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  1. This is an interesting point. The skill description states: Secondary guns only fire at targets designated by the player. Newer players would naturally assume that means the normal Target Lock system. There's no mention of a separate priority target mechanic the works exclusively with the secondary guns.
  2. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    I've also tested Leander and got the same disappointing results. Haven't tested any Battleships, though.
  3. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    Back! Stay back, I say! Don't come any closer!
  4. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    I'm just... going to leave this thread now. Nice and slow, no sudden moves, see? Everything's fine. Stay calm and don't think about all the respec fees. Everything will be fine.
  5. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    Yeah, it's misleading because if you hover over the Repair Party icon in game or in port, the stated heal amount does increase if you put an SE captain in the ship. Unfortunately, if you track your hitpoints you can see that it doesn't work that way in battle.
  6. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    I know the tooltip suggests otherwise, but if you actually test it you'll find it doesn't work: Tashkent captain has Survival Expert, as you can see from the total hitpoints. Repair Party heals 0.5% per second for 28 seconds (14% total) which should be 4,192 (including the +20% heal flag, which I forgot to remove). However, only 3,662 hitpoints have been repaired. This is because 21,800 (base hitpoints) x 14% = 3,052, +20% for the flag which equals 3,662 hit points.
  7. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    I tested it on my Tashkent, and it definitely does not increase the heal amount. Haven't tested it on any Battleships, though, so maybe they work differently?
  8. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    Incorrect. Survival Expert does NOT increase heal amount.
  9. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    A tragically missed opportunity!
  10. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    "HMS Flamethrowerererer"
  11. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Should be named "Burnerer."
  12. Izumo: difficult to handle her guns

    The best way to handle Izumo is with Free XP.
  13. 7 kills in Normandie? It defies the laws of physics.