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  1. I don't sea what all the fuss is aboat.
  2. Wargaming NA just gave me four Premium planes for free: XF4F-3 Wildcat <IV>, A6M3 Zero (exp.) <V>, Hurricane IID <V>, and Yak-3RD <VII>. The activation codes were in a couple of WoWP 2.0 promotional emails that I nearly ignored!
  3. I get about 280ms ping to NA server (from Victoria, Australia). The game must have some sort of lag compensation, though, because it still plays very smoothly. I can zip around and shoot down enemy planes without any noticeable lag interference. It's surprisingly fun, even if I don't have much of an idea about what I'm shipposed supposed to do yet. Asia server would still be nice, though.
  4. Not even able to stealth torp? Why do you hate Conqueror so much? The torps need to be at least 15 km range or they'll be literally unplayable.
  5. This is probably the shippiest thread I've ever seen.
  6. There can be no teamwork in our new-age shipster subculture. We are far too trendy for that.
  7. What a terrible shipuation we find ourselves in. The mods shouldn't have to babyship every thread to ensure we're behaving - it's aboat time we show them we can make punless posts a reality!
  8. I cannot agree - the mods have my full shipport in punishing such reckless language transgressions.
  9. These appalling "ship" puns need to stop right now. The forums are shipposed to be for serious discussion only.
  10. The strict training regime of a Seaman Warrior is rigorous indeed.
  11. Well, you could start with an apprenticeship and work your way up to a dictatorship. That way you could avoid any unpleasant... shiprises.
  12. Abshiplutely sure.
  13. Well, it doesn't have to be someone you worship - nobody wants a dictatorship - but just a nice, all 'round fellowship.
  14. Perhaps you need to work on your marksmanship?
  15. How did you guys turn my silly joke thread into... this?