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  1. Unraveler

    Main Gun Aesthetics

    Oh yes.
  2. Unraveler

    Main Gun Aesthetics

    Be prepared for your teammates reporting you - they will rarely be able to contain their jealous rage. It is the curse of being beautiful.
  3. Unraveler

    Main Gun Aesthetics

    If you disconnect during battle your ship will do that. So simply pull out that internet cable and be the prettiest girl at the dance.
  4. Unraveler

    Cossack Engine Boost Consumable

    With Update 7.10 I have re-tested Cossack's acceleration under Engine Boost to see if the listed fix (something about turning speed) also affected the raw acceleration issue: With Engine Boost activated #1 Stopped to ~30 knots: 6.42 seconds #2 Stopped to ~30 knots: 6.82 seconds #3 Stopped to ~30 knots: 6.87 seconds Cossack is now a dragster. With Engine Boost active, she accelerates even faster than normal - and "normal" is already ridiculously fast. This ship is a shell-dodger's dream.
  5. Unraveler


  6. Unraveler

    Massachusetts Best BOTE

    It can bounce battleship shells, if you're very, very unlucky. The turrets (green) are 32mm, so a glancing hit off one of the non-facing sides is theoretically possible. Same with the conning tower. But yeah, this is surely some sort of punishment from the gods.
  7. Unraveler

    Cossack Engine Boost Consumable

    I misunderstood... myself? I'm the only one doing the test results so far. I tested Benson to see how a typical Destroyer compared to Cossack's bizarre performance variations. As mentioned above, unmodified Benson is almost exactly the same as Cossack when both are under Engine Boost. Additionally, when Benson adds in Propulsion Mod 2, it gets even faster - so Engine Boost isn't overwriting that particular buff. Cossack, though, appears to completely lose her special acceleration buff when Engine Boost is activated.
  8. Unraveler

    Wacky acceleration behavior of Cossack

    I did some stopwatch testing here: Something is definitely amiss with Cossack's Engine Boost.
  9. Unraveler

    Cossack Engine Boost Consumable

    For comparison, a Benson with Engine Boost activated in both cases: Without any Propulsion modules #1 Stopped to ~30 knots: 12.76 seconds #2 Stopped to ~30 knots: 12.83 seconds #3 Stopped to ~30 knots: 13.02 seconds With Propulsion Mod 2 #1 Stopped to ~30 knots: 10.54 seconds #2 Stopped to ~30 knots: 10.58 seconds #3 Stopped to ~30 knots: 10.90 seconds This appears to be working as expected. It's interesting that Cossack under Engine Boost is almost the same as stock Benson under Engine Boost, almost as though the consumable is "overwriting" Cossack's inherent acceleration buff and making it perform just like any other ordinary, Engine-boosted Destroyer.
  10. Unraveler

    Cossack Engine Boost Consumable

    Further testing, this time to see how deceleration and subsequent reverse movement is affected: Without Engine Boost activated #1 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 14.57 seconds, then 19.40 seconds (total) #2 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 14.84 seconds, then 19.68 seconds (total) #3 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 15.17 seconds, then 19.96 seconds (total) With Engine Boost activated #1 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 13.82 seconds, then 16.35 seconds (total) #2 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 13.45 seconds, then 16.10 seconds (total) #3 ~30 knots to Zero to -10 knots: 13.42 seconds, then 16.22 seconds (total) So it seems Cossack performs slightly better at slowing down and reversing with Engine Boost Brake switched on. The unusual behaviour of this consumable - probably due to the interaction with Cossack's inherent acceleration buff - makes me very hesitant about fitting the special module (+50% duration). It has some use in crossing distances (higher top speed is always nice) and slowing down to plant smoke, but you certainly wouldn't want it active when it's time to leave again.
  11. Should be renamed Engine Brake. While it does increase Cossacks top speed as normal, it severely reduces acceleration. Here's some testing results: Without Engine Boost activated #1 Stopped to 31.6 knots: 6.98 seconds #2 Stopped to 31.4 knots: 7.56 seconds #3 Stopped to 31.7 knots: 7.46 seconds With Engine Boost activated #1 Stopped to 30.4 knots: 12.31 seconds #2 Stopped to 30.3 knots: 12.16 seconds #3 Stopped to 30.1 knots: 12.35 seconds Is this a bug or intended behaviour?
  12. Unraveler


    You can "buy" Cossack a second time with the guineas and get 9,600 doubloons compensation.
  13. Unraveler

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    Not sure where the DD comparison is coming from. Torpedo Destroyers generally rely on attacking while undetected, which is an advantage the CV plane squadron will never have.
  14. Unraveler

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    This could be good. If all goes well, they'll be able to remove the CV restrictions in matchmaking and have them operate the same as other ships. Still seems like a long way from implementation, though.