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  1. You have to let the bots win sometimes or they'll rage-quit.
  2. Devastating news. Hopefully those services can get back on the turps soon.
  3. I used to my Ranger with 1-1-1 exclusively, so this new loadout is a straight up buff for me! *high-five*
  4. There's probably still a few patches until we can try it out on Public Test, unfortunately. The whole French BB line seems very heavy on Secondary Battery firepower (raw DPM, at least) so maybe it's their theme - high speed and powerful secondaries? If so, they could be pretty fun.
  5. Don't know the French secondaries penetration, so I'm just assuming they're the normal 1/6. In any case, that won't affect the incredible fire-starting. For damage-per-minute numbers, though: Grosser Kurfurst full broadside 128mm: 75,000 damage to 31mm plate (41mm with IFHE). 150mm: 18,133 damage to 37mm plate (48mm with IFHE). France full broadside 127mm: 72,000 damage to 20mm plate (27mm with IFHE). 152mm: 49,867 damage to 24mm plate (32mm with IFHE). France bow-on 127mm: 54,000 damage to 20mm plate (27mm with IFHE). 152mm: 33,000 damage to 24mm plate (32mm with IFHE). Note: I've used actual penetration damage here (1/3 rated). Against Battleships From this, we can see that without IFHE they're both quite poor at penetrating enemy Battleship hulls (thinnest possible plates being 32mm at high tier). Only the German 150mm has a chance, but even then many opponents will have decks and hull sections of 38mm or higher. Also worth noting that the 150mm batteries don't have a big damage output on Kurfurst, since there's only four guns per side. For superstructure hits (19mm plates), both these ships will penetrate with all their weaponry without issue. France is clearly superior overall, and that's before even considering the fire-starting (almost double that of Kurfurst) and forward-facing secondaries. With IFHE on both ships, however, things start to look a little better for Grosser Kurfurst. Her primary batteries (128mm) jump from superstructure-only capability to being able to penetrate most bows and decks (USN fleet will really feel this). France sees zero benefit on her 127mm batteries, but the 152s reach 32mm penetration which is a solid improvement. With so many variables to consider, I think it's fair to say that both these ships are at least comparable in raw damage output when running IFHE. Again, though, France is still miles ahead in fire-starting (16 fires p/m vs 8 fires p/m, with IFHE penalties) and secondary arc flexibility. Against Cruisers Now Kurfurst has the advantage with all guns surpassing the 25mm - and even the fairly common 30mm - threshold of Cruiser plates. France is at her weakest here, with her guns failing to penetrate any hull sections (just like in the previous Battleship comparison) and fires being less of a threat to Cruisers. On the other hand, there's probably a better way of dealing with enemy Cruisers than relying on your secondaries... Or so I've been told. Anyway, Grosser Kurfurst has the better secondaries here without question. But only when stock. France with IFHE turns the tables on Cruiser armour, suddenly besting the common 25mm and 27mm plates, and the 152mm batteries passing the 30mm threshold as well. What this means is that she effectively surpasses Kurfurst in raw damage output against Cruiser opponents. Against Destroyers The 19mm plates most Destroyers possess are going to provide precisely zero protection from these two monster secondary suites. While France's fires aren't much use here, neither is Kurfurst's enhanced penetration. France maintains her lead in raw damage quite comfortably. Against Aircraft Carriers While tales of Aircraft Carriers are often whispered amongst frightened crewmembers, most captains have long since dismissed these mythical beasts as pure fantasy. I found it interesting how IFHE benefited both these ships but in quite different ways. I'm looking forward to testing France - will her armour withstand brawling? Will her main guns be too weak? Will her Speed Boost merely get me killed first in every battle? We shall see!
  6. Here's some numbers, without any skills or flags: Grosser Kurfurst full broadside secondaries: 279k damage per minute, 10 fires per minute. France bow-on only secondaries: 261k damage per minute, 14 fires per minute. France full broadside secondaries: 366k damage per minute, 19 fires per minute.
  7. There's something unique and frightening about France that I haven't seen mentioned yet. She has a devastating secondary suite, and most of the guns can fire directly forward. A bow-on, speed-boosted secondary monster will be interesting to see in action. "Secondary Cinder-ella" is here and the World (of Warships) is going to burn. Well, maybe Conqueror is still going to be better at that. We'll see.
  8. Also, make sure the Queen isn't hiding under your bed.
  9. It is a savage place.
  10. That's the historical wartime camo for operations in the... Red Sea.
  11. I don't sea what all the fuss is aboat.
  12. Wargaming NA just gave me four Premium planes for free: XF4F-3 Wildcat <IV>, A6M3 Zero (exp.) <V>, Hurricane IID <V>, and Yak-3RD <VII>. The activation codes were in a couple of WoWP 2.0 promotional emails that I nearly ignored!
  13. I get about 280ms ping to NA server (from Victoria, Australia). The game must have some sort of lag compensation, though, because it still plays very smoothly. I can zip around and shoot down enemy planes without any noticeable lag interference. It's surprisingly fun, even if I don't have much of an idea about what I'm shipposed supposed to do yet. Asia server would still be nice, though.
  14. Not even able to stealth torp? Why do you hate Conqueror so much? The torps need to be at least 15 km range or they'll be literally unplayable.