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  1. Unraveler

    Is the server down?

  2. Unraveler

    Is the server down?

    I'm also unable to log in at the moment.
  3. Unraveler

    So the Kremlin might be getting a nerf but...

    Kremlin will be totally unplayable if this goes through.
  4. Unraveler

    Puerto Rico Premium Booster

    The "get it for free" issue I don't really have a problem with. It's a Tier 10 Premium - the grind was always going to be insane and out of reach for most players. However, the Premium Booster issue is pretty nasty. We've been encouraged by WG to activate them early to get the best effect - before actually starting the grind. A lot of players will have felt pressured to buy them before realising just how immense that grind is. Feels very shady, especially since you get virtually nothing at the end of all this if you can't finish (or pay 59,000 doubloons!).
  5. Unraveler

    Cossack or Haida?

    Haida is the best hider. Cossack is the best co- uh... something. They're both very good ships and fun to play, but they're also more different from each other than the basic stats might suggest. Haida has the creeping smoke as everyone knows, but she also has a special Hydro (3.5km ship detection range) which gives her some nasty tactical options. On top of that, her shells do more damage than usual (1900 for HE). She's very, very powerful once you get the hang of her unique playstyle. Cossack is more of a normal British destroyer, though still with some interesting differences. Speed Boost (Haida has this as well, by the way), 8 guns, and incredible concealment make her a fearsome anti-DD brawler. No enemy destroyer will be happy to see your Cossack pop up at 5km. The torpedoes, while only having 4, reload very quickly and can be single-fired. They are quite useful on Cossack (not so much on Haida). Can't really go wrong with either of these two. Both great fun.
  6. Unraveler

    I like Alaska

    I'm not sure about her. Random non-contributing bump.
  7. Unraveler


    That's true, but since it'll be part of the new Pan-Euro tree they might make it a bit more accessible and go for a FreeXP/Premium Shop release. Hopefully.
  8. Unraveler


    The upcoming Siegfriend Siegfried and Friesland are both Tier IX, so either could be a Free XP boat.
  9. Unraveler

    Regarding the "play poorly" report

    Maybe the system could be refined a little. Instead of the rather vague "plays poorly" report, we could have an expanded list of options: Aims poorly! Positions poorly! Caps poorly! Spots poorly! Ran away when I tried to push and I got killed and we lost and it's not fair! Doesn't drop smoke very well and when I finally got inside the cloud there were torpedoes everywhere! Wins poorly!
  10. It didn't go too badly. What's all this fuss about CVs? They're not so tough!
  11. Unraveler

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Very disappointing.
  12. Unraveler

    Finally, it's coming

    Space Assault on Public Test needs a little bit A SHIPLOAD of balancing tuning before going Live. It's almost impossible for the attacking team to win at the moment.
  13. Unraveler

    Russian Special Captains

    That would work, too, but I imagine they'll want to keep the DCP in particular as a national flavour. Either way, I'd like to use my special guy in something!
  14. Unraveler

    Russian Special Captains

    The two special Russian captains - Viktor Znamensky and Vasiliy Znamensky - originally appeared set up for Battleships when they were first added. Having both Super High Alert (-20% cooldown on DCP) and Super Expert Marksman (+1.0 deg/s on large turret traverse) sounds perfect for a Battleship captain. But we now know that the upcoming Russian monsters all come with a fast-recharge DCP as standard, making even Super High Alert a bit of a waste. On top of that, the mid-to-high tier ships feature incredibly fast turret traverse which makes Super Expert Marksman somewhat superfluous. So it would seem that these two gentlemen have become obsolete (or perhaps "power creeped" is a better term for it?) since there's no ships in the Russian nation that really benefit from their full suite of special talents. Maybe Kronshtadt and Stalingrad could be an okay fit, but both of these are currently out of reach for most players. Likewise with Imperator Nikolai. Should we hold out hope for a future Battlecruiser line with normal DCP and slow turrets? Or can Wargaming change the special skills to something more useful?
  15. A plane "capturing" a patch of water isn't really more arcadish than a ship doing it.