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  1. Unraveler

    4 days STRAIGHT !

    That must mean that there is a player out there, somewhere, that was been winning every Random Battle for four days straight... Who could it be? Could it be me?
  2. Unraveler

    Anniversary Supercontainer

    Edit: Oops, double post
  3. Unraveler

    Anniversary Supercontainer

    Enter the prize!
  4. Unraveler

    Warship Strike!

    Doesn't work for me. After my first game all I get now is:
  5. Unraveler

    How Do I Access the Dockyard now?

    That fixed it - thanks again.
  6. Unraveler

    How Do I Access the Dockyard now?

    Ah, okay. I'll try restarting the game and see what happens. Thanks.
  7. With the New Year's Night event replacing the Dockyard button, is there another way to claim the Dockyard rewards? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. Fenyang has two Depth Charge "charges" while Ship Smasha has only one. Is this a bug or intended design?
  9. Unraveler

    First impressions: Convoy

    That map can be tricky for the Defending team. The convoy is forced to go past lots of easy ambush points, so even if some ships venture southwards to engage the Attackers they shouldn't be going further than the C line. They need to push east to keep pace with the convoy and deny the Attackers those ambushing locations. Can't really expect random teammates to undertake a plan like that, but you can get good results by going it alone while most of the team advances on the A-line. I've been Defender on that map a few times with my Lenin (maybe a little bit of an OP ship...) and plowing east along the C-line creates all sorts of chaos for the Attacking team. They are forced to deal with you or risk showing broadsides when they go after the convoy.
  10. Unraveler

    First impressions: Convoy

    Disgraceful! That's a whole shipment of heroin that will never reach the orphanage... *ahem* But I agree. This mode is tremendously fun and exciting when both teams are getting involved. This incentive to "engage the enemy" is kind of lacking in Random Battles where staying alive is top priority instead.
  11. Unraveler

    First impressions: Convoy

    Yeah, I should probably have detailed that a bit better. Pushing away from the transports is okay provided you are keeping your Battleship between them and the enemy (which relies on knowing exactly where the enemy is). So many matches I've seen Defending Battleships sailing away from both the transports and the enemy, or just sitting back and letting the transport run off ahead on their own. This usually results in the Defending cruisers trying to tank and being quickly annihilated, followed by the now-defenseless transports. As an Attacker, it's a solid tactic to try to draw Defenders into a pointless slugging match off to the side while the transports slip away unprotected and get ambushed by the rest of your team.
  12. Unraveler

    First impressions: Convoy

    Here's my tips for players struggling to achieve success in this mode: If you're a Battleship position yourself in the enemy's face. Whether attacking or defending, pushing the enemy away from the transports (either to protect them or so you can shoot them) increases your chances of winning immensely. An AA Cruiser can stay with the transports (if there's a CV) but otherwise if you're a Cruiser you need to push up aggressively among the islands and ambush, ambush, ambush. Again, on either team, a Cruiser controlling a forward position behind an island can be very disruptive to the enemy and a real pain to deal with. Destroyers need to provide Intelligence Data as a priority. As an Attacker, keep those transport lit as much as possible to trigger early smoke-dropping and create opportunites for your team afterwards. As a Defender - keep the enemy Destroyers away! Don't be distracted by all the juicy torpedo targets, stay focused on the objective. Defending Team: don't sit on top of the transports and wait for the attackers. Take the fight to them and keep the engagement as far from the transports as possible. Early scouting is critical. Attacking Team: get close to the transports. You don't necessarily need to charge recklessly, but you at least need to control a position that the transports are forced to approach. Regardless of what ship you're in, always be ready to sacrifice yourself if it will help your team win the match. No true Seaman Warrior wants to live forever!
  13. Unraveler

    First impressions: Convoy

    It's an interesting game mode, but maybe a bit too complex for the current playerbase. There's still a lot of players unable to engage the enemy properly or focus on the objective. What I like about this mode is that aggressive play is rewarded - and this is what many players are apparently having trouble with. If they could somehow make Random Battles a bit more like this (less campy) it would be much more fun.
  14. You are not being paranoid. The endless string of defeats suffered by the bots at the hands of the human players has driven them quite mad. I can't say too much - they are likely monitoring this channel.