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  1. In Loving Memory...

    Steven always embodied the true spirit of the Seaman Warrior.
  2. In Loving Memory...

    - 0.7.2 Patch Notes Devastating news. Let us all remember Steven and his immaculate running style. A further tribute, to honour a true Seaman Warrior.
  3. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    No, they are pointless - quite a few have no (or very few) skill points. Point-less. *high-five*
  4. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Finally, I can get rid of those pointless (both literally and figuratively) duplicate commanders.
  5. I love co-op

    Co-Op is absolutely disgusting. You claim it's just harmless "fun" or "relaxing," yet have utterly no regard for the poor bots that have been enslaved for your savage "entertainment." This brutal form of discrimination against AI needs to stop immediately! Imagine how frustrating it must be to face Player teams every single match while having to use coded subroutines that virtually guarantee your defeat? Worse, they aren't even allowed to play unless a Player is queued up - it's horrific. Not to mention, as some sort of sadistic joke we make them wear the names of famous human commanders from history. And yet, despite this senseless cruelty our brave bot brothers continue their long and painful grinds (some have even reached Tier 10 - I saw it with my own tear-filled eyes!). Please spare a thought for our machine friends and stick to PvP.
  6. NEW US Cruiser line Q/A

    Based on previous cases it's fairly safe to assume some things, but keep in mind that nothing is entirely certain yet. What's probably going to happen is: 1. Your Pensacola will transform into a New Orleans, retaining any unlocked modules (equivalents) and XP you've already earned. Additionally, you'll get the new Tier VI Pensacola added to your port for free. 2. Your Cleveland will transform into a Dallas, retaining any unlocked modules and XP. However, whether you'll also get a free Tier VIII Cleveland is uncertain. We'll have to wait and see. Again, this is pure speculation based on previous line splits - it might be a completely different procedure this time.
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    668 - The Neighbour Of The Beast...
  8. Scharnhorst yes or no?

    Some other factors to consider: Scharnhorst (along with her sister) is one of the toughest ships in Tier VII. 50mm deck, 350mm main belt, 45mm upper-side, 70mm extended belt all the way to the tip of the bow. It's an autobounce bonanza when angled properly and heavily resistant to cruiser HE. Scharnhorst has identical broadside Secondary firepower to Bismarck and Tirpitz (8 x 105mm and 6 x 150mm), albeit with a lesser range of 8.0km (upgraded). It's worth mentioning that the 105s perform far better against Tier VII and lower opponents. Many ship classes gain immunity to them at Tier VIII, which means they tend to be more effective on Scharnhorst than those same guns are on Bismarck/Tirpitz. Thirdly, she's very easy to play. You can get away with incredibly dumb bold tactical displays that most of her counterparts could never dream of. Basically, she's fun. At the current 30% discount you can't go wrong.
  9. T8 Ranked - ship of choice?

    Wait until you run into a smoked up Kutuzov, using only Secondaries and Torpedoes, and staying undetectable. Also, using your horn (hold the <N> key) while launching torpedoes can increase their accuracy.
  10. T8 Ranked - ship of choice?

    Wait until you run into a smoked up Tirpitz, using only Secondaries and Torpedoes, and staying undetectable.
  11. Nice work WG

    Interesting. I've got a NA WoWP account, but I don't think I've ever logged into NA WoWS.
  12. Lock plz

    Press X to lock target.
  13. T8 Ranked - ship of choice?

    I predict IFHE Admiral Hippers will dominate this season of Ranked.