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  1. Perhaps they could release some sort of contagious disease or virus that would encourage everybody to stay inside and thus spend all that extra time and money on computer games.
  2. Unraveler

    We need to have a chat about New York...

    I heard you guys like gun stats so here's some gun stats: Penetration at 12.0 km 439 New York 433 P Velikiy 431 Kongo 336 Koenig 316 Bretagne 274 Iron Duke Broadside Alpha 103,000 New York 99,000 Iron Duke 95,000 Bretagne 84,000 Pyotr Velikiy 84,000 Koenig 81,600 Kongou Sustained DPM 202,623 New York 198,000 Iron Duke 193,846 Koenig 190,000 Bretagne 163,200 Kongou 152,727 Pyotr Velikiy Shell Flight Times (18.0 km) 10.6 Koenig 10.7 Pyotr Velikiy 11.0 New York 11.4 Kongou 12.6 Bretagne 13.0 Iron Duke New York has some impressive firepower.
  3. Unraveler

    Transformers - Trollbots in disguise

    I got two commanders from the free (mission) crates - Megatron and... Megatron again. He does sound pretty funny in battle, though.
  4. Unraveler

    Elite Commander XP

    Every Aigle has a dream...
  5. Unraveler

    LOL WG. (Copy Paste Fail)

    Maybe the disciplinary penalty counts as an achievement?
  6. Unraveler

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    All ships have their air detection cut in half - this is huge. Now, turning off AA isn't just an option for Destroyers. Thunderer with 5km air detect? If the CV wants to keep it lit up (without being surface spotted, of course) it must stay in AA range. This is a very intriguing change and I hope it goes through without causing any unforeseen issues. Perhaps this will be the end of the spotting problems CVs cause which will be a big step towards balancing them.
  7. California is a bit weird. Her armour profile looks good in the port viewer - 35mm side plating, for instance - yet in battle she consistently eats big damage from enemy salvoes, regardless of angle. It's been a while since I've played Colorado but I don't remember her feeling as vulnerable as California does. The 20.5 knot top speed is poor, sure, but it's workable. The really frustrating issue with her speed, however, is her acceleration. She bleeds big chunks of speed every time you touch the rudder and is painfully slow in building it back up again. The other US Battleships like New Mexico and Colorado don't have this problem.
  8. Unraveler

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (buffs and nerfs)

    Vermont is starting to look interesting but Montana still seems like a better ship at the moment. Vermont's slow speed, long reload, standard heal, and towering freeboard all seem a bit too much of a trade-off for just a bit extra alpha and Cruiser overmatch. Definitely curious to see how it ends up on the Live server, though.
  9. Unraveler

    Make Secondary - Torpedo Great again.

    I understand your reasoning, and I agree that Battleships should be encouraged to play more aggressively, but these changes would have a significant negative impact on Destroyers. As you said, "this is design to destroy DD" so Battleships can push into caps without fear. I think Destroyers have enough to worry about already. However, making secondaries more dangerous to the other classes is an interesting idea. I'm sure most of us would be happy to see more Battleship brawls in our matches, instead of the boring sniping we usually see now. For your second point, this game is not balanced around one-on-one duels. Making Battleships able to counter any threat all by themselves is not going to make the game better. Players already see CVs as being like this. I think it's pretty clear that each class should have both strengths and vulnerabilities, with teammates of the other classes able to cover those vulnerabilities. Going off solo should always be risky, no matter what class you're in.
  10. Unraveler

    Make Secondary - Torpedo Great again.

    The nature of secondary gun batteries means that their shells are most dangerous to Destroyers - the class that's supposed to counter the Battleship. So any buffs need to be considered carefully to avoid a disproportionate increase in effectiveness versus Destroyers. Range and fire chance buffs are probably okay but rate-of-fire and especially accuracy buffs are probably going to cause problems. Perhaps a consumable that gave a buff-nerf combination. For instance, a big range increase but with a reduced rate-of-fire. Destroyers wouldn't be impacted much but it could be handy when fighting enemy Battleships at medium ranges, and would actually be detrimental if a Destroyer decided to pounce during that activation time.
  11. Unraveler

    Soooo, Khabs take full pen from AP eh?

    More German bias on full display! I suggest some crippling nerfs to Kurfurst's dispersion and armour protection. Think of all the poor Kremlins that have to face this OP monster!
  12. Well, technically, if you're really bad at aiming then lower sigma could be considered a buff.
  13. Unraveler

    I thought Coop was chill...

    Imagine how long it takes the bots to grind out their ships. Those poor little guys never give up, though - they just keep fighting! Bots, I salute you!
  14. Unraveler

    0.9.7. German Navy Containers

    The crates would be more appealing if they just removed the Hipper from the loot table - no need to replace it with anything else.
  15. Unraveler

    Thunderer and Ohio AP Comparison

    Thunderer AP is normal and reliable, with a standard fuse time (0.33s) and good dispersion. Quite unlike the other UK Battleships which can be a bit disappointing at long range.