zekoo

    Co-op expansion plans?

    Thank you for the replies, I should probably give scenario's a go again, it has been quite a while, I usually play around the T5 mark but jumping up a few to T6 or T7 depending on the scenario might have to be a step I take, the scenario changes weekly does it not? Be cool if it was just a random pool with what scenario you got but if I remember correctly its set. I just tried that new frontline mode in WoT a few days ago and actually found that quite enjoyable haha I think due to it being such a huge battle with re-spawn's made it a lot less frustrating, a shame I doubt something like that would ever be possible here :(
  11. I am curious if there are any plans to expand on the co-op game feature to improve it beyond its current shallow game depth that it has, I know it was originally intended for new players but personally I cannot stand Random Battles, the poor matchmaking, the lack of players resulting in completely weird match ups, the huge variation of skills between players, the fact that we have like fifteen different languages on one server making communication near impossible I find it too rage educing so I stick to co-op, where even if I get a terrible team I can still do well and have fun at least sometimes unlike random Lately I have been using battleships more and enjoy them quite a lot, but in co-op they feel kind of pointless, mainly due to the pack of easy mode torpedoes spammers in co-op. Are there any plans for some mega A.I improvements in terms of preparing for and dodging torpedoes, the A.I in general need some actual effort put into them, from what I can tell they basically seem to have the command of "drive forward shoot first thing once sunk shoot next thing" I would love it if co-op had some kind of difficulty range you could choose from, and perhaps say on hard difficulty you fight against more bots than players, 8 players vs 15 bots or something, the exp rewards in co-op are so gimped it would still be balanced I also do not understand why bots are matched ship for ship, why does the enemy team need identical ships, for example if you have three tier 6 battleships, why can't the bots be randomly assigned from the full selection of tier 6 battleships so it is not just a mirror, I cannot think of any logical reason to mirror the team, it is so boring, at the very least if the ship groups must be matched like 4 cruiser vs 4 cruisers 2 destroyers vs 2 destroyers etc can they at least have random same tier same class ships on the bot team? The Xbox version of World of Tanks for some reason has way more co-op features than the PC version which baffles my mind as well, there seem to be all these random development teams working on the same game making them in there own ways. I would play and spend quite a bit more on the game if the co-op feature was expanded, I understand it cannot take center stage as there are a lot of other features and game improvements to implement to keep the community happy and spending more on shiny ships, but it would be cool to know future plans are on the table to expand, improve and evolve the feature Would love to hear others thoughts as well :)