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  1. Unraveler

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Very disappointing.
  2. Unraveler

    Finally, it's coming

    Space Assault on Public Test needs a little bit A SHIPLOAD of balancing tuning before going Live. It's almost impossible for the attacking team to win at the moment.
  3. Unraveler

    Russian Special Captains

    That would work, too, but I imagine they'll want to keep the DCP in particular as a national flavour. Either way, I'd like to use my special guy in something!
  4. Unraveler

    Russian Special Captains

    The two special Russian captains - Viktor Znamensky and Vasiliy Znamensky - originally appeared set up for Battleships when they were first added. Having both Super High Alert (-20% cooldown on DCP) and Super Expert Marksman (+1.0 deg/s on large turret traverse) sounds perfect for a Battleship captain. But we now know that the upcoming Russian monsters all come with a fast-recharge DCP as standard, making even Super High Alert a bit of a waste. On top of that, the mid-to-high tier ships feature incredibly fast turret traverse which makes Super Expert Marksman somewhat superfluous. So it would seem that these two gentlemen have become obsolete (or perhaps "power creeped" is a better term for it?) since there's no ships in the Russian nation that really benefit from their full suite of special talents. Maybe Kronshtadt and Stalingrad could be an okay fit, but both of these are currently out of reach for most players. Likewise with Imperator Nikolai. Should we hold out hope for a future Battlecruiser line with normal DCP and slow turrets? Or can Wargaming change the special skills to something more useful?
  5. A plane "capturing" a patch of water isn't really more arcadish than a ship doing it.
  6. Unraveler

    UI speed in port

    On the 0.8.1 Public Test client it's much faster and more responsive.
  7. Unraveler

    Ship AA ratings

    It's difficult to compare anti-air capabilities between ships since there's many more variables now. Cleveland versus Des Moines is a good example - while Des Moines is certainly superior overall, she's not better in every specific instance. At range zero out to 1.5km: Cleveland has 652 DPS versus Des Moines with 211 DPS. If you consider Cleveland facing a Tier 8 squadron and Des Moines facing a Tier 10 squadron, the difference is even more pronounced. On the other hand, this is only at point-blank range and might be of limited use in practice. At long range, 4.0km to 5.8km: Cleveland has 155 DPS versus Des Moines with 163 DPS. Again considering their relative tiers, Cleveland wins here, too. Both ships output 5 flak bursts at this range band each with maximum damage being 1,330 for Cleveland and 1,680 for Des Moines. Relative to tier we could probably call the flak about even. This makes sense since they both share the same dual-purpose 127mm gun battery. In the mid range, however, Des Moines reveals her true power. 1.5km to 4.0km Des Moines has 875 DPS, 11 flak bursts, and each does up to 1,400 damage. Cleveland 1.5km to 3.5km has only 280 DPS and 7 flak bursts each doing a maximum of 770 damage. All these stats are without captain skills, upgrades, flags, or consumables (Cleveland with the top hull, though). For escorting other ships Cleveland is arguably better than Des Moines. For self-defense, Des Moines is a much more lethal adversary for a CV to tackle. A simple "AA Rating" in the port window cannot convey any of this - you have to look at the details.
  8. I'm not interested in the intentions of the marketing personnel at Wargaming. I buy ships that interest me and that can be for a variety of reasons. If a ship turns out to be weak, I expect it to be buffed. If it's too strong, I'm happy for it to be nerfed into balance provided its essence/playstyle remains intact. A drastic change - say, removing Tirpitz's torpedoes - is entirely different. That's where full compensation should be offered.
  9. It can be very simple, though. Buy a ship with the expectation that it will be buffed or nerfed if it's performance isn't in line. Just like when you grind for a tech tree ship. It's only when a player buys a ship because it's overpowered (and they want it to remain that way) that any of this causes problems. And really, I have very little sympathy for those players.
  10. If you've never played a single battle in the ship, then sure. Full refund is appropriate if it's no longer to your liking. However, if you've used the ship then you've already derived entertainment value and game progress (xp, credits, mission completions, etc) from the purchase. A full cash refund seems a bit unreasonable.
  11. Not at all true. I currently have 56 Premium ships - 4 of which are considered overpowered and have been removed from sale - and would be happy to see them adjusted as necessary. There's two main reasons for this: firstly, I don't like feeling like I'm cheating. This tends to negatively affect my opinion of a ship and makes it less fun to play; secondly, I don't enjoy facing the overpowered ships of other players, regardless of whether I also have that particular ship. It's frustrating to see a potentially good match go down the drain because a Belfast or GC single-handedly destroyed an entire flank. Are people really proud to win such battles?
  12. Unraveler

    AA is nerfed Once again (

    I took my AA-spec Gearing out for a few matches today, nearly all of which featured one or two carriers per side. Those poor fools actually thought they were hunting me. Haku? Shredded. Midway? Shredded. Midway and Shokaku both attacking at the same time? Shredded and shredded. However, my fun was continually spoiled by those pesky, relentless radar ships. Curse them.
  13. I'm all for balancing things - and continually balancing as the game evolves. Whether a ship was acquired through cash or through time and effort (grinding), I'm fine with my personal fleet being adjusted as necessary. A drastic change that alters the playstyle of a ship (eg. CV rework) is another matter and should be compensated fairly (and Wargaming has always been good about this in the past). But adjustments that bring a ship's "potency" into balance without changing its playstyle or general tactics are fine with me and are necessary for the health of the game. So many Premium ships are unavailable to new players now because existing owners don't want a level playing field.
  14. Unraveler

    Starting to become rediculous

    What's the issue with nerfing Missouri? It's a free ship, same as any other silver ship in the tech tree.