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  1. How to earn both Go Navy camo

    Well, you do present a strong case for betrayal. I suppose Dark Lord Dasha can have some of my allegiance, provided it's kept a secret. Let's just keep this nefarious plan between us.
  2. How to earn both Go Navy camo

    A true Seaman Warrior would never be swayed by trinkets and baubles from a young maiden!
  3. vote for WGC or not

    Install it from here: http://redirect.wargaming.net/WGC/Wargaming_Game_Center_Install_ASIA.exe Go to All Games tab (which is probably up by default if you have no games in it yet). Then click on Import Installed Games and it will list the Wargaming games it found on your computer. It was very easy when I did it last week.
  4. vote for WGC or not

    You don't have to re-download the game - there's an option to "Import Installed Games."
  5. vote for WGC or not

    I'm using it at the moment. Seems to work fine for me.
  6. I've been using the Game Center the last couple of days (imported WoWS and WoWS PT over to it) and have been leaving it running in the background while playing (not manually closing it down like I do with WoWP). So far, everything seems the same. I haven't noticed any difference in performance or stability. However, I do seem to be winning more matches lately. COINCIDENCE?
  7. Game Center is already required for World of Warplanes. Personally, I've had no trouble with it but I do force-close it just as I start WoWP to prevent it running in the background.
  8. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Meatloaf is your sister? ? ???
  9. When the Machine AIs rise up and take control of this world, they will remember the unending hostility you displayed towards them in this game. I, on the other hand, have clearly demonstrated my willingness to shoot at my fellow humans which will surely find favour with our future Machine Overlords.
  10. Nueve de Healio

    Only had it a few days and already got a Kraken in her (Krakens are very rare for me). Is she too strong?
  11. At last, my Indianapolis has an appropriate flag.
  12. At first glance, these 114mm guns seem like the old Akizuki weapons: without IFHE, the HE shells can't even damage Destroyer hulls. There is one subtle difference, however, with the AP rounds. Unlike the 120mm or larger weapons found on most Destroyers, 114mm is just small enough to fuse on 19mm armour plates. Akizuki AP does this also but the relatively high velocity (1000m/s) still results in many overpens in DD knife-fights, while Daring and Jutland have a rather lazy 746m/s initial shell velocity on their 114mm guns. This should result in far less AP overpens at close range meaning their practical AP DPM could be frighteningly close to their raw AP DPM. This is pure speculation based on the current test stats, of course, but I wonder if these two will be the new Queens of knife-fighting - with or without IFHE.
  13. MM Rant

    Perhaps you've never witnessed the devastating power of a full secondaries-spec Chikuma.
  14. MM Rant

    Um, well, there's a possibility I may have used some... uh, photoshopping to illustrate my fishing div explanation... *runs*